Bathroom Remodeling Interview AM 2-7-15

time now 641 and it's 13 degrees outside well as we said before the break if you're looking for a nice little winter project may be upgrading your bathroom might be a smart idea here to talk a little bit more about that is Jim Hewitt with home depot and Jim you've brought some really cool things with you in Lauren Amy yeah we want to talk about bath remodels and the importance of a bathroom model and how it adds value to your home a simple bathroom model it shows that it will add eleven thousand dollars or to the value of your home so updating those bathrooms now is the time to do that and you say this is quick and simple and anybody can do it right very quickly myself yes and you know I brought aboard here that just talks a little bit about the three most popular styles right now and it's transitional right here the traditional bathroom and that modern and there are a lot of different styles out there but these are the three that most people are chasing right now and trying to do in their homes and we talked about the simple and on one of the shows before we we talked about this product right here it's called simple map and the way this works is it just one side peels off yeah those up against the wall this is beautiful by the way and mosaics are very very popular right now and you can add a backsplash to your room as quickly as that and then you're just gonna run a grout float over that and you're an amazing quick simple and easy now how much like something like this would this cost to do in your bathroom well these these right here just depending on the size of the bathroom we can work that up through you through for you and the other thing we can do is on there's a vanity estimator on there as well so if you don't know what size vanity to put in there you go on and it'll walk you through that step by step and help you choose a vanity as well interesting and then you can do the change of the hardware the bathroom fixture of course we've got just a simple brush nickel and brushed nickel is very very popular finished right now and you can see it's did this for demonstration purposes that'll go with that setup right there if you wanted to change that look dramatically you could do that as quickly as changing out your hardware as well and it changes the entire look of the vanity as well now changing out your faucets and hardware like this what's the estimated cost for somebody at home well the cost is gonna vary greatly because you can get faucets that are in the several hundred dollar range you can get faucets under seventy dollars as well that are still very nice-looking faucets just depends on the style and the features that you're going for vanity set ups you can get those starting at $99 for a simple furniture vanity so it's very economical if you want to do some quick things the other thing we we've talked about before in previous shows is the paint Ralph Lauren has some great finishes for bathrooms they have everything from suede to metallic looking oh so you could add a mosaic like this with a metallic paint and really change the drama in the bathroom and then bear has one right here that's not only mold resistant it helps kill mold in your bathroom as well we all need that little one thing everybody usually forgets is your fixtures when you're going with all the fixtures last but not least don't forget the door handle can't forget that well Jim thanks so much for joining us today we'll have to all of this posted over at NBC a little bit later if you want some more ideas to upgrade your bathroom stay with us the morning show has much more to come

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