Chinese New Year Decorations (For Cats)

Happy New Year! Happy Lunar New Year! How come we’re not saying Chinese New Year? Because aside from China, many other countries follow the lunar new year. These are called Spring couplets Today we’re gonna teach you how to write them, how to stick them, and how to have fun with them! It’s super cute! Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow… Also, This year is the year of the rat! Yeah! So this year, because it’s the rat, you can say these to people… We mainly bought two kinds. One is the square kind, and the other is a long type. And then inside they include these little instructions, and you can copy these so you don’t need to look up things to write. Yeah, we also bought pens. These are the most important-calligraphy brushes. But, if you don’t have them, don’t worry! You can just use a regular brush, it doesn’t matter. This is black ink. If you don’t have this, then just use black paint. 其實春聯就是比較長的吉祥話,任何的吉祥話就是寫在上面
Actually, chunlian are longer auspicious phrases But probably not the kind of things you wish people with They are likely full of poetic things. Actually, I think these days you don’t need to be so strict. so you can just write whatever you wish to It’s really whatever makes you happy. They’re called “top poem” and “bottom poem” not left and right. It’s because before in poetry, you would see long (vertical) lines of text like this. We would read like this… And in this format, we break it up like this. So before when in Chinese class, the teacher might say… “Everyone, please read the 3rd line, and the bottom half.” So when sticking these, it would go like this. It would come out like this, and then stick on the side of the door. Lets look at the final character of each line, And if the final character is a 3rd or 4th tone, it will be the top part of the poem. and if it’s a 1st or 2nd tone, it will be the bottom half of the poem. The order should be like that, but these are chunlian, not poetry, so the rules might be different… Yeah, so just look at the last character and you will know the correct order. But, if you really don’t get it, just stick it, however, people don’t mind. Yeah, on these square ones, write just 1 character. The first kind, you write these common characters… These are the basic first kind. Just write one character. This is because the word for to come soon and to turn upside down sound the same. So “Spring is coming” or your wishes will soon come true etc. The second kind is where you write more characters on it. The 3rd kind is the most fun, where you combine characters. So these are the kind we’re gonna do today with you and have fun with. For example, you’ll often see this character. There is also another common one: 「日日見有財」 Like this one:「富貴平安」4 characters placed into different areas to look like a single character. 富貴,「貴」,is here. and here is「招財進寶」 I guess the meaning is「日日是好日子」 Every day is a good day. 「是好日子」It’s a good day. mmm, you’re so smart! You don’t cherish your brush! Right, my turn to write. Mine is so ugly. It’s 福 dummy! Mine is so crooked, I realized I didn’t write in the circle. Ok, now we’re gonna try 4 characters written in 4 different areas. I like this phrase. We’ll start with this phrase, written like this, this and this. No, just over here, whatever makes you happy. 「心」is a hard character to do well. Mine is also ugly. Write it here dummy! 沒關係,反正你就寫一個特別的好了
No worries, anyway, you just wrote an extra special kind. So ugly! My gosh! 喔喔喔喔喔喔 I must say, when I really try to write, it’s very beautiful, but I like the thick and childish style So I think we can start from the character 是 with the sun component 日 in the center. I think they’re pretty good. I think mines good. Yours are so crooked. It isn’t very impressive/imposing. Yours are so wonky. It’s so cute, if it was properly designed. How about I do the same one. Let me think, Ok i’ll start with 「見」 And then do a 「久」 「開心」,can you tell. It looked like a proper character. or the one we just did: long time no see.

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