Architecture Students – BEST 5 LAPTOPS ( What you NEED TO KNOW) – 2020

Architecture Students – BEST 5 LAPTOPS ( What you NEED TO KNOW) – 2020

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looking for the best architectural laptops possible then this is the right
video for you so basically I’ve been looking at some other people’s videos so
what they do is they go and recommend some gaming laptops and they recommend
some slim laptops so what you’re gonna learn in this video is that is so wrong
you cannot get by with slim or gaming laptops as an architect okay so first
you gotta understand these people are recommending GTX graphics cards for
architects that is not the right choice go to author cards website and see the
recommended graphics cards from their own website and you will know what I
mean they recommend Quadro graphics cards and what you’re gonna find is that
Quattro graphics cards are fully supported for architects this means in
particular architectural software use Quadro graphics cards they need lots and
lots of cores more than any other niche out there so if you do video editing in
other stuff you might get along good with a normal graphics card and you
normally say to you however as an architect you would definitely try and
go for the Quadro graphics card it’s gonna give you so much more performance
than the normal ones so basically what you will find is that Quattro graphics
cards have much more cores than gtx graphics cards do they have much more
course now they are slower but they have many more you don’t care about the speed
of the cards as an architect you need as many cores as possible so let me explain
this to you simply let’s say you have a Lamborghini this lambhorghini can only
take two passengers it’s very fast but it can only hold two passengers Gaming
only needs two passengers as an example now let’s say autocad and get the
programs you would use as an architect they need six passengers so you can’t
get six passengers into a Lamborghini you’re gonna want to go for a bigger
part you want a car that can carry six people at the same time so you don’t
have to go and come back and go and come back and go so you want a bigger vehicle
and the Quadro is exactly that it has much more cores which can transport more
information at the same time so rendering is gonna be much faster
anything you do in the 3ds max program and AutoCAD programs are gonna be faster
than in normal graphics car and be aware of people recommending all trust in
laptops these do not work as an architect you can get an ultra-thin
laptop and you try render one project you are gonna boil the laptop it’s gonna
be have 100% CPU it’s gonna be overheating they’re not built for that
they are built for general daily use but for your purposes as an architect you
want a workstation laptop now I’m just gonna say one last thing the only time
you buy a gaming laptop is if you are buying a really cheap laptop if you are
going for a budget laptop as an architect the gaming laptops will work
better as a budget laptop because they don’t make cheap workstation laptops any
other case than this you will go for a workstation laptop for architects they
are always gonna win they have a lot of RAM which you definitely need and they
have CPUs with high cores they have lots of cores and they have lots of cores in
the GPUs the Quadro GPUs so let’s now begin with the best architecture laptops
for students so coming up in number five we have the
Dell g3 gaming laptop now as I mentioned before this is a gaming laptop because
there are no budget workstation laptops another option would be you could
definitely buy a used workstation laptop if you wanted a budget workstation
laptop now the specs on this laptop as a budget laptop are pretty amazing it has
pretty good specs for the budget it has a ninth generation Intel Core i7 9750
edge and it has 2.2 gigahertz up to four point one gigahertz the graphics card is
an nvidia gtx 1660 TI it also has eight gigabytes of RAM and it has 256
gigabytes of m2 nvme SSD storage and a one terabyte hard disk so that means
you’ve got plenty of space for your projects it also has a 15.6 inch display
Full HD and it’s also an IPS display IPS displays are generally one of the best
options you can go for because they usually have very wide viewing angles so
whatever angle you view the laptop from the color quality will not change okay
so now let’s talk about performance now if you are gonna be using this laptop
for big projects it’s not gonna work out well it will definitely do small
projects and 3ds max and AutoCAD it will definitely handle some small projects
however it will not handle big projects well because there will be too much
processing for it to do and it won’t be able to do it so this is definitely a
good option for a budget entry laptop that can make you do what you need and
you do the basics and like apply the things you learn however if you’re gonna
be working on pretty big projects and you want to do complex things I would
definitely recommend you invest a little bit more because this is not gonna do
what you need but if you don’t want to invest too much in an architecture
laptop and you just want to do some very light projects as you have an extremely
good maybe computer in your university then that’s fine and this is a good
option for you another cool thing about this laptop is it doesn’t have those
gamer aesthetics it looks neat and it will definitely work as a university
laptop or for as an architectural student you would definitely be using
this without having any problems given that as a gaming laptop means it is
gonna work better than a thin laptop because it won’t overheat
and it’s built to do some gaming so it’s a little bit better than a thin laptop
but going for a workstation laptop is definitely gonna be a better choice the
good thing with this laptop is it has a good price to performance ratio and has
it longer than average battery life so this is definitely a well-built classy
laptop from Dell and it will perform pretty well for its price it also has a
one-year warranty coming up in number four we have the
best mid budget option this is the Dell Precision 3530 now please note that all
these laptops are gonna have different specs so you could find this same laptop
with different specs so the best one I would recommend you go for is the one
that comes with an Intel Core i7 8750 H processor this is an eighth
generation i7 it is very good for your needs as an architect it has eight
gigabytes of RAM and it has 256 gigabytes of SSD SSDs are much faster
than HD DS and they are generally recommended for architects because they
will make your projects load faster and they will make life easier and the
graphics card is a 4 gigabyte NVIDIA Quadro P 600 ok now what do you need to
know about these workstation laptops is they are built to last they are
extremely upgradable and they are built like tanks so these can withstand your
daily use as an architect they can withstand heavy projects they can
withstand rendering for a full hour without overheating without having any
problems so these are generally the reasons why you would go for a
workstation laptop so it has 8 gigabytes of RAM they’re also upgradable you have
an upgrade option so I would definitely recommend that later on you upgrade the
RAM eight gigabytes is usually not enough for bigger projects it’s pretty
future-proof you could also upgrade the storage if you would like that and it
has an HD 1080p IPS panel as the last one so IPS powers have very true and
accurate colors and they have wide viewing angles so whatever angle you
view the laptop the color quality won’t change and this laptop comes with
Windows 10 now Dell made an amazing job of making this thing look pretty stylish
on the outside so when you’re close and you’re carrying
it looks pretty good but on the inside don’t expect much it is built for
performance and not for a look so if you all you want to do is show off your
laptop then you want to go for one of those slim laptops that don’t do
anything for your needs but this laptop is gonna be a very good high performance
laptop it also comes with a fingerprint reader there is also a kion processor
option that’s definitely a good option so if you go for the Aeon processor
version of this laptop that will also definitely be a good option
Zeon or the i7 version those are gonna be your best options this laptop will
definitely last through the most demanding tasks pretty easily it will
sell well over many other laptops in the price range so this laptop is very good
for rendering and any 3d modelling autocad rendering any types of software
you would use as an architect so if this will definitely satisfy your needs now
it’s a little bit heavy but that’s what he will expect from workstation laptops
they are built to perform so they’re a little bit heavy and they have all the
newest ports this laptop has all the newest ports so don’t worry about that
this laptop has a very nice keyboard it is extremely comfortable the keys have
deep travel which is very good it’s easy for typing so if you like typing a lot
and you need a lot of typing these will definitely be a good option for you the
keys are also also backlit and they are immensely satisfying to type on it also
lasted around 8 hours and 53 minutes of continuous web surfing while using Wi-Fi
so that’s pretty impressive so coming up number three we have the HP
Zen book studio x360 g5 this is the best two-in-one architecture laptop for
students so basically this packs a workstation laptop into a two-in-one
option so it’s mint it’s a studio laptop and it’s meant for
intense use the only downside with this thing it doesn’t have a quadrille
graphics card but you can’t expect anything if you want to get a 2 in 1
laptop it’s gonna happen a little bit less performance than it would if you
got a normal laptop but it definitely has pretty good performance it has an i7
hexa core CPU and i7 8750 the graphics is Intel GMA 3150
it has 16 gigabytes of RAM 512 megabytes of SSD storage and the
display is an amazing 4k Ultra HD display or you could also go for a 1080p
option put the 4k option is a nice option and it has extremely vibrant and
amazing looking colors and it comes with Windows 10 professional I can I can’t
stress this enough the display on this laptop is amazing it has a 4k very sharp
and extremely vibrant display it is also fully touch and you can use it with a
stylus pen it comes with a stylus pen which is very good for drawing what I
also forgot to mention is that this laptop has an option that comes with a
Quadro P 1000 DP you definitely go for the quadrille GPU if you can find it go
for the laptop with the quadrille GPU so this is an absolute powerhouse it has
all the features you would want in an everyday laptop while keeping all the
features of a workstation laptop it is the middle of both worlds and it does
both amazingly well so this is gonna be the best option for you if you want a 2
in 1 laptop and you want it to be pretty slim you don’t want it to be the
bulkiest thing in the world and you also want to have all the performance of a
workstation laptop this is the one and luckily for you it’s made for
architecture software so it’s gonna be very compatible with anything you do and
if we won’t have any problems it won’t overheat and it’s pretty good and don’t
forget the links of all these products are gonna be in the description this is
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we have the Lenovo ThinkPad P 72 this has the best specs for the price so this
is the one that’s gonna give you the biggest performance return on investment
so if you are all about the performance and you don’t care about looks and you
just care about having the best specs possible this is definitely the best
option for you it has an EIN 9 processor now there are many versions it has a
version that has an i7 it has an i-9 version and it has the exeunt version so
you definitely try go for the i9 of the key and if you can if you if it’s out of
your budget go for the i7 now the graphics card is amazing in this thing
it has an NVIDIA Quadro p2000 you could also go for other options it has other
options definitely try go for the higher number the RAM is 32 gigabytes or sick
in gigabytes storage is 512 gigabyte SSD and it displays 4k Ultra HD display or
you could also go for a normal 1080p option and it’s also an IPS panel which
means good color quality and the operating system is a Windows 10
professional Edition okay now I can’t lie to you this laptop is not the most
modern looking laptop but it’s gonna give you the best performance you could
possibly dream up so if you are all about the performance and you want the
best performance possible definitely go for this device it has the best
performance you could possibly get and you have all the options of all budget
ranges so you could get definitely go for a mid-range high range very high
range all the options on this laptop are all gonna be suited very well for
architectural software so don’t hesitate to just go with the one that suits your
budget it has many different options but also keep in mind that the higher you go
the more performance you get it’s a really the best thing about the software
is it’s extremely user upgradeable so these things are built like tanks they
are built to last forever there that’s the purpose of these laptops they are
built to last through a lifetime and they’re very afraid able so you could
definitely go for as long a period as you want with these laptops now this
laptops upgradable is that you can get up to 128 gigabytes of RAM on this and
you can top it off with the beefiest NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards so this is
the easiest laptop to upgrade in the future and will certainly last you
longest out of all the options here so if you’re looking for something that’s
gonna last you 10 years plus and it’s gonna last you for your when you land a
job and for your future this is definitely gonna be the best option so
if you want something to throw on your teachers face this is definitely the
best laptop to do so it is nice bulky and sturdy and heavy so you can
definitely knock out a teacher with this soon
I’m just joking man chill out you don’t want to kill your teacher so the only
downside room is locked up it has a five-hour battery life
however workstation laptops suck up a lot of juice out of the battery
they have very they use a lot of electricity to give you the performance
you need so they don’t usually have amazing battery lives another cool thing
is this laptop is VR certified so if you’ve ever been interested in VR and
playing VR games this is VR certified and don’t be thinking that workstation
laptops can’t play games they can definitely play games without any
problems they’re just more focused on the architecture which you need and it
will give you the extra boost of performance that you need up in number
one we have the HP Z book 17 d5 this is the best high-end architectural laptop
now this laptop is very bulky however they managed to keep it looking nice so
this has an Intel Core i nine 8150 HK processor you could also go for the CM
processor or an i7 processor the graphics card is in NVIDIA Quadro P mm
or P 600 or others the rom is 32 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes this storage
is 512 gigabytes of SSD we could also go for 256 gigabytes SSD or it could go for
one terabyte of SSD the display is a 4k Ultra HD display and that’s pretty
amazing it has an IPS 4k display with Windows 10 professional so the HP’s
ebook is gonna be the best laptop you could possibly get it has mind-blowing
performance and it has an extremely vibrant powerful 4k display it feels
like you have a piece of gold in your hands so performance is amazing on this
thing it’s built to eat anything you throw at it so don’t worry it will work
on the biggest projects you have ever done without any problems this is the
kind of laptop that’s gonna last you a lifetime you’re gonna be using it for
your work for your university for everything and what’s cool about this
thing is it looks pretty nice the looks are dope other students are gonna grow
envious when they see you use this thing it’s gonna eat down any program you
so this laptop is the definition of a beast it looks like a beast it’s as big
as a beast and it performs like a beast this has every port you are gonna need
it has the all the newest port so the house wonder what three port this has a
headphone jack it has an HDMI in mini DisplayPort it has anything you need now
the reason why this is a beast and I keep calling it a beast is because it’s
also military-grade tested for durability so this thing is bulletproof
it is built to last so you can definitely drop it a few times without
having any problems the display is amazing and the 4k display has very
sharp colors and they’re very rich and vibrant so this beautiful display is the
closest you will get to a theater like experience now what’s so cool about this
thing is they’re extremely confident with their products and it comes with a
three-year warranty with on-site repair services so this is definitely one of
the most future-proof laptops you could possibly get and it’s built extremely
well and it’s gonna last you a lifetime it’s a big investment but it’s something
you won’t ever have to worry about again and you’ll be using this beast when you
start working with a company so you invest upwards of 40,000 on education so
why not invest some on your main tool as an architect your main tool is gonna be
your laptop so don’t make the mistake of keeping out and then it’s gonna break
down and then you’re gonna have to buy another one and that’s not gonna be good
make sure to share this video is any architect friends you have don’t let
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questions you have ask anything you want in the comments I’m gonna answer you as
fast as I possibly can you


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