Blindfolded Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge | Prank | Marissa and Brookie

classic Christmas songs let's play something right now but it's all Christmas I think I'm good you're done Oh No and welcome to the first day of the law payments so a bunch of youtubers who like to do this name robotamus where they upload every single day of December so we're gonna be grinding some videos out filling for all of you it's not even before it's before Thanksgiving and we're selling Christmas videos so we thought it'd be fun to do a blindfolded decorating at gingerbread house challenge make sure to follow so I may disagree on back Marissa underscore and others for brookey and Marissa Don joy and well we made personal ones there in the bio of Marissa and rookies Hopey but I'm gonna take them out you can as well we're just gonna get started okay okay so I was on you guys know how this works already okay and if you know your body hold in doing so we would love to send videos on YouTube and it's Christmas time and I really like some gingerbread houses [Applause] I'm gonna start off with this like I'm gonna go where every little okay I'm gonna put some stuff in the crap money I know why is your favorite kind of Christmas music mine is Michael Buble and pentatonix what are the classic Christmas songs let's play some right now but it's all a jolly Christmas Merry Merry Christmas oh wait no I don't want those I found it I found it oh that was a lot harder yeah yeah okay doing the door right now what are you trying to do my door your door okay I think my room right now what do you want for Christmas turkey I'm on a nasty spot but genetics but yeah bring a suit into gymnastics yeah she's good at it I I want some new tennis shoes I'm trying to like feel what they like bag where the creases are nothing you don't hey what do you imagine them in your thinking of Christmas I think of walking around town looking at Christmas I you're familiar I was in hot chocolate or a big I did I just say free money in Spanish with your family yeah I definitely going outside of the wines breaking I think I'm good you're done Oh No just one time my house Oh three what how'd you do that no I'm so good I think you got revenge on me cuz blast cake-decorating the raisin cake decorating challenge I took my finds a lot Frank Joe off to admit that was a good one okay so this is what happen mom give me a little paper let's prank rookie and so you know I took my blindfold off and I was going terribly at first like this is my first level side here you know that was not my best yeah it is pretty funny here is my wonderful house that is when I first yeah yeah this is my house it looks very great it's better than the rest is just putting that out there I think my doors are the best oh god I got it oh go I got a back door too and then I got my roof oh oh the best part give us thumbs up if you think I should get Marissa back and if I want what kind of like you got though know what I need to get you believe the other video a link down below or brick you print me and took her blindfold off but do you think I won cuz she cheated me thanks for watching please subscribe down below and give this big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and enjoy my little paint my revenge plank

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