Bathroom Remodeling in Las Vegas – What to Expect on the First Day

it's demo day it's a very exciting it's also a little scary we are having our master bathroom completely redone and I'm excited because working with Las Vegas remodel has made it really a lot easier and a lot less stressful so I want to just tell you a couple of things I'm excited about one of them is the dumpster I know it sounds a little silly but we knew exactly when they were gonna bring the dumpster where we had the option of telling them where to put it they were very conscientious you can see we have a couple of garages here we've got one here we've got one here we didn't lose access to either of the projects so that was really kind of special plus don't tell him we're throwing some work junk in there also so I think I'm gonna get some extra closets cleaned while this process happens I'll show you what else I like follow me so one of the other things I'm very excited about is all of our stuff that's here you can see my brand-new tub in the background we've got all of our the things that are going to be installed our sinks our hardware all of that one of the processes that they explain is they onboard customers and they tell you everything that to expect one of the things they said is they won't start the project unless all of your things are already on the jobsite so pretty excited I don't have to worry about them being almost done and then the sink is missing or something is in transit somewhere I really like that about it Las Vegas remodel really does make a nice you

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