BOY’S BEDROOM MAKEOVER 👦 Owen’s Room! (DiY Decor Reveal)

BOY’S BEDROOM MAKEOVER 👦 Owen’s Room! (DiY Decor Reveal)

hi we’re in Owens room in Salt Lake this
is your Salt Lake room huh we did it we have another video of Owens
room and st. George and we are finally getting around to putting together Owens
room we had we started changing things up like three years ago I have a video
clip that I just found last night of Owen when he was just like I think two
and a half years old and we were just getting rid of the crib and changing
things up oh and are we gonna decorate your room
and make it so new we’re gonna sell your crib and we’re gonna make your room look
so cool huh we got some new things from Target and we’re gonna make it look so
cool just for you this is your special room huh yeah yeah got your special
chair yeah yeah yeah Knutson you’re gonna fold your pillow back there no she
likes your beautiful light she yep yeah this used to be Brooklyn’s room see
that’s Brooklyn up there huh see up there that picture that’s Brooklyn this
was Ali’s room – and this is oliver when he was a baby
those are all these feet that’s ollie in my belly there’s the B for Brooklyn and the star
for Brooklyn star but this is gonna be owned official room that’d be my star
yeah yeah is that all you got a star that’s only when he was a piece
but we haven’t really finished his room and that’s why we’re going to give you a
tour now huh you want to show them your refrigerator we should put more stuff in
there huh yeah what else do we want to say about your room okay sorry it’s kind
of messy right now but we’re gonna clean it and we’re gonna make the bed and you
know we’re gonna put up some lights in your bed and it’s gonna be so fun and so
I don’t know there’s a lesson I just put it in there is it gun we get dance while
we clean dance when we clean okay whoa so you made a tent cool that looks fun what’d you say no girls in our house okay okay Owen this is phase two of your room
it’s not clean yet huh but we’re gonna clean it we’re gonna do a video tour of
your new room because we got some new things in here so what we’re gonna clean
it huh we’re gonna clean it first and then show everybody everything in your
room and you can give them a tour yeah we just watched that video when you were
like almost three years old and you’re like it’s a beautiful white beautiful
pillow huh was that cute oh I loved it and now we’re finally gonna finish this
video huh like three years later okay oh and can you give me a tour of
your room show me a refrigerator and your desk and everything so you got a
refrigerator yeah I put the yeah put some more applesauce so you got a pear
some cheese applesauce and a drink in case you get hungry at night I like your
desk you do homework on it and you read your book without saying you got a
Christmas tree oh yeah what do you use your crystal for let me see it helps you
sleep and not be scared and have bad dreams but helps you to have good dreams
that’s cool I love your bed let me see how you sleep in it that is so cool this
tent you know what this tent is called it’s called a privacy pop actually yeah
so like if you want to like close it up and you feel safe in your bed you’re
hung you’re thirsty and then you go to watch movies right here you got Netflix
that’s cool I love your room well yeah that’s cool whoa those are really good I
can’t believe you colored them like so dark I like all the lights in there look so
cozy oh yeah he likes you huh mm-hmm
so cozy I like it I want to sleep in there can I sleep in can I sleep in your
bed tonight oh we have to trade beds


  • luv_nane28

    January 24, 2020

    🤣🤣🤣 My son and I listen to that song as well 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rachael Diffrient

    January 24, 2020

    Such a cute kid <3

  • Small Stuff, Big Family

    January 24, 2020

    Worth the wait!! So cute! 💕

  • Cool Calm and Mom

    January 25, 2020

    Super cute bedroom and how cute is that fridge. Am sure he loves it.


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