hey guys welcome back to our channel if you are new here we would love to have you a part of this journey so if you want to subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoy it today is going to be the last solo video you see for a while last video if you haven't seen it go check it out it's gonna be linked down below it was a cheap clothing haul and I said that I was gonna do a part two which is this video and that is going to be like a cheap home decor ha not all of its like home decor just like things that are in my home that are inexpensive so next video is going to be a canvas birth story so like labor delivery Y was born early what happened after that I was gonna like record that before this one but I felt like maybe the series should you know go one after the other but that one will definitely be up next so I'm gonna go ahead and get onto the video I'm not gonna ramble too much but this video is the video probably a bit shorter than the last one because it's not a secret that you do not have to spend a fortune on home decor I know that on Instagram and just like in general you see so many people who have like these insane beautiful homes and all their home decor like when they link them it's just outrageously ridiculous and I I just don't believe personally and spending that much on something that I'm probably gonna change out a few months anyways I love decorating I love decorating my house I like pride myself in my home so I really really like keeping it you know like festive and like which with each holiday I like to switch up decor a little bit so I just personally don't believe in spending you know a whole bunch of money on home decor or money places that I know and love that I always shop at um so like t.j.maxx HomeGoods Marshalls target dollar spot there are so many different places that yeah you might not be able to show up online and find what you want necessarily but there are plenty of stores that they have in most parts of the world I would assume that you can go and find really inexpensive home decor app and so I'm going to show you what I've got you know if it's past month or so and like I said it's a secret that you can do this so I'm not gonna be showing you anything like especially oh my gosh look at these deals because it's pretty much common knowledge that you know these stores are out there but I'm just gonna be showing you some of the things that I got places like Target and Hobby Lobby you can go probably get the same things I've gotten when I show you them in the video because they have an abundance of them but then there are places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls so whenever you go in there it's like you find one or two of something but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're gonna have it you know all stores and even if you went to the same exact store I went to that doesn't necessarily mean that they're gonna have it so I'm just gonna kind of show you some ideas that I've had you know and what I found that you could probably find you know similar things to I've been waiting to make this video for a while now so all this stuff is still you know and like packaging and I'm very excited to be able to take it out and finally hang them up there are some things that I'm going to show you at the end of the video who have I've had in my house for a while that I just didn't feel like you know and you know giving them off the wall or taking the shoes out and stuff like that so I will be showing you those as well but I'm gonna go ahead and get started so the first few things that I'm gonna be showing you guys is like a couple signs I really like you know having stuff in my walls oh my whether it's art or you know word art or whatever it is I just love having pictures so this first one is a really really cute sign and it's a small one and it says stay kind and it has these gold little accents and this was four dollars and fifty cents at t.j.maxx and I'm really really excited about I'm actually gonna open it up so I can show you better but I'm kind of looking for like some art to go in my office whenever we do it husbands anyways I've been looking for a really good artwork to put into my office whenever I get well situated so this is gonna be one of those things and it's nice because it's little and I can you know do you like all of it another one that I didn't even realize I had was this one and it was three dollars and fifty cents at Marshall's and that was on clearance I don't know what the original price is because there's a red over it but it says love never fails and it's another one of those little ones so these ones will look nice next to each other all right and then this next one is a really cute pizza at my best friend got me for my birthday but we went to Hobby Lobby and went shopping and Hobby Lobby literally has everything and more you could ever want did you drink half of this because I took like one drink of it I just took pill adrenaline was just like this you can literally drink half of this okay look at be careful anyways Hobby Lobby literally has anything and everything you could want from you know home decor to crafts and just literally everything so they always have a 40% coupon for like whole price items but almost everything's on sale so these were all 50% off all these ones that I'm going to show you and this one she got from my office because she knows style and everything and it says don't wish for it work for it and that is absolutely 100% me my motto and it's really cute floral like pen and stapler and scissors and it's just seriously the cutest thing and I'm so excited I'm hanging this up in my office and get it completely decorated and then these next two signs are both from home emails again and if you all didn't know we are Christian so I just love having things that you know like resemble God family and just loving people that is just like what we want in our home that's what whenever people come at our house like this is what we want them to see this is what we want we want them to know how we feel so I really really like this sign and it says with God all things are possible in Matthew 19:26 and it has this wooden background and then just little leaves down here between the wording and I just think that is so cute I love white and it's very simple but just very me and like my family and what we stand for so I'm so excited in this a little bit bigger so this is gonna be hung in our living room or like in our hallway or something like that because it is a little bit bigger and then this last piece of work when I'm going to show you right now it's a little bit dirty because it's been sitting in my kitchen for awhile like I said I haven't you know hung anything I want to show you all but it says as for me in my house we will serve the Lord and it's Joshua 24:15 but this is probably my favorite sign that I own in my house and it's big and it's black and it has white and green florals on it and I just love this it's different than any other pieces I have I don't have anything that's like black because you know I'm like I really like white and fresh and just like light colors but I think the black wood really ties it in and with the white it's really nice I love greenery and I'm trying to incorporate more of that into my house right now so I will be honest I will not ever be like a plant mom I wish I could be a witch I could be that person but I'm just not a plant mom my plants would die but good thing for me there are thick plaits I'm the fake plant mom look at this how cute I am obsessed with this this was six dollars at t.j.maxx and TJ Maxx and Marshalls is where I get all of my plants I honestly don't have that many right now but I am trying to stock up on them I want to go get like I saw one today it was really big and I want to get that and then get a plant pot and do it but I don't want a real plant so I'm not sure where I can find that but I'll figure it out I do want to just like go plant shop in one day because I need to incorporate more greenery into my house we are kind of like in a weird state right now we if you haven't watched previous videos we've talked about this before but we are currently renting to own but where you're actually you know looking within the next month or two to buy a house so we're not sure if you want to buy the house that we're in or a different one we kind of want something that's a little bit bigger and our house right now is 3-bed 2bath so it's like plenty big for us but we do want another baby you know in the near future so if we had another baby then we would have all three three of our rooms occupied and then we wouldn't have to play my office or cages like gaming stuff and all that so we are looking for a place idea that has a basement or an upstairs because our house right now it's just all one level going to be needing to get you know a couple more things to like decorate our house but whenever I mean whenever we figure out what we're doing I want all of our walls painted white and then the greenery will really really tie it off and then I think that'll be beautiful so me where you get your plants from please because I mean to know okay and then the last thing I'm going to show you while I'm sitting here it's just sing addictive at Marshall's today oh why I said not all this is gonna be like home decor it's just like things in my home so TJ Maxx and Marshalls and all those places have really really great like kitchen stuff and just like literally everything new pots pans you know utensil holder to everything so today me and Camden went to Marshalls and I just picked up this and this is just like a glass jar with a rose gold lid and if you didn't know what rose gold is my absolute favorite color so that's definitely incorporated indoor house as well but this is only $2.99 and I'm gonna put sugar on it and then I'm gonna use you know my machine and make like a skinny phone that's kind of somewhere to write guns and just put like sugar on it and maybe have a couple more of them I'm not sure um but this is the one I got today I just thought it was really cute so we'll see what I do with that and then today I was also at Target and I found the cutest bowls and cups like ever and there were 79 cents each so I got like four or five of these like lavender it's like a pastel lavender them in bowls and then just like this light teal Cup I got a couple of these as well because these are plastic and not glass that's what all of our other plate ware is is glass and Camden loves to throw things so these will be super great and these are big bowls like these are not like tiny little bowls or anything like that so these are only 79 cents so if you guys have a target near you or if you want to shop online I would definitely get on there and some of these because there 79 cents each I think it's just like their Easter collection right now but I think that's a great deal for you know bowls and cups that are gonna last you a while and you know they're pretty durable but if you have kids I would highly recommend those so that are all I have in here right now like I said this isn't like a super long video or anything but it's not a secret that home decor it can be very cheap and I just personally don't feel like spending a lot of money on it I think it's kind of silly but obviously to each their own that's not my business what you do get money but I also wanted to point out that target dollar spot has great things like if I go to Target I don't count their super frequently because I live about 3045 minutes away from one but whenever I do go that's the first place I go to look they always have really cute things during Christmas time I found these really cute little they were probably about this size but they were skinnier and they you know they were just like Christmas sayings on them so that's what I decorated with for Christmas and I think they were like $1 to $3 each I'm not sure the exact price another great place to go is Dollar Tree I know some people you know might be skeptical of that but I love Dollar Tree they have amazing things I get a bunch of Tupperware from there they come in like packs of four for a dollar whenever our cage was wanting to meal prep I just went like stocked up and got so much stuff over and it was awesome they they have really cute like holiday stuff I didn't tell you the prices of any of these things oh my god hold on let me finish what I'm saying and I will go back and tell you the Predators I'm so sorry I can understand spending a little bit more on things that are going to be staple pieces in your house and you know you're not going to change like these ones these bigger ones I know that I'm not going to change for a long time but holiday things I just think it's silly to spend so much money on them so if I could get a couple of holiday pieces for you know even one to ten dollars I'm totally fine and I would definitely stock up on that but yeah so I will show you guys two more things out or anything yet that I really really love but really quick I'm gonna wrote through the prices on these because I only told you president of a few of them this big one right here was $30 but it's half off so it was 15 1 was $17 so it was half off so it was like 9 or it was like 8 one thing and then this big one that really really loved was originally $30 and once again it was 15 and then I told you like the bowls and cups or two or nine cents I think I told you prices of everything else so I'm going to run in there really quick and show you guys the other one okay guys this is one of the things that I got from Marshalls a couple weeks ago and I'm seriously obsessed let me try to like back up so I can show you just how big it is like this is our wall and that's how big it is so it's pretty large and it was only $20 and I'm just obsessed with the same and I absolutely love this alright and then the other thing I was going to show you is just this little basket and it was originally meant to be like a laundry basket but I decided to use it for shoes at our front door because we have tons of them and like it's one sight we all wear a lot so like work shoes my Burke's tennis shoes oh sorry that's my camera strap tennis shoes just you know clown shoes and then all cages down there but Camden it's a favorite thing to do during the day is literally sit here take all the shoes out throw them on the floor and then clean up and pick them all up and then put it back and then just repeat any litter does it all day long so that it's really really cute and I believe I got this for $15 and also at Marshall's alright guys well that is my home decor haul today I really really hope you guys enjoy and if you want to send me you know your favorite places to shop let me know I am super open always going other places I love decorating and I love finding deals like that is I am a sucker for a deal I've said this is my last video but I pretty much will not buy anything unless it's on sale because I just feel like eventually it's going to be on sale so my not like might as well wait but I am a sucker for a sale and I really really love shopping so what a better way than to make a video to show you guys and help you all out as well but if you guys enjoyed this video yeah but a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel because the next video is going to be probably one of the hard hard videos to make not hard because I love telling the story but like I'll cry through the whole thing it's like if you want to watch me cry then go ahead and watch our next video but that is going to be Camden's bird story and it just means so much to me I'm so glad that you guys wanted tear about it I love sharing it because honestly it just reminds me of how strong my son is and like what we went through and just how good god is to us and I just thinking about it but I'm really really thankful that you guys are you know communicating with us and you have been requesting videos and it just means so much to us because this is so much fun like this is what I enjoy doing and I know that we don't have like a super strict schedule right now but that's just because our lives are crazy with work and school and all that stuff but I really really enjoy doing this so I really hope you guys like it and I will see you in our next video bye

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