ARM Architecture Introduction: Cortex M0, Cortex M1, Cortex M3 & Cortex M4

ARM Architecture Introduction: Cortex M0, Cortex M1, Cortex M3 & Cortex M4

Hello, this is Laxmi Kant Tiwari. In this tutorial we will learn about the ARM Architecture
ARM is also known as Advanced RISC Machine, This processor is completely based on the RISC architecture. There are no of advantage of RISC over the CISC. RISC approach reduce the costs of hardware and it produces less heat than tradition x86 architecture and also it is power efficient. RISC architecture is also known as Load-Store Architecture, it means CPU cannot directly perform memory operation. For memory operation microcontroller have to first load desired memory location content in a registers then after CPU operation it can store the result through general purpose registers. ARM holdings does not manufacture products. It only develop the instruction set and architecture for ARM based products then it sells it in the form of IP to the Semiconductor manufacturing companies like TI, Phillips, ST etc. ARM microcontroller is the most widely used microcontroller in the world.
The company periodically releases updates to its cores. Current cores from ARM Holdings support a 64-bit address space and 64-bit arithmetic; The ARMv8-A architecture, announced in October 2011, adds support for a 64-bit address space and 64-bit arithmetic. Instructions for ARM Holdings’ cores have 32 bits wide fixed-length instructions, but later versions of the architecture also support a variable-length instruction set that provides both 32 and 16 bits wide instructions for improved code density Currently ARM processor/microcontroller have 32-bit as well as 64-bit architecture
Throughout this tutorial series when I use Byte it means 8 bits, half word means 16 bits and word means 32 bit. There are actually three instruction sets in modern ARM cores (such as the version 7 cores – A8, M3, and R4, and even the M1): execute for many hours do inspections
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