hey guys it's me Allison and you're watching sister forever and today I want your doing a room tour and now it's finally time a room has been complete for a little while but we've been very busy so it's finally other day to show you guys my final and complete room tour so before going on to the room tour the shadows – and all of my social needs be on screen and also linked in the description so I'm going to be nice ten seconds to subscribe to our channel both of our channels like this video and comment on below what is your favorite thing about my room once or done watching this video maybe the color my really made my bed just comment hash tag whatever you like like hash tag of the elephant I pick everything in this room else while I'm on kind of helped me but I made the decisions what I should get so so good guys I subscribe to sister forever blogs you guys have policies mostly everything in this room on which shopping for it like piggy banks and I've done a few hauls of what I have got and I'm pretty sure and if you guys watch the blog channel that's probably see like a little pieces of my room but isn't the final complete room tour and I'm showing a nice where everything's from and this video is very requested so pick that notification bell so you'll be notified every time I upload a new video I'm going to be showing you guys where everything's from if I remember so yeah I only do this video so you guys might go check that out the link to the description if it's post give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and also give it a thumbs up if you guys want to see a house tour stay tuned for that six five four three two one comment below hashtag forever family if you did all those things so now let's get on with the video so here is my door and right next to my door okay maybe wants me to come in okay so right next to my door is the door to Emily's room and also in front of my door is a room it's just an air conditioning room which has balloons in it but that doesn't matter so medium of them are right next to each other my mom wanted us to have the rooms together like right next to each other so we've got to pick which side we wanted so let's go into your room so the first thing you see when you walk into my room is the light switches one turns off the power in my room and the other one turns off and on the fan and the lights so this is where you walk the remote controller to not turn off and on the fan and the light bulbs because we cannot reach all the way up there so we have this remotely handy thing it's very nice and also right when you walk in I have two jeweler quarters one this tan pink and then once this is white we bought this in five below image and eggs the deal where we bought decorations for our house in that video dimension inscription so I have chokers this is one so I just have a bunch of chokers because on a Christmas party I got these chokers so I just put them here and also I have a sunglass case with a pair of sunglasses that I dropped on a future so over here is my closet so if you open this side of my closet you see shorts some shirts right here these are my off the shoulder and like my summer ones I have my softball pants that I drew war in forever I have all of my shoes that are just put here so they won't be everywhere and come back here I have my fancy gesso I have this one that I wore to one of my mom's friends graduations is her daughter's graduation you guys probably seen some pictures on Instagram if you guys don't follow us already there's my graduation dress so if you guys wanna go see that video where I graduated it'll be in the description down below and over here I don't have anything because I clean it off this morning that's at the stay tuned for the vlog to see what I did and how I clean my room also I have my suitcase this is my ninja damaged suitcase that I'm bringing to LA so by this time as video is how we're probably maybe in LA it depends when we post it hopefully we're in LA my down the video stick and I also have this handy dandy little it's like a let me pull all those fanny pack but it's like fancier and it's my suitcase I got actually max is super cute and summery so if you open my other side we have more on my wintry casual clothes we have all of my shirts from romwe Ross cuz I think where most of these shirts are from this one from LA when my mom went she got me this from itching them so these are all my closet clothes and then right here this morning I put this in here it's my backpack and it has two little buckles because just buckled it right there because it was up here so over here I have all of my jackets and I also have my mom's pink opener Canon had that much until I lit cram them back here and then down here huh come down here so on the top of this little dresser being a it's a mini dresser that I got at Target I have my graduation shoes actually these were my graduation shoes these are my party shoes that I went to someone's graduation with and the belt that I wore that night here I have my jeans all of my pairs of jeans and some school shirts that we're giving away then I still have here for some reason their mama that I finish and then here I have all the clothes this is my fourth of July outfit if you guys saw that video where we bought fourth of July outfits this is my fourth of July outfit and it's super cute in here I just have a bunch of casual clothes and clothes that I don't wear so often and then the other drawer oh my gosh this is just a junk drawer I just have school supplies and a bunch of junk in here everybody has a jump to our call number love to do I'm pretty sure everybody does and then right next to my closet I have this hangers just angry than my grandpa put up I have a hatch my mom was guarding this the other day and this is just a mini purse that we got from the $50 Claire's challenge that we've linked in the description and this mini backpack that I got from one of my sponsors I'm pretty sure I just keep them here so if we go to the mall I just like the mini parts of my room I have a nice hand over here I originally had one night stand it was the black marble one but I did not like that I'm getting that one back and we got two these ones they're from Target and they're white and half of this gold handle and in here I just have my under clothes underwear yeah so this is what my mom bought me it's broken I don't know how it broke but it just broke one day and in here I have I always get like take off tags and just put them in here so I have this light since my lights don't work and sometimes to turn this on at night see I'm this is what I'm telling you I just take off tags and put them in here so I have some Claire's earrings and I have some hair ties and these are the pin like the finger clips for the Polaroids and then I have all of my Polaroids right here so yeah that's what I have in there and I don't know where my mom bought this out would you buy this my mom bought this at Burlington so I didn't know she died for me until one day and this candle is from Target and the scent is fresh berry and let me see how it smells so I haven't smelled this in a long time it's actually pretty good smelling and also have this little tray for water and I just put this on top of it this nice skin doesn't really have a lot but the next one I promise you it does so here we are at the next nightstand I have where the term target has three little slots so you can put things it has the charger like if you don't want to use the cube you just have the charger cord and they also have to plug in the cube so has both of those and then it has two slots right here to put things so I have my glasses that I use at night I have these brushes that I got from the doing makeup with five below thumbs and I'll have a pencil in there and then these are also from the five below makeup challenge so we have the eyeshadow palette in the highlight palette and this is what I made in our class my clay project it's really dumb but I just have it in here and also another one of those little trains for water in my phone and I just charge my phone here at night and then in here I have my eyeglass case I have socks this is my sock chiller I don't have that much I have band-aids this is the back of my remote controller I dropped it the other day and it came off but I didn't remember to pick it up so Coco bought it kind of chewed it up and had to take it away from him so this is the back of my remote controller keep it in here so this is my second nightstand and before we get onto the bed which is like the best part of my room above both of my nightstands I have these two frames above each nightstand I'm pretty sure I bought these at t.j.maxx or HomeGoods one of those and they're super cute I used to have my bed the opposite way around but now it's this way so the nightstand is right under the frame so before I get onto the bed don't watch the bed watch what I'm showing you now so I have this chair I'm pretty sure we got this from TJ Maxx so it's just this fluffy chair and sometimes we just sit here to do music please and it's right under my window so this is the view from my room I get the view of our drug way and the little tables and the lake and basically the only ribbon on my chair I had this little trip this used to be in our bathroom but I moved it here because their bathroom with very cluttered so on my tray I just have this Polaroid that I got for my birthday and my room was originally supposed to be pink gray white but I decided to add some pops of color so I had my blue Polaroid my beats and my phone case because I changed it out with the pink one and this trace from Target we're not gonna go to the bed – the bed is the last thing and over here is just like a little area and it has this frame that says we are blessed is this why it's supposed to be in a living room or something just have it in my bedroom just from a reminder and right next to that I have my full-length mirror so like you can check yourself out in the mirror and next to that I have might see this dance and my cheese in this drawer I have all of my summary shirts and pajamas this one has my shorts this one's very cool cuz it's summer it's Florida we had a lot of shorts down here I have all my oversized shirts and some shirts that I never wore here I have my leg workout summer tank tops shirts and here I have all my leggings and sweatpants this one is Chanel bag and I just took a shadow and I colored it with this like tan is an ombre and in it I have my lipsticks oh my god I didn't know this was not fun is that behind the I was show you guys I have this little space thing that I did with the eyeshadows I was really born and I think it's actually pretty cute because I like the colors no GI wine and right above it I have this pink piggy bank that is an elephant my grandma actually got this for me but I picked it out when we went to home goods and I don't think we have any money in there as you for decoration pierre i have this frame that I got from TJ Maxx and I have a picture of me ins of anomie and Johanna and this other picture I have no clue what it was it was in the mirror and I was horrible and then I have this ice crystal lights up but I turned it on for like the first month every day I never turned it off so it got really glitchy and I just decided to turn it off and use it as decoration on me and then right at the bottom I have this little mini backpack and expose our wondering what's in this little mini backpack in here I have all of my poor Lloyd things I have the case that go on top the little frames that book all of the stuff and right above my CV I have this clock it's really pretty it's like a bronze rose gold having it's super adorable I bought this clock at Rose and now moving on to the best part of my room my god mom this is where I am most the time when I'm in my room so I have this throw blanket this is from Target it's with an it throw blanket I wanted to get the ones that are really big and chunky but this one is most comfortable how they say it because it's really hot where we live so if you want a big chunky blanket and that's up north so I have this comforter it is a whole bed so I have this comforter from I think Rose or teaching max so yeah I'm pretty sure it was teaching max and I had this pillow this is from Target it says rosy pillow and it's super duper to use so we went to Sam's one day and we were shopping and we saw these pillows so I got two great ones it's like the weirdest place to go the core shopping but I did that and then I lost my sheets from TJ Maxx as well so these are my pillows I also got these from Santos because we need some new pillows you ever wonder Superfly this this is from TJ Maxx I wanted to get one for my months ago but I could never that I liked that was for my bed size so I decided to get this one so there was a do my morning like these little patches of holes and like it looks really fancy so this is why I wanted it up and like this and then we found it so there's only a hundred dollars so we just snatched it right up so this is like an overview of my bed so we're actually fine I get it really messy and then I make it in the morning bye guys hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below because I like my room and use the hashtag and calm down below what's your favorite thing in my room as I said in the beginning of the video if you guys like everything just comment below hashtag we love it Ali and I'll see you guys next time bye

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