Caesarstone and the New American Remodel 2019

Caesarstone had an amazing selection of product that had the colors that we wanted with a little bit of movement that gave it some interest but it wasn't overpowering and they were fantastic and understanding again the vision of what we were trying to accomplish and that her team was great at recommending product so we got this new one coming out how does this play into it and so we ended up using Caesarstone to help the house a lot of our designs are really do kind of celebrates of that rustic aesthetic and very much tie-in to the the look the feel and sort of the design brief for the new American remodels so the materials that were selected kind of pay that off we believe in the design perspective I think also the material itself in terms of its longevity it's durability kind of fits into the credentials of the structure in the building itself – in the kitchen we wanted to have clean smooth very harmonious countertops that were complementary to the cabinetry they have this wonderful new color called fresh concrete we'd selected because it had that more organic kind of look to it their product is beautifully even but not static it has this wonderful subtle variation to it that is very very appealing to designers one of the great things about the product as well as its durability it allows you to really live in the home and not worry about degrading the product and you don't have to worry about spills and things as much as you would at say a natural material and so being able to use a man-made product we know it's got recycled content it really plays into you know a lot of the sustainable aspects that we're trying to do which is use as much recycled materials as possible so you have that plus you've got the durability component it was a great partner for the project

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