hey guys super rainy disgusting awful day here we did not go to Mass we did not do anything Chris is still painting the bathroom but from finished now with the second coat I have to take Emily's got a sticky foot she says gotta take that girl to a playdate so I have to go out in the torrential rains which means I have to obviously get dressed because I'm still in my jammies and I'm standing on a pile of laundry okay let's go see the paint shall we so the first color was so bad and I totally didn't like Arctic gray it was too dark so we ended up with Wickham gray so what cuz I did to show you guys this is Wickham gray guys feeling no mold amazing amazing amazing so I'm thinking neutral but so many colors are gonna match this so happy this is our disgusting vanity so now of course I want a new vanity we were like measuring and thinking how much work it would be to get a new one looking online and things but this thing is a piece of junk and it's too low and it would be an amazing bathroom if we could get a new vanity good work daddy out isn't it so much better yeah do you love it guys thumbs up for this color I am obsessed so the finish on this is called aura yes the top of the line it's like the best of the best of the best to avoid oh yeah look at that title great guys that's it in case you're looking for it that's the one um but it's really good bathroom paint really good bathroom preventing mildew and mold and all that now when you have a shower and you get little streaks of drips no that won't show because that's completely waterproof but it's not it's a bucket of matte finish I can't even believe how amazing it looks and you did such a good job on the trim all fixed up love the bright sealing oh my god all right guys what do you think leave a comment cuz I just am in love with this color what's happening oh yeah you made that turn around so we can see Wow all by yourself that's amazing so we have had a pajama day yep it is pouring buckets outside yep he's having some hot chocolate and why are you drinking it out of a straw tell everybody what you just said your hand was getting tired from what this job I mean the spoon up and down every time and you can drink it out of a straw it's not too hot here Bonnie so yeah building with Legos that's been a Lego kind of doing lots of iPad time kind of bad right and school tomorrow what do you think of the bathroom daddy painted so much better right good gray pretty great huh want to get dressed you watchin blue cool you did it he's so funny look at this chair guys it loves his new chair so cute you say hi to your friends you won't go great with lodge no just kidding you love it there didn't you don't you everybody a bracelet you still have on I can't the button on it yes

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