Acrylic Bathroom Remodeling – The Bath Company

I'm here at 7:02 for North University here in our showroom and this is one of our 10 different bathroom displays we have in our showroom this is acrylic and a lot of people ask the question what is it kerlick what's it all about well here it is so this is one of our colors is called almond white marble we have 20 different variations of acrylic their price 3 main differences what people choose acrylic over anything else number one is install time if you have a one bathroom house you don't want to be without a bathroom for too long so we can install a system just like this or exactly like this in one day and so turnaround time is very fast you're not waiting a week or two to finish your bathroom and take a shower second thing is it's super easy to clean this material we can make it smooth it's resistant to all the stuff the gunk the soaps all that stuff's going to stay clean over time and if you do clean it when you do clean it it's really easy to clean third thing its lifetime warranty so all the materials you see in here the shower base the walls the design options the corner caddies lifetime guaranteed against cracks and staining and smol it's a beautiful product because those things and that's why a lot of people choose it

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