Acrylic pour vase – green and yellow spring decoration

Acrylic pour vase – green and yellow spring decoration

Hey guys in this video we will personalize a vase with our own design. For this we will use the acrylic pouring technique on contact paper. This is what we call an Acrylic Skin Sticker. You will find a list of material and a link to my book in the description below. Here you see how the contact paper is prepared. First of all, tape the edges of the contact paper on a stiff ground then gently roughen it with sandpaper. Put a base layer of acrylic color mixed with pouring medium on top and let it dry. Here, I’ve used yellow and green acrylic color. I’ve added some glitter to the wet paint then let it dry. Now the surface can be used like a normal canvas. For more information about the Acrylic Skin Stickers and the basic techniques of acrylic pouring, please watch my tutorial or read my book. Now we come to the actual paint pouring process. I’m beginning by spreading some fluid medium for a better flow of the following colors. Then I’m adding the other colors. For the swipe technique, I’m using a white paint mixture. You can see me going mad with this piece. The black color was way too much so now it looks like a big piece of mud. Therefore I’m scraping everything off again. Here’s the second attempt. Again, I’m starting with pouring medium. This time I’m keeping the colors light. Some drops of blue acrylic ink. By torching you can create bigger cells. Some green glitter in the end and that’s it. Let the Acrylic Skin Sticker dry for about two days then clean the surface from silicon oil rests. Then cut out the sticker and remove the protection paper on the back. Now you can apply the sticker to your vase. The form I’ve got on this vase is a bit tricky. I’m using a sharp knife to cut the edges. Here we’ve got some little air bubbles. Just cut a hole inside and press the air out with your fingers. Feel free to cover the vase completely, but I like it to be partially transparent. That’s how the finished vase looks like. The light green and yellow colors will bring a fresh look to your home. With some flowers inside you’ve got a perfect spring decoration. If you liked this idea and my video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. In the next videos you will see new ideas about how to use the acrylic skin stickers. So please subscribe to my channel. Have fun painting and see you next time!

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  • Gayle Richmond

    March 9, 2019

    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question but how can you torch the paint if it is on contact paper? Do you have to be careful to keep the flame above the paint? Thank you for sharing more of your skin stickers.


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