Carole Kings Multiyork Interior Design Trends for Spring/Summer

my name is Carole King and I'm an interior designer and author of dear designers log I'm absolutely passionate about interiors and I'm really fortunate that I get to share that passion on a daily basis the Industrial trend is one that you will instantly recognize it's been around for quite a while now as a trend it celebrates the bare bones of a building it will often be very calls or concrete floors there's lots of wood there's lots of metal anything that's aged and looks as if it's been used before a leather sofa is often at the heart of this trend especially if it looks nice and soft and supple it is a look that can look a bit cold and a bit hard so the way to alleviate this is just to bring in lots of soft furnishings particularly throws and cushions lots of nips lots of different textures so wore and leaning and Bill fit as well even lace why not probably my favorite of the current trends is the one we call botanicals and that one's instantly recognizable from the large-scale and the bold leaves that we offer would see on wallpapers and across fabrics and on all manner of accessories from luck shades to cushions to tableware it's a really easy trend to experiment with you can just dip your toes in the water with a few cushions and a lampshade you can go a bit bolder with a future wallpaper some brilliant more papers out there or you can embrace the trend wholeheartedly with a new sofa upholstered in fern fabric and a future wallpaper and a whole host of house plants personally I like to see the botanicals trend when it's paired with Scandinavian type interiors with lots of white walls mid-century inspired furniture and another really popular trend is the country house style it's a trend that doesn't really ever go away but it gets reinvented year after year it's all about comfort it's deep squishy so furs it's log fires if anything that calls on tradition and heritage and probably programs like Downton Abbey just fire our imagination in that respect it should look as if it's evolved over a number of years nothing too loud or brash and different fabrics that different patterns can happily coexist at the faded florals mixed with plaid with planes with stripes just look fantastic other key features of the country house trend are traditional looking furniture like this beautiful wind back Tom chair and any accessories that aspire to the country house add all the hunting trophies the steaks heads the tartan blanket and add to that those log baskets and silver frames with family photographs I hope you liked my roundup of interiors trends and I hope you feel inspired you

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