Church Youth Group Repairs Homes and Spreads Hope – Wallingford Work Camp

[Applause] [Applause] we're looking to provide home repairs for needy people disabled people elderly or low financial income doesn't have to be all three could just be one of those things it's an opportunity to foster some really amazing relationships between our community and people that aren't from our community just being able to bring some hope and joy into the lives of the residents that we're working for what we got to do is we got to support the room while we pulled this Oh 10 years ago our church went on our first mission trip to Topps New Mexico through group mission trips I really fell in love with the group mission trips style and after my first year brought back all of the inside knowledge and was like we can definitely do this this is something that I think our church is ready for and I think our community is ready for and they really proved that we can do this and they were ready for it and they stepped up in a big way we're working on 54 houses in the Wallingford area all in one week so there are crews of six people going to each individual house their projects include construction like building handicap ramps or repairing porches or doing other kinds of home repair kind of construction the volunteers that have come to work on the projects are from all over the country we've got three hundred and sixty volunteers seventeen churches represented some from as far away as Michigan and Ontario as well and they've been an absolute blessing to our community we're all really happy to have them it's the latest time that we can on this house word we have a couple projects going on we're replacing the floorboards on the front porch we took off the old porch boards we discovered some of the choices were rotted so they're gonna replace those before they put the new boards on there scraping and painting the entire outside of the house there's a handicap ramp and the railings on it are very flimsy and so we're gonna put new railings on the handicap ramp we've been looking to have this done for over a year now this money was tight and we were unable to secure the financing for it I'm sure I could have hired a private contractor to do this but financially it would have been strapping well I hope that first of all that people know there are people that want to do good and so we are real excited to be reaching out and healthy and the youth that are coming in from all over the country are just a sign of our future and that our future is filled with people that want to help and it's not all bad news you hear this experience means a lot to me it helps me grow a lot in my faith and it's really nice to come together with all these people that share the common interest so the impact that I'm hoping it has on the community of Wallingford is bringing good news to the community we live in a world where there's a lot of bad news and bad things going on and this is a really big thing that's a really big positive and you know we're fixing homes in a community that's great but at the same time we're building relationships we've got a community of amazing people that are here just brightening our community even even more than it already is and I think that's that's been our main goal is to bring people together yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think any of the work that's being done will definitely you know help our value of our house and certainly make the community better through their work [Applause]

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