Bike Balls? Heartbeat light? Home Decoration!? Review and unboxing to find out what is going on here

hi Enki dad here pay no attention to the white or for that matter red testicles that you see on the screen or actually maybe we should cuz I have been sent these to review and they're not in fact silicone testicles there are bike lights and I guess some people think there are heart he really depends on your point of view but they're meant to hang on the back of a bike seat as you can see on this screen I I'm speechless not only cuz I'm getting over this cold which is a true achy dad moment but because some very nice person sent me this to review which first of all is such an honor but second of all it's just hysterical product seems to work great I'm gonna open it up here in a minute well let's do it now this is the silicon light cr2032 battery oh the battery can go there I guess it is easy to mount quote-unquote with a unique heart-shaped design water and shockproof haha even that shockproof there's even one lower than the other one seems like it's strong I wonder how long it would last it's definitely a well bunch thing of silicone now the person named Jessica who was nice enough to send this to me for free asked me to do some things which I am totally gonna do it's a little hard to find out what was going on but I think she works for the company they're trying to increase their sales I'm guessing you're from China or she's from China but I don't know she did give me nine percent off to give you on this which brings it under eight dollars I believe discount ends December 31st wonder if that hurt me more than it and wanted me to say the following things it functioned in various applications it's used for bicycles backpacks hold for room decoration and that's your about that part unless it's like this but then how do you how do you hold it up it's clearly testicles maybe home testicle decoration I didn't think of that please mention it's silicon material good elasticity and easy to be installed it has three flashing but not two or one it's fun and unique heart-shaped design heart-shaped please also say something you like or something interesting you find I think I've covered that if you look online there's a lot of other products like balls to name one of them who knows where it came from who knows how it started but here it is right here and you know what I bet it's a good light I bet it actually works well certainly easy to mount I can't keep going I just can't stay safe out there

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