Boat domestic lighting, replacing old boat lights with LEDs. Irish boat vlog #24

Hello and welcome to the driftwood boat blog. In
this episode we’re going to be replacing some of the old domestic lighting on board. We’re
taking out the old lights and replacing them with new LEDs. Okay so we’ve just taken this
down off the ceiling, this is the old ceiling light, as you can see it’s kind of torn and
tatty, it’s pretty old in fact that’s actually gone brittle and it’s just falling apart.
Those two covers come off and there’s two 19 volt incandescent bulbs and they’re kind of
heavy on electricity and apart from anything else it’s old and it’s dated. and all the
rest, so that’s going in the bin. And this is what I’m going to replace it with. Because
I want to change all the lighting inside of the boat and make everything LED because LED
is so much easier on the batteries. It uses far less power and when you’re on a boat you’re
off the grid so everything comes from your battery pack. It’s very important to try to
get the best value out of your power I suppose, isn’t it? So this is what I’m going to use,
this is a twin light that’s the little button in the centre and it’s what they call a soft
glow LED so it’s not that really bright eh blue white that you can get sometimes. I hope,
we’ll see. That’s just a wee protective cover on it there, I’ll just show you, on the ceiling, where in the
ceiling where it is I’m going to mount that light. Okay so this wire here is the power
source to it and you can see it has that blocky type connection on the end of it. And on the
old light there was enough room behind it to recess that but on this one there wont
be so I’m going to have to change that sightly. I’ll show you how I’m going to do that in
a second. Now, black goes to black. Yeah and we have light. There we go. I’ll just turn
that off, now. I need to poke the wires back up in there. There hard to get up there aren’t
they? Ye they sure are, and I shortened this lead but I probably could have shortened it
a bit more. Now that will go on okay. Okay so this is the light we’ve taken down, this
was an old 1970s light. It’s two 18 watt incandescent bulbs, that’s a hard word to say! and it would
have gobbled up electricity and it was one we were always afraid to use, apart from the
face that it kind of was gone pig ugly and the covers on it had gone brittle and had
started to break away. So that is gone, it’s for the bin. This is what we’ve replaced it
with and it’s a nice LED it’s got a couple of different settings on it, that’s the first setting it’s a nice
blue light, maybe if you were sitting here sipping cocktails some evening it could look
quite good. Eant that lovely. And that uses, we did a bit of calculating on the internet
it uses about one twentieth of the electricity that the old light did use.
So if I leave it on it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Now I’ve got to do the same
thing down in the galley. And now down in the galley I’ve got two more. The ones I got
for the galley, I’ll show you these are slightly different these kind of match what we already
have there. We’ve two of these guys over the cooker. and eh these are LED as well. So they
will sit over the galley area looking down at the cooker, and that’s more LEDs in and
more incandescent bulbs removed which means the batteries should last a lot longer which
is good cos we’ve got a twelve volt fridge that likes it’s electricity, and if you like
cold beer you have to make sure to keep battery power for the fridge, and don’t worry about
the lights! Now I was saying to you that I never really trust the polarity on a boat.
Especially cos this is an old boat, it wouldn’t be an issue if it was a new boat, but I’ve
the phase tester on that and there you go, we’re getting a minus symbol and what that
means id that the polarity is reversed. So we have to allow for that when I’m wiring
it up. Hey he light works, okay now I’ll show you what I did, that was the original block
that was on it, so I’ve put a smaller block on to it in the hope that I’ll be able to
hide all the wiring behind it. And do you know what? I think it was a forlorn hope,
I think I will still not be able to hide the wiring, How can I get it in there? there we
go. I got that block down there, Da ta ta da. That will work. Now if I could just get
the bloody screws, again same old problem only two hands. I’ll hold that there, right…
And again there’s loads of screw holes behind this and I can only hide so many of them.
okay, get the other screw in before I tighten that off. Now I can use two hands though.
And I’ll try to do it without going through a wire which I nearly did there. Tuck that
wire there, you can’t see what I’m doing there but I’m trying to move a wire out of the way.
And I’m sending everything flying. And you can probably see out through the window that
it’s a beautiful crisp morning here in Athlone. There we go, ye. Ah nice one. Another LED
light done, we’re getting there. So there we go both lights working I just closed the
curtains there to stop the sun shining in so that’s it have a cup of tea, all done.
That will make a heck of a difference to the batteries really will and the most important
thing is that if we do leave a light turned on it’s not going to be the end of the world.
It will be okay. I’m happy with that, a good job. Can you see? Ye now we’re in … Wellcome
to the loo, the head. Right I’m going to do a different trick here, I’m going to cut a
corner. Any time I’m working over a sink I always put the plug into the sink because
don’t you know…. Ah this isn’t going to work. Why? Because that’s not a bayonet end
that’s a screw end, and I thought I was a smart guy going onto eBay and buying LED bulbs.
But the bulbs I got are bayonets and that’s a screw in. So that ean’t going to work I
was hoping to eh put those guys in there and have LEDs here without having to change the
whole light unit. And? So now I’ve to go back onto eBay and get LEDs with a screw in. You
just answered my question! That’s a pity isn’t it?
So this is an easier fix that is my reading light and as you can see there is an ordinary
incandescent bulb in there. If I can get it out. There we go. I’m going to replace that
with one of these guys. And the moment of truth. Het that was an easy fix. If only they
were all like that. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed our videos and if you have please click the
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