Bates Family Live – Zach and Whitney's Heartbreak

Christmas it's its own weight is it yeah it slices you got to do the countdown 3 2 wait give me a count don't think you should be Christmas Day is behind the camera always live is live live as a snake just right there people welcome to the night's bring it up thanks live chat mom exactly time to fly in the comments Josie over here right here Zack and Whitney a little bit we're going to tell you all about the new episode of night interesting things are happening it's gonna be great so ask us anything you want in the comments before we start any tell you this every week but it's very important up TV gives away one thousand dollars during every new episode of bringing up babies go to watch up and win figure out how to do that you need that thousand dollars so – Panama City Beach again ask us some questions so ok here's a question right here so why does some of you guys have well Josie's engagement beyond this season it will be this season not in the next season ok coming up it'll be on something we don't know what on this all I need to know is that every Thursday bringing up beta zone so if you keep watching every Thursday you're gonna see Josie's engagement and speaking of which we have been planning a wedding so Josie has an October wedding coming up but for tonight's show where we do any other really exciting give us the runner ball so it was a crazy situation because ELISA and Aaron were due at the same time if you watch last week's show you know that I was sweating bullets wondering how I was gonna make it them both first I did make it to listen Bert it was really just a lot of prayer and a lot of guesswork of weird a big win and so tonight's show it's Arensberg I was totally worried about if I was going to make it in time both girls were showing signs of you know labor and it was really a tense few days for me but I made it to the burn and it was one of those just teary-eyed moments so this is tonight we invite it's gonna be Chad Mary Smith yes and Jonathan was like sweet Leighton up to that world I think the girls had a fun outing I think it's become kind of a girl thing I'm gonna get nails done it's one of those unique skews to get out yeah we enjoy if there's a wedding or a baby that's the dream also only bars done for the next winter oh man happy birthday McKenna somebody said yeah he's a king Lawson I like that person most on the exact person thank you for putting me ok so here's one that's how one somebody said Oh it disappeared it was about trace but it's called ok Josie's engagement is not tonight that would be Aaron's littlest one arriving into the world tonight see the problem is they're easy to compute it says hey guys when are the boys going to start getting weak is there any hope here there's always a see keep asking questions what he's gonna say now shall live I love funny the interview we don't get to hear the questions and they don't tell us what the questions are gonna be when they're doing these interviews we never know and so a lot of times I don't find out what Zak is said till I'm you know watching the show what word you but the things that don't even make it to the show even or just so I think that happens for all of us because again we don't all sit back in everybody's interviews obviously and so we'll be watching episodes and seeing what they said about you or somebody else it's hilarious and not hilarious sometimes with Zak's this is more so hilarious I love watching Judson and Jeb and Callie the most because those kids are just straight-up entertainment gold so Steven traceback will be in Tennessee and will be attending church next week mom that's all I hope they know where our church is in the process of rebuilding our building and thankfully as soon as we moved in we outgrew it and thankfully carpenters for Christ's pollen teared to come help us work on that word project they have since gone but it is well under construction and we're hoping to look maybe move in this poem work we're meeting in a place and if you go to the Bates family calm front page the address is right there service times all that stuff so we'd love to meet you at church any sunny or Wednesday somebody says is that still enjoying being a police officer he's my favorite still loving it sacks of favorite while they love his first now dad jokes he's got the Deaf : Steve you're my favorite sir simply friend good boy dad said he talked tres into doing the what do you call it the deputy training as well which is much faster than is Jack started as a reserve became full-time me and Nathan were both deputies as well for two years now traces the deputy so that's pretty crazy but trace made me like exactly the second Austin any emblem says when are you releasing more music why don't you tell them about what's coming up oh man so much is coming up so earlier this year I recorded half of a new album it's not released yet but I'm going back into the studio at the end of this month with my producer with the full band and we're recording the other half of it a new song off of that island is going to come out next month release the full album in the spring so new someone coming out very soon we're shooting a music video for it in a very special place so that's all coming up but you can keep up with the music stuff on my page which is los amazing post about concepts that's right Kimberly I'm also upset that Comcast doesn't carry out for you anymore I think you and all your friends you call them or everybody and tell them they need to start carrying double do you plan to comcast safe what happened to 95 people bring back I mean you're gonna send them an email resume as many of y'all are watching this if you you all send him a message they would pay true we would love to sound losted it was saying something about like what they would like to see some of the in-laws the Sun in-laws and then the disappear so I can't read it but it's really hard because everybody's so scattered out it's hard for them to do the Facebook live chat with us but many when we get together we can teach them how we're not you can never never teach them how let them do stuff you never know who you're gonna get on these Facebook lives so when you get somebody like Zach that doesn't know only pop up and ask him anything you want I'm just mom or dad for myself and especially in the summer months a lot of the kids are scattered doing different things visiting siblings or doing jobs and traveling the world things been busy all day I've talked Josie to coming in tonight she just got ranch and what she didn't get ready she had her hair in a towel it's wet she's no makeup but she's like mom I can't be here and she's worried about it but look she's beautiful anyway okay I do know a lot of people are asking about me and with me having more children and I will say that we would appreciate your prayers we actually were expecting for a little while and it's just been it was a little bit of a personal time for me but the Lord's been been good to us and we're kind of coming out of that now and yeah I may share about it but do just keep us in your prayers about children keep them here as it was fine I won't say this Bradley has been just so so pitiful he was super excited we'd go every day and talk about his new baby in mommy's belly when we had to tell him that miscarry he just broke down crying and he you feel like he's too little to understand baby just really seems like he does every night nice praying for God to give him a little brother what we happy with whatever God gives us but do just keep our family in your prayers and we appreciate y'all being concerned for us and also people that keep up and encourages we appreciate that but that's that's where we're at now thank you for praying I kind of heard I'm Whitney whispering dis accent people are asking should we tell them or not and thank y'all for your courage to do that I know a lot of people will be praying Whitney's actually that she's actually start at the Ryder post three or four different times she's not as active on the histogram is she and the social media is in the patches because we've been so busy but she's sat down with that two or three times to write something it just hadn't been had been right for us to say something about it but seeing other people care it makes it easier to say something about it we appreciate that so somebody said their son-in-law is in law enforcement and they appreciate you Zach and what you do to serve okay all of these comments now are saying how they're praying for psychic we all know how much that means to all of us you just do not know how much that means it was a very very hard time for Whitney in the family but here in the prayers it is like no you're gonna never be more so now a lot of people we're not to all who wants to suffer these losses I mean Erin's would do a long time than we did and I had her problems Michael is still suffering through that life ain't perfect it ain't always what we pick it to be and always what we think it will be but ultimately God is in control and we can know that you know our all we can do here is live for him try to help others and serve others and love the people he does put in our life not just our family but our friends and other people – we appreciate all the other man thank you not just for your prayers for that but just for your support for our family for this show words just can't even describe the encouragement the letters we get the emails we get when we take people to visit the church we just you you will never know the encouragement that we get out of people like you that just even watching Facebook live taking time out of your evening to watch us ask us questions or make comments I know that's my alarm saying that show times we've got about one and a half more minutes but we really do appreciate you watching Mike exactly what he said they appreciate your prayers what they have we do we do appreciate you guys and I think for all of us your encouragement about the shows about why keeping up with what's going on and just follow along with our ride that gets crazy sometimes is a huge encouragement you go to watch up and win and they're giving away $1000 tonight and every new episode of bringing up Bates watch up and win calm all the details are there you can tweet along with the hashtag bring it up Bates during the show I'm a help on there and answer some of your questions there if you didn't get it in here but appreciate you watching and we'll see that next week same time god bless for full episodes seas and exclusive videos of bringing up Bates go to slash face

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