Annabelle 3 Poster Unlocks the Warrens' Dangerous Den of Demonology & Witchcraft

Warner Brothers has released a brand-new poster for Annabel comes home the third installment of the spin-off series in their conjuring universe when the conjuring proved to be a huge it back in 2013 the studio couldn't get a spinoff in the works fast enough they decided to Center that movie on the creepy possessed doll end even though the first installment of this franchise left a lot to be desired the sequel Annabel creation was a major improvement one can hope this third installment follow suit and this poster offers our latest look at what is essentially going to be the horror version of Night at the Museum peculiarly this Annabel free poster doesn't feature the titular doll on it at all instead it shows the door to Ed and Lorraine warms creepy artifacts room which warns not to touch anything unfortunately the door is cracked open with some foreboding light and smoke billowing out spoiler alert somebody touched everything beyond that the poster just wants to make it clear that this is part of the conjuring universe in this case we actually get the return of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the warns for the first time since the conjuring 2 in 2016 Annabel comes home centers on demonologists Edie and Lorraine Warren who are determined to keep the doll from wreaking more havoc so they bring her to the locked artifacts room in their home placing her for safekeeping behind sacred glass while also taking the extra precaution of utilizing a priest holy blessing but an unholy night of horror awaits the horns ten-year-old daughter Judi McKenna grace and her friends as the doll is set loose and awakens a host of Horrors locked within this room the studio has ramped up their efforts within this horror themed universe as of late not only do they have this movie coming down the pipeline this year but the curse of La Llorona which debuts in theaters this month was also revealed to be a conjuring move when it premiered at SXSW last month not only that but the conjuring 3 is set to begin filming very shortly under the direction of Michael James who helmed the curse of La Llorona James Wan who directed the first two installments of the main franchise has decided to step back and remain on as a producer this comes after the nun despite not being a hit with critics to say the least managed to score a series best three hundred sixty-five million dollars take at the box office last year needless to say if things keep going this well we should expect to see more spin-offs coming our way in the future maybe we'll finally hear some solid information about the Crooked Man Annabel comes home is set to hit theaters on June 28th from Warner Brothers a new line

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