ALDIK Home's Designer Brad Schmidt shows us how to use ribbon when decorating a Christmas tree

[Laughter] today I'm going to try to make it simple not overly complicated but gorgeous how to do a tree and my specialty is the ribbon which alec is known for their gorgeous ribbon selection and from Donna Stephens we have a couple other brands but the D Siemens ribbon is beautiful so I want to talk a little bit about this tree it's a seven and a half a grand spruce tree it's got a thousand 50 lights this tree is really special because there are branches that are sturdy easy to assemble and there's holes where you can really put all those great unique items a big ol ornaments in it what I'm gonna start without further ado I'm going to start with my first ribbon layer okay I'm pretty particular about this so I'm mixing a white and gold palette together and what I'll do is I usually just keep always keep the rolls so we're gonna start by holding them together okay I'm holding my hand here I'm gonna do a couple loops see like that can everybody see okay okay we're gonna do that and I'm gonna do what I call a three topper and when I do these I use florist wire so I'm gonna put two pieces for the top okay we're gonna wrap that around like so I think I'm tall enough being six three I can reach it without a little ladder and I'm gonna nestle that in here and anchor it okay so once that's anchored see how beautiful that looks together just that rich gold in that rich black and then what's is anchored we're gonna want to continue we don't want to cut it yet we want to continue that in the tree and we'll finish the top later and we're going to start with really showing you the techniques of getting ribbon so we want to go from left to right right to left I'm going to work on this side first three rolls of 10 yards each would be sufficient for a seven-foot tree to really make it festive so when I go in to the tree on this I can see this and I'll show you over there I attach it with the pine I don't use I'm not using the floor a while because these are these bent and it makes it easier when you take it apart and then I'm going to use another piece and then we're gonna make like another bow and then I'm gonna come this way out not flat out and then we're gonna go back into the tree so we get that dimension which is really important okay I just love the colors together and then here I'm going to do a couple loops and we're going to it says no well I'm trying to be able to see you can barely see it but I want the words to be – on the musical ribbon and I'm just gonna do a couple loops for variation so then what I'm gonna do is we're gonna just roll this right up okay at an angle real clean like the croissant girl so pretty that is and then we're gonna do the same thing but I'm gonna do just a nice roll here for the musical note and then they layer together okay step 1 now let's go to the other side see you guys can see what they got see okay we're getting our topper built and here's another secret if you don't want to use for a wire I'm showing you a couple techniques there's another also that PVC we can anchor it in just like tada it's pretty seriously and it's hot there tell them they're pretty well so that's really nice and then we wanted to be the same thing I bring it in here sometimes I go in and finish it and my callers at button finish where it's kind of like vocal and then we're gonna bring it again we want to come this way because we have ribbon going through their stellar you gonna help me and bring it through bring it through so it's flowy we don't have to overload it but we really want it just to stand out so beautiful what do you guys think of the showroom this year I really okay good I love it we had a big great first of all everyone worked very hard on it and it was we did august/september and I thought it came out beautiful it's a great big wonderful experience lots of goodies if you can't find it here you can't find it anywhere so we're gonna continue with the same movement of the ribbon slowly flow it doesn't have to be perfectly to keep going a different line and it's just gorgeous we're gonna bring it in like so and I'm just hooking it to the wire in the tree okay yeah just like that [Applause] and that rich gold not black musical note living is so pretty together you know I make I make this look easy but people struggle with ribbon and that's one of my specialties so I try to make it so you can understand why it looks better when you go inside the tree to give it that movement and then I'm just gonna go ahead and take these off get rid of that one that one and at the end we're gonna want to seal it come back this way a little bit and we're gonna anchor it at the bottom and then again Chris thought roll start rolling it and then start angling it just like a little candy scroll roll I call it croissant and gives it that finishing touch and then we'll just roll this up even look how nice that layering us get that special and it looks like an ornament so that makes it really special and my scissors here we start with the ribbon then we'll do the floral this beautiful 2 inch 1.5 inch okay this is accent rhythm so what I'm gonna do is just bring in some of the metallics and I'm not even gonna put a wire on it I'm gonna go in again inside the tree and use that soft pine that we were talking about and anchor it just like this and it's so beautiful on this green tree the color looks so good pops and it's still natural and elegant I just keep my ribbon Cara keep it down just keep it on the roll and I try not to cut in here because we do sell it by the yard so we try to not to cut it at the store but you're more than welcome at home cut 10 5 yard pieces whatever you want if it makes it easier for you yeah so then we're going to just come over here we'll continue and then I've got the solid that I'm just going to just do something kind of fun with this and we're gonna anchor this here at the top [Applause] okay a couple loops and then when I do if I bend it in and bend it in look at that okay and we have any put ornaments on it oh yeah so we're gonna bring it in but it's just so showy bring it in bend it bring it in and then you can bend it and is it kind of a modern chic look same one that I layered single one just for accent I'll bring it in and we'll bring it in and I'll do another one and then we can just have some fun with it here at the bottom okay again fold it in hold it in gives it that unique touch so I usually start with these kind of lights I'll start from the top so they have long enough courts where you can you know so we'll all this would be you know hidden later on that were just doing a three sided tree so I'm gonna come over here and do it on this side it's you guys got to see it and I'll just anchor over there it just brought a lot of life to the tree just on that side so I'll start at the top again look at that up up lights best if you to fall romantic fantastical holiday chair foot gorgeous I'm telling you guys alec is the best for Christmas and they always have the most amazing lights and trees they're new men trees are incredible easy to decorate easy to set okay so now we're gonna wrap that around okay so then I just want to pop in a little bit of champagne color okay we're mixing mixed metals so I've got the champagne pegs I'm not going to give it a headdress but we're gonna give it a a topper so we're just gonna do a little bit here a little bit here a little bit over here like so so these icicle branches have actually been in the industry for years they've improved them over the years they're gorgeous they pick up the light they pick up everything they really just enhance the tree aren't they beautiful and then you want to make sure you bring one high enough up do that just flowing you can put one over here you want to make sure you're balancing everything and then we'll bring one down here okay now I saw these don't call me crazy but I love up so I'm gonna use a couple they're so pretty yeah so we're gonna do one over here okay we're gonna add one over here and this guy back over here bring one over here okay I've got gold what we call amaranthus gogo is not gorgeous so I'm gonna let what I do normally is I'll hook the branch because people have kids and dogs and animals and once it's hooked he doesn't come out so you won't have to worry about playing with it so yeah you want to hook that branch and put it in there and again we're balancing out the gold colors laying it over the branch just like so so then I have these great little white picks which are really cool so we're gonna just get a little touches to touch it you have what we call a micro clutter so it's just micro glitter and they're like a little just a little you know micro glitter lemon leaf and we're putting it into you and that gives a little bit of pop see how the floral balance is the color it's nice it's pretty and I'm just showing you how you can make it pop and then I've got the beautiful magnolias so these are these are white phlox okay beautiful white flock Magnolia so what this is a flocking process and when they make these they use a machine and they a paint actually hand painting at Palmers glue on each pedal and then they have a machine that throws the flocking and then there's a second process where they put the micro glitter on it and it makes it holiday yeah yeah and so they're pretty so we're gonna have some of these guys I thought you'd like that pretty pretty pretty own this to anchor those in these are good because these nestled inside the tree and a lot of people are afraid of white and gold and black you know look how elegant it looks specially on a natural tree so then we have these beautiful roses so as an accent I thought not another Magnolia we could bring in some of the roses and what I do with this kind of stops groups of three bend them like that they're really easy to bend and you've got a little bouquet just like that just a few you know it makes it easy just bet this this is really soft just bend them like that and then we have little bouquets in your tree which is really pretty we haven't even ordered have the padded the armas I'm gonna do an elegant ornament this black forget the Arnaz okay but we got ordinates but I just want to show you how important this is okay okay so like gold elegance very trendy and since chanel is a show-off and everything is black and gold last year we saw a lot of it implanted Alice it's really big so we're gonna add the bike to soften it up it's bolt we're adding these ice balls first I always start with my larger ornaments first and then we go from large to small 120 millimeter then we'll go to 100 millimeter and 80 millimeter I try to go for a larger small that way you just and like kind so you put the same one I put all of them at the same time so when you're decorating all these going first then the same one all these going next don't just this one and then that one you're gonna get a better balance and your she's gonna look more even we have the beautiful solid black ornaments we stopped see and these are really going to enhance the tree and bring that black and gold together like several different ones but I really like these these kind of joy you know I'm sure your metrical shape so we're gonna start with these first no they're glass that's what I think I just broke lunch don't say it and on my page I uh-huh but now we're gonna put these right in the end that's why I love this tree I love ornaments to hang straight I can't stand this I can't stand it it just drives me crazy so it's like I see a tree in there like this is that way this is that way straight and elegant so if you can just take or you can take a wire and cut the string off it makes it so more beautiful and your eye everything is just delicate that's why this particular Grands spruce tree is so great for decorating I mean that's just a designer being picky but I'm if you wire them in clusters I'm okay with it yeah that always looks great but they're just so pretty by themselves and I'm gonna go ahead and start putting the black ones on these are really great they're very very pretty put the one here I'm gonna put one over here and then what I love doing is clustering so when I cluster I take this I fastened it lon oh just like that okay for the top I like that and then we just nestled in there like so and wrap that wire around there I can get it nice and tight around the top of that behind the wire okay and then now we've got these flat white beautiful aren't they gorgeous and I like hanging them on the tips so we're just gonna have a few more here at the bottom and we're gonna wrap that off a little bit more I'm gonna bring this up over here and we can bring wine in this direction over here type okay now a couple little bit more surprise for you guys a few more ornaments so then what I love to do because we sell these beautiful candles which everybody loves but ours are really special because we have the flameless safe and they flicker they come in these boxes I and they come with remotes and I know you're all familiar with them there's all over the market but alec has the really special ones that change flicker so what I like to do is take these candles wrap it around trapping the tree and then it's anchored and and you can do a dozen you can do five you can do three and then just curl your ribbon and this make it really beautiful like that and then you've got those in your tree just like these different Williamsburg in all those other places not beautiful and you just use that one and a half inch ribbon makes it really really really pretty so you want to tie it first okay tying it first not that it hasn't been done before but it's so pretty and then you want to find a nice little area to put it on and then you anchor it in and just curl that curl that curl they're not gonna burn anything and there you are happy holiday you

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  • aaberry90

    April 14, 2019

    This man is a Genius! I LOVE the way he trims trees. He did some videos for Balsam Hill a couple of years ago. He is so gifted!


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