Anantya & Anaya PRETEND PLAY with Doctor Set ..  | #Playhouse #Review #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Anantya & Anaya PRETEND PLAY with Doctor Set .. | #Playhouse #Review #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Ok! I am coming.. All are ready are you too love to play Doctor Doctor like this yeah this is ours today’s toy “Doctor’s set hit Like if you’ve liked the video and get this video to 50,000 LIKES He has high fever ok let me examine him deep breathing…. his heart beat rate is too serious Definitely he is suffering with fever and I’ll give you a prescription This prescription will help you and these are medicines you need to mix it with food & he will recover soon will he Get well soon?? sure but you need to examine him monthly Doctor give him an injection ok lets move towards the examine table pls give him milk wow he stops crying ok I am giving you a prescription for him you need to apply the powder to that injected area Have this for your Baby Doctor plz make him well but I am a child Specialist plz…. Give it an Injection I am leaving with it Doctor she got injured how?? fallen down from a swing oh.. first lets stop this bleeding is this hurting her?? No.. you know what you need to do if bleeding occurs further at home No Doctor then apply this medicine this stops bleeding Now take her at home and make her sleep soon Really I enjoyed a lot I treated patients are you too want to play these type of games with your sister or friends…. and I have played it with my sister and I really enjoyed a lot If you want to buy this Doctor’s play set check out the Link in the Description Box and we’ve bought it from Hamleys how did you like this video?? hit LIKE if you’ve enjoyed the video also SUBSCRIBE to our channel ToyStars

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