AllPro Home Improvement – Every Customer Deserves an Amazing Project Experience – The Romingers

the Rominger were in search of a door that would allow their pets to go in now the house and honest I didn't know who to contact I'm not a box store guy I don't really like the the kind of service and products that you get from there so after I met cliff at all-pro and and Sam then I definitely talked to him about it him come down and measure and it was uh it was a great experience from from front to front back on the first meeting meeting the dogs I was able to see that they were in special need of something that had a low threshold for them to be able to navigate the pet door any of the doors that we had seen at some other retail stores you could not customize and obviously with their little legs we weren't able to get a door where the doggy door was I think most of them were four inches off the ground which wasn't going to work so the fact that you guys could lower the door so that they were able to get in and out was amazing this was a great experience you know we've had our custom doggie door now for a while so we have probably forgotten how it was before we had the doggie door but you know now that we're having this conversation and remembering some of the things like the Flies and and the dogs just constantly wanting to go in and out on a nice Saturday when we just kind of want to relax it has been a it's been a real game-changer I mean it's it's it's basically made our quality of life better it's made our dog's quality of life better and so we are extremely happy that we found all pro and got this door taken care of should have done years ago yeah

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