Beazer Homes | Young Ranch Model Tour with LuxMommy

perfectly guys I just finished running my errands they were boring adult errands believe me you didn't want to go with me and it just finished raining so I was hoping that I could come do this and bring you guys along with me today but I was a little worried because it started raining but luckily it stopped raining so we are here so who else is obsessed with looking at model homes raise your hand because I am so that is something that we actually do for fun quite often even after we built our house we love looking at model homes I do see like building again in the future and so there are always things that I'm looking at just to see how the industry has changed it's changed so much even 60 years ago from when we built I would change so much about what we did one thing I will say for sure I would change is energy-efficient and the Builder that we're going to look at is energy-efficient which I love that that would be like a must for me but these are home actually reached out to me several several weeks ago they wanted me to visit one of their new model home villages and I was like heck yes like I love looking through model homes so I thought it'd be fun to bring you guys along with me on a vlog I know I've shared before on Instagram stories and snapshot and me going through different model homes because like I said you guys know that I love doing it but I figured since I was already vlogging I already had a few days of vlogs that I would go ahead and put it in a vlog for you guys because it's just so much fun but yes we're gonna go through one or two model homes I love looking at model homes and floor plans the industry has changed so much and we built six years ago and even though we're not really in the market to build I do want to build again one day so I love going through model homes whether it's just to see kind of how the industry is changing or like I said for decorating ideas I am redecorating a little bit of the house I'm wanting to go a little bit more on like of a cooler tone palette right now the house is very warm it's got the the beige the tan walls it's got the the dark wood cabinets and things like that and I really want to go a little bit more on the cooler tone the cooler vibes you know that kind of basically what's in right now the white cabinets things like that that's really what I'm I'm wanting to do so I'm excited to see how they have these model homes decorated I'm excited to see the floor plans I love looking at floor plans that's one of the things that's my favorite I love looking at floor pans and just like imagining like my life and just like how I would live in the house and how it would flow and things like that I don't know I'm a weirdo probably but I love looking at model homes but let's go check out some motor homes guys I already love this elevation when you want a second car right here right here and then I can park my car here lawn stuff goes there that's exactly what I want let's go inside I love how this one has this little front porch and then the entrance stair this is so pretty those stairs oh I love these floors we have the office here it's kind of the perfect spot because it's kind of a way from everything and then guest bedroom and full bath perfect oh that closet I love that take my sunnies off guest bathroom that's perfect for a guest back I love this tile see even though I have darker cabinets I love how they did the light it just really brightens up even though there's the darker cabinets oh I love that yeah I do think I like they see you've got this little walkway at the front door and then the formal dining room opens up to the kitchen what's over here I think this is where the garage would be but you have a mudroom a mudroom is omona powder room that's perfect you've got a powder room and a mudroom and then the garage would be right there this is really pretty look at the ceilings I love that piece of furniture that's really beautiful and uh oh I didn't even have like a little butler's pantry look at this see this is what I want I want a butler's pantry for where I can put like the cat food the dog food and everything and they kind of have like their own section and then I love this pantry that's really nice and again look at these dark cabinets but the way that they paired it with the lighter finishes it looks so nice I love this see this is what I want to do I want to do this the cat that's all the way up to the ceiling that's what I want I love this granite that's really pretty double ovens and look at that hood vent with the tile all the way up I love that that's a really big breakfast room look at all that room for just for the breakfast area and then you still have the built-in cubbies you still have this bar area love this living room it's a good size let's go check out the master this has to be the master here oh this is big I love it look at those windows tray ceilings master bath toilet room here sink first things this is probably linen yep linen closet closet that's a good size look at this shower guys now that's a shower now that is a shower shower oh my goodness I love that this makes me want to build another house I love it it's so oh and that is like a must I want that in my next house too a door to the patio from the master let's look at this really quickly I love this patio fireplace and kitchen I love that let's go back inside let's go check out upstairs seriously these floors are so pretty that's right here oh just oh that's a nice size little extra closet and this is also something I really want is wood on the stairs instead of carpet very nice let's see you got that way well that way let's go this way one kids room oh this is so cute I guess this is more like a guest room and we've got a full bath here see I love how this is just decorating tips see how they put the curtain all the way up higher it really makes a bathroom look really grand get the really tall shower curtains or the curtain ring all the way up high but I love that and I love the finishes and then my size closet and then we have another bathroom good size again see the how they brought the curtains all the way up to the ceiling just a little tipsy much grander it looks and then another bedroom it's like a big kid's room good size and then we have a game room full TV room and then I'm guessing media room yep I love this this is a good space I love this sofa this is a really nice berber carpet – all right this house is so pretty look at the spindles let's see the front door your living room in the kitchen

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  • Jeanette Jamison

    April 14, 2019

    The Beazer Homes model's are beautiful.


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