Beach House Goals & an Epic Man Cave. Aireys House Let Us In! ▵ S01E16

Beach House Goals & an Epic Man Cave. Aireys House Let Us In! ▵ S01E16

(rousing upbeat music) – What’s up, guys? Today we’re checking out the Aireys house, which is, you guessed it, in Aireys Inlet. We’re about two hours out of Melbourne, just off the Great Ocean Road. It is a particular average
Melbourne day today. It’s very grey, the rain
is starting to come down. So I’m kinda stoked to
get inside, let’s do this. (rousing upbeat music) Oh, wow. Okay. Fork in the road, left or right? I’m gonna go right. Look at this space! This has such a cosy feel to it. I love this halve of their living space. You’ve got the fireplace,
you got the couch. You’ve got this built-in seating with clever storage as well. I can see myself here with a
glass of wine, chilling out. I might have to make that
happen later on actually. Look at that amazing apex that leads you straight out to the lighthouse. Oh my gosh, we’ve got an amazing rainbow, don’t know if you can see that. It looks straight out over Aireys, but it goes all the
way back over to Lorne. And we’ve got puzzle time. We don’t have time for
that, let’s be honest. Look at this amazing
concrete kitchen bench. This is massive, it’s super deep. This would’ve been
poured on site for sure. But, I mean just the sheer scale of it. You could just host a
dinner party here alone. Absolutely spectacular. This kitchen is fun, really open, amazing space for your
cookbooks, you’ve got the view. You know I love a well-stocked pantry. Ooh, pinot. I might get
stuck into that later. And gingersnap, you know I will. Let’s go. Look at that sun coming out now. Leads you out onto this
amazing upper outdoor deck, gorgeous garden space below. Let’s keep exploring. So many angles in this house. Ah okay, this reveals a
really good-sized office, looking back out onto the garden. A lot of light, more angles. Master bedroom time. Beautiful and cosy space. It’s not overly big,
it’s a good-sized space. But those windows, they
just punch so much light in it makes it feels so much
larger than it actually is. And beautiful detail on
the cabinetry as well. Oh my goodness. I love the size of this bathroom, and look at this triangle shower. How good are the colour of those tiles? That green, it’s just so gorgeous, it goes really well
with that red iron bark. All right, where am I? Let’s go downstairs. This is a cool little space. You’ve got yourself a little library here. Built-in seating and storage again. I love it, I love this pop of green too. That is a lot of fun. Bedroom through here. Bit
of a guest bedroom, smaller. You’ve got a lot of different angles, but it actually works really well. I love that dark timber feature wall. Oh, wow, another bedroom.
This is a lot bigger, and look at this amazing triangle window. This is so cool. You’re really low, you’re kinda sunk and you’re pretty much
the entrance of the home. Good-sized bathroom, fun pop of colour as well
with those blue tiles. The lower outdoor space.
This is really cool. It’s really protected, it’s very quiet. You know I love an outdoor shower, guys. We’ve got hot and cold,
which is important. (water running)
Very cool. I love the sense of space. You’ve got these amazing
angles everywhere you look. And just the size of these timber panels, I mean, it’s just amazing. Oh, and a good herb garden as well. Should we go back inside? All right, we’ve got another living area. This is a lot smaller, a
lot cosier, a bit darker. It’s got a bit of a den
feel to it, I’d say. Ah okay, kids territory.
Bunk beds, cram ’em on in. This is a good space, this feels good. They can kinda hang out here, have a bit of a chill out zone. Kitchenette, that’s pretty handy. You still with me? We’ve got a bathroom through there, a laundry through here. Awesome view again. I’m gonna go check out that classic car. Oh my God, which one to choose? It’s gotta be this one. Does it suit me? I hope so. Give me 20 years, that’s
what I’m aiming for. We’ve got a bit of a work space here, he’s a bit of a handyman, obviously. Probably knows what he’s
doing with cars as well. Another workspace. Ooh, and
good wine cellar as well. More storage. And then we’ve got this which, I don’t think it’s just
any door. We got a lift! All right, I’m gonna see you upstairs. Catch you on the flip side. What’s up? You guys had
to walk like suckers. I love that lift. All right, let’s go get that drink. That’ll do nicely. (relaxed sighing) You know when you go to a party and you see that really
cool intimidating person, and you’re kind of
wanting to go chat to them but you’re also really scared ’cause you don’t know what
they’re gonna be like? But then you do and it
turns out they’re amazing, they’re super friendly
and they become your BFF. And that’s kinda what
this home feels like. I mean, it’s this incredible, intimidating fortress from the outside. There’s a lotta sharp
lines, a lotta angles, and you just don’t know what you’re gonna expect on the inside. But, when you do it, it’s
just so welcoming, it is so warm and cosy, and it’s just got this really lovely family feel to it. I mean, we’ve gotta
talk about those views, the views are what hit you,
and you can obviously tell that it has been designed around these spectacular views over Aireys Inlet. That amazing apex that leads your eye straight up into the sky and
out over to that lighthouse. I mean, it is incredible.
It’s absolutely next level. And then the angles are just everywhere. It’s amazing, it’s just
like angle overload. Seriously, there’s so
much attention to detail. The angles are in the doors,
they’re in the timber panelling, they’re in the roof lines,
they’re in the cabinetry, they’re in the shower. They’re literally everywhere
and it’s kind of awesome. I mean, it’s literally so much fun. This house seriously is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of different
spaces to hang out, there’s a lot of different
levels, and there’s just like. It’s kind of almost disorientating when you’re walking around because there’s so many places to explore and there are things you just
don’t anticipate being there that are actually there. I mean, it kind of wraps around itself. It’s amazing, it doesn’t
have a set formula, kind of like it takes you on a journey. Does that makes sense? The house is three levels,
but it kinda doesn’t feel like a set three-level home, because of the way it slopes and splits and you can enter through
different entry points. What’s interesting is the way that they’ve manipulated the landscape. I mean, they’ve obviously dug in, they’ve created that
sunk-in basement level with the workshop, you’ve got
wine cellar, you got storage. And essentially the
roof of that lower level becomes your ground floor. And to get to that ground floor, you have to go up these rolling
hills and that leads you in, and then you can go further
up onto the third level. I think it’s really interesting, the way that they’ve reflected that, it really plays to nature, and they’ve created their
own landscape so to speak. The hills, the slopes, the gradients, it all just works really really well. And again, it just makes
it feel a bit different. It doesn’t feel like a
traditional three-level home. Interiors wise, I love
that this home is lived in, it’s got life, it’s got
soul, it’s a family home. There’s heaps of storage for kids games. There’s books, there’s
cushions everywhere. They don’t necessarily fit
any kind of colour scheme, and I love it, it just works.
It’s just a really happy home. And you can tell that the owners really love to spend
time with their family, and a lot of the home
has been really designed around creating those lovely central hubs. The living area is really cosy and it’s all open plan to
that kitchen and dining. But in contrast to all those
open-plan spaces as well, all the bedrooms and the
bathrooms are also really private, which is always really important if you’ve got a lot of people
staying in your beach house, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have some downtime to yourself. All of the outdoor entertaining is done at the rear of the block, that’s actually north-facing. And the reason they’ve done that is because it is much more
protected from the weather. I mean, being down here on the coast, the weather is brutal, it’s up-and-down and we’ve seen that today. That cops a lot of wind, a lot of rain. So the back is really protected. Hang out there, have a barbie,
have your outdoor shower. That’s where you want to chill out, definitely in summer anyway. But during what, all year round,
this is where you wanna be, that living and dining space. Well, this is delicious. This house is so much fun. I’ve gotta admit, it was not
what I was expecting at all. And if this is a lesson for anyone, make sure you approach and say hello to that cool intimidating person, because on the inside
they’re probably awesome. I love this home. I’m
gonna happily sit here all afternoon drinking my
wine, I might light the fire. But then I may never leave. Thanks for watching, guys. I’d love to know what you
thought of this awesome pad. Leave me a comment below if you liked it, give us a thumbs up and
subscribe to our YouTube channel ’cause I got way more home tours coming. – [Jonno] One more, one more. You got no more wine left,
you can’t do any more. – Give us another top up. – [Jonno] Get your own wine. (playful whistling) (rousing upbeat music)

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