Aldik Home – Decorating The Top Of Your Tree With Ribbon.

making a bow with ribbon for the top of your tree is a great way to set off your tree of course I'm using a small tree right now so the size of your bow should coordinate with the size of your tree so I'm using a smaller bow on top of the tree if your tree is all the way around you might want to think about putting two bows on the top front and back side to side when putting the bow on the tree I take a little bit of wire and I attach it to the top of the tree and this would be the appropriate size for this size tree which I believe is a four and a half and then I would take the same ribbon and I would coordinate it down the tree as well too to keep the color the same and I would make the same kind of tails coming down dripping and then when you start your ribbon for your tree you can start it right underneath the bow and start to work down if you're not comfortable making your own bow for a tree topper please know that here at albick we have a lot of pre-made bows they have quite a wide selection of many different colors many different sizes and you can purchase them if there's not enough of them you can ask one of our designers to make one for you as well two to custom-make you one no problem we'd be more than happy to do that all of us designers here are artists we can custom make a bow for you we can attach any adornment we can make your tree as custom as you like combining as many ribbons and colors as you would like when you walk out of our back you could be rest assured you are walking out with something special custom gorgeous and made especially for you [Applause] [Applause] you

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  • Garet Field-Sells

    April 15, 2019

    Joanne is the best designer at Aldik! Love her! So talented!


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