hey guys it's here and Gracie and Olivia and today we'll be decorating chocolate gingerbread houses so Madison currently is at college so she's going to be here and she won last time so now we're going to just face off between us three to see who has the best gingerbread houses and you guys are going to decide who it is yes in the comments below so let's get to it I'm gonna start out with this frosting and putting it all over your mine is going to be called the chocolate dream so my theme is going to be like golden and chocolate even they don't have some pop to color and I don't really have a theme so I'm just gonna go for it so right now I'm doing a little groove and it's kind of crooked or crooked I don't know huh sigh not either we're good it's it crickets it is kind of crooked quick okay it's kind of crooked so it slants it so it's not perfect and now it's like honest land so I'm never gonna say crooked there's a crack mine better not break ty would be devastating I don't know VIX our last gingerbread decorating it was part of last Christmas but my gingerbread house had a crack in it and I had to fix it and it was just a struggle so no CR Skippy that oh cool okay getting close to guys now it's the door side but I've done this side this side into this side here is my barn door it actually looks pretty cool I used some rainbow little like stringy things and then M&N for the handle and then some rules so I'm putting a little family out in the yard playing hopefully I don't fall over he's falling yeah Ballard fell over okay he was playing in yourself alright guys so we finished our gingerbread houses and each one of us are going to give you a closeup of our gingerbread houses Olivia started off come here guys so basically I kind of changed my look so now I have a s'mores house I have a ton of like gold and white and chocolate smores yeah with some more borders it's more it's more and I'd like to point out my favorite thing and I think used a barn door and then also the sides because it has the Hershey's around the whole house looks pretty good looks pretty good okay so this is my chocolatey dream did your house so this is it there's the door I got a long week but this is or and then this is another rainbow wall we've got this is my favorite wall back here and the NEM wall another rainbow wall and the little family in the front we got some Hershey's drops on top looking for a chocolatey and it has a little bit of rainbow in it so comment down below if you like house number 2 so my house is pink and brown and gold and it also has some red and what happened to your plane and they fell over okay so anyways I have like pink frosting like almost all over and I have the brown on the roof with some pink nerds and I have some Hershey's chocolate syrup on the front like a little pathway and some kids playing in the front so I don't really have a name for mine which is what I need you guys to do in the comment section that's a house number three and then the name okay guys to know you sell my house obviously vote for me later you

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