China Startup: Smart solutions for home appliances

Ten years from now,
just about everything will be linked to the Internet. My idea is that in the future,
a smart home would do everything on its own. Simple switches are no longer sufficient,
smart homes need to be interactive. The progress can be explained as the change from earlier mobile phones to smartphones, the key points of
the product's utility and competition changed. All products inside the home can be linked to each other. And at the same time,
they can interact and understand the user's needs. For example, my watch knows I'm very tried now, then it can interact with the lighting system. Our team really loves doing these kind of things. Starting from 2011, we decided that
it was useful for us to focus on this technology. But we did this not because
there is a trend to establish a startup, and it's easier now to lay a foundation. There is a big change happening right now.
"The Internet of Things" is just beginning, so there are ample of opportunities out there right now. I think it's really a golden time now. After you start, it's not just a hobby but a responsibility. You need to meet the dreams of your entire team, while also keeping in mind the expectations of investors. We also hope those friends who either want to start or are already in the field, can pursue their dreams without fear.

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