American Fried Rice – Bacon & Egg Fried Rice with Michael's Home Cooking

well today I'm going to make some fried rice I'm going to use some soy sauce sesame oil mushrooms here's my leftover rice now a penny Oh bacon eggs garlic peas and carrots and some onions let's get going I've been heating my pan over medium-high heat I'm going to add some just vegetable oil to the pan just to coat that pan a bit I'm going to add some bacon well my Bacon's fried about four minutes maybe maybe five minutes I've been trying to pay attention I'm going to take it out get all the bacon out I don't know if I've told you yet that this is what I'm going to call American fried rice I have a subscriber his name is Kent something with some numbers he was like a subscriber back five years ago and maybe three years ago he asked me to make this my version of fried rice and so I finally decided to do it and we want to take and drain most of the oils off because we don't need that I think I'm gonna drain it all off because there's some Dark One get most of the dark off darks specs put some oil back in alright add mushrooms we'll fry these mushrooms up well the mushrooms have been going for about 6 minutes it's taken them a while I really want to kind of brown them up and make them kind of go I'm going to add the garlic 6 cloves of garlic that I sliced up and I'm going to add the jalapeno and you know you don't have to add the chili the jalapeno this is kind of like meatloaf you can make it any way you want you just try to give you ideas you know this could be for breakfast lunch or dinner this is going to be my meal I'm just going to fry this up for like one more minute now that garlic is fragrant and I'm going to add my eggs my two eggs I kind of mix them up a little bit add those to the pan just like that and here's the peas and corn and the rice this crisis leftover it's fairly cold it was in the refrigerator on night serve this round kind of break it up it gets kind of clumpy the rice it's kind of clumpy just want to warm it up and here comes the soy sauce and I'm going to stir this around quite a bit for like a couple minutes spend about two minutes I've been trying to break up the rice and it's almost there and the pan still fairly hot I want to turn it down to medium from medium high to medium I'm going to add the onions stir both in add the bacon back in we're just going to stir this around for a minute or two a couple minutes we're ready to plate I've stirred it around ballade minute add just a little bit of sesame oil just a little bit oh you can add more I don't like a whole lot I like the flavor just a little bit and the onions are starting to wilt let the sit here for about another minute or two ready to plate I have some plated and I forgot to add sugar to it so I'm going to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on there I would add two teaspoons of sugar there at the last last part I could have added that not showing a bit so I'm just going to add some right on the plate oops that's good I really like it mmm it's great for lunch thanks so much for watching

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