A well-equipped scullery keeps this kitchen clutter-free and welcoming

the advantage of a scullery for my clients is that they can use this room in so many different ways they can use it to hide the mess of a dinner party after they've been entertaining and all those dishes are sitting there on the table they can put them on a tea cart wheel it into there shut the door and not have to deal with that until later they can do the kind of activities that create odors and could be obnoxious and spread throughout the house they can do self-cleaning or broiling and they can turn on an extractor fan and close the doors and not have that issue especially if they're preparing things like this they have an abundance of storage easily seen because the open shelving lets them survey what they have and get out of it quite easily so it's a concept that I think should have more more prevalence in the industry and I think it's coming because if the kitchen becomes a living room the desire to be able to separate mess and to have ability to use the kitchen in a simpler way is going to drive that you

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