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Why move when you can extend? In this series, we're going to discuss
some classic and contemporary renovations you can do to
make the most of your home. Welcome to the Renovation Revolution. We all know if you want
a bigger house, you build up. But more and more people in
posh areas of London are looking and building down
and creating a basement. Why? Because it's the one renovation
that will add the most space to your house. Adding a basement is
not cheap or easy. You're digging under the house
to a depth of three meters. The whole structure, including
your neighboring homes, has to be carefully underpinned
with concrete blocks to support the foundations. If this isn't done properly,
it could all collapse. The space created needs to
be completely damp proofed, which is a major job in itself and
could cost as much as £20,000. Large steel beams would be put in
place to support the building above, will need to provide light at
the front and back, fire escapes, and, of course, a stair case. Once the basement is in, though, you'll have added an
entire floor to your house. Down here we have this massive
media room at the back, a shower room, second kitchen,
spacious hallway, and a spare double
bedroom at the front. Now, such a specialist job needs
an experienced team. Don't try out an untested firm. You'll need architects,
structure engineers, plumbers, electricians,
and a full construction team. Basements also need planning permission, and they need party wall agreements,
because your excavation could affect adjoining properties. Sound out your neighbors,
this might get harry. If you dig down two meters or so,
it's not uncommon to hit running water. This can be pumped out,
but it's very expensive. Make sure you do plenty
of soil and water tests before you start the project to see
whether it's even worth doing. Building a basement is a long,
arduous process. It's filled with risks and it's expensive. The one I'm sitting in would have cost
around £300,000 to build. But the benefits are massive! It's added a third to the size of this property, which in an area like Chiswick
is worth—wait for it— an extra million pounds.


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    She went to my school, still very attractive…

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    How about the rest of the UK? is it horrifically expensive there too?

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    April 15, 2019

    This a very shallow and flimsy explaination!


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