Autocad 2D Basics – Tutorial to draw floor plan Furniture – PART 1

Autocad 2D Basics – Tutorial to draw floor plan Furniture – PART 1

Hi guys, in this video I am going to show you a procedure to draw this shower plate step by step. to download this drawing with the measurements, click on the link in the description of the video and it will be easier to follow this tutorial The first thing I am going to draw
is the external border I am going to type “rec” to activate the command “rectangle” no, I click for entering the 1st point and then, I have to specify the coordinates of the opposite corner first, I type the distance in the X axis, which is 900mm then, I press “tab”
and finally I type for the Y axis,
which is again 900 because this is a square next step, I am going to draw the 2 concentric squares I show you here and for that, I will use the command “OFFSET” I am going to type “O” to activate the command “OFFSET” then, I have to specify the offset distance which
is 20 now I press enter
I click in the first rectangle and then, click inside of it then it remains another polyline remember that “rectangles” are still considered polylines so, I will click in the last object that I created and because my offset distance is 50 I will type “50” and press enter now, you can notice that the corners here
are rounded to do it, I will activate the command “Fillet”
the icon is over there then, if you look to the command bar you can see this option here that says polyline type “p” and press enter, to activate it by doing that, it will round all the edges of the polyline but it is important to specify the radius of the arcs so, I type “r” for radius at this moment it was specified as 70mm and I am going to type “50” to change it finally, I have to click on the polyline to round the corners so, I just need to keep drawing
and here you can use a bit of freestyle because what you draw inside, doesn’t matter a lot
when you are drawing furniture we will continue with this circle at the left-botton corner its center is located at 80mm from the sides and if I use the grid to help me where the edges of each small square measure 10 I can notice that is this point then, as the radius of the circle is “50”, I can click now then, the lines,
this is just decoration I will type “l” to activate the command line the first point, I can place it again as 80 mm from the sides and then I will type “500” to have the line with these measure I press escape for drawing the horizontal line,
I will be using a simple tecnique (with command “rotate”) I select the line as I want to rotate it around the centre of the circle I will click there, and then,
because I want to keep the original line I will type “c” for copy and I am going to place it here I click and that’s it for the diagonal line I activate the command line again just click where ever you want, it is freestyle I click for example, here and now I will show you how to create
a 45º line very easily go to the “polar mode” icon
click with the right button and you can tick here which angles you want to track I choose this option to track also 45º then, I return to the drawing and here, you can see the 45º is now tracked
with the green line appearing there I am going to click anywhere along the line I can press escape finally, I also draw a detail inside the circle, which is the drain you can see it here in the final drawing I am going to activate the command “circle” click on the centre of the first circle and this one, I draw it smaller
for example, with radius 20 and I click then, for the lines inside, I activate the command line click in the centre, and the first line I draw it with 45º also, you may notice that I am in a very high zoom and it’s getting hard to move the pointer when this happens I can switch off the snap mode for a moment (by clicking here) so, it is much easier to move around,
and I can click in this snap point for the intersection with the circle next, I will use the command line again and do the same, but for the other side to draw the same lines down, I can use this time
the command “mirror” I select the lines, press enter I select the center, and I draw a horizontal mirror line, to place them below after clicking, I press enter It was everything in this tutorial,
thank you very much for watching and if you haven’t done it yet,
subscribe my channel to watch all the other tutorials of Autocad, so they can be very useful for you thank you again and see you in the next video!


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