55 + Community Cresswind at PGA Verano in Port St Lucie Florida

55 + Community Cresswind at PGA Verano in Port St Lucie Florida

(music) We’ve been driving around singing songs
we’re too loud because we wanna. Picking up a love first fill up the car until it burst because
we wanna, we wanna. Yea we just wanna we fun… the trunks full of wine, we’re gonna stay up ( music fades) Have you dreamed about living
in a warm climate, you know maybe someplace close to the beach. Maybe
you’re thinking about a 55 Plus community. Well better yet, an active adults
resort close to a beach, that’s what I’m talking about. If that describes you, stick
around. Hello and welcome I’m Lisa Ammons I’m a real estate broker here in
South Florida and whether you’re thinking about relocating, whether you’re
retiring or you just want to move to a warmer climate because you want to!
Living in Florida does have its benefits. You know the perks to living in Florida,
they are many and I’m not going to bore you with you know the tax benefits , the
warm temperatures, the affordable housing no, but I do have a video on that if you
are interested in that subject matter. and if you watch this video to the end
I’m gonna tag at the end another video that covers all of the benefits to
living here in Florida. In this video I’m going to talk about PGA Village Verano
and Cresswind. A beautiful community located in Port Saint Lucie.
I’m so excited to share this with you, if you’re excited hit the like button and
let’s jump right in! Yeah, I’m gonna have to leave the beach
for this though, it’s tough to leave this! Located on the Atlantic Ocean along
Florida’s Treasure Coast Port Saint Lucie is about 50 miles north of West
Palm Beach and less than two hours from Miami and Orlando. With the average
winter high temperature in the mid 70s this coastal area attracts adults 55 and
older seeking a warm tropical climate. In addition to the warm weather Port St.
Lucie also attracts golfers. Port St Lucie is home to PGA village which is
owned and operated by PGA of America and ranked among the 75 best golf resorts by
Golf Digest. Port St. Lucie also has some great baseball and is home to the New
York Mets spring training sessions. OK so let’s talk about PGA Verano
and Cresswind in Port Saint Lucie. Through the grand gated stone entrance
you will find a fully amenitized community that offers everything needed
to fulfill your desired South Florida Lifestyle. The clubhouse at PGA Verano is
outstanding and you will certainly enjoy spending time here. Whether it’s enjoying
a cocktail in the lounge or playing a game of chests in their
library the Talavera clubhouse has endless options for your enjoyment. And you can stay in shape in the
Talavera fitness center which has an indoor heated pool and all of these
latest equipment to help you have an outstanding workout. And if you don’t
want to break a sweat you can always hang out in their movie theater. How
about a little culinary education? So apparently they have cooking classes in
here. That could be fun! From billiards to ballroom dancing and
live entertainment they pretty much have it all. Can you imagine the party that
you can have in this room! You know this couch looks cool, it’s pretty but it’s not very comfortable. If you have your grandkids here got
someplace to dump them tire them out! So they go to bed early! Best way to learn about a neighborhood is to come out here, check it out thoroughly and get the scoop. The home in PGA Verano Cresswind offer quality Kolter construction. Homes are concrete block, have wind rated windows and luxury finishes so you will have a
hard time picking out your favorite home. Floor plans range from 2-bedroom 2-bath
villas with about 1,500 square feet of living space up to the larger four and
five bedrooms homes, these homes Teeter between 2,500 and 3,100 square feet and
most include a den. There are 20 floor plans to choose from and all offer great
design options. I’m absolutely loving these homes out of
PGA Verano, pretty sweet. Too bad I have to work. You know they make these models so flippin gorgeous , it’s very difficult to pick out which model you would want. So there’ are two neighborhoods. Verano which has no age restrictions and Cresswind which is a 55
plus community. Both neighborhoods have full access to all amenities. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds. So I’m going to drive over to the new section
Cresswind and see how much development is there. I understand they have the
pickleball courts constructed. They will have a clubhouse there, but
that’s not yet constructed. But, if you’re a Cresswind resident you get to use
the Verano Clubhouse which is going to be the one that I would want to use.
Because it’s really big and it’s absolutely stunning. So yes they have a
few spec homes that are available for sale. Or you can just pick out your own
lot and design home just the way you like! They look like baby tennis courts. Yeah, I noticed the homes in the Verano
section, they’re a little more upscale. Fancier, prices are a little higher too. So..
The stuff in Cresswind’s more conservative. They’re beautiful! But not as…
over-the-top you know what I mean. Speaking of price, I have people all the time ask me about the price and I’m
going to in the description box below put the ranges in for you quite frankly there are pretty broad. You can buy a base model with no
upgrades and get by in the mid $200’s, but you can throw eighty thousand worth of upgrades on too. If you would like to find out more about PGA Verano I am going to put a link in the description box below. You can also reach out to me for questions. If this video was helpful give it a thumbs up and of course if you like
to learn more about Florida living specifically the Treasure Coast you can
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youtube channel. There’s some pretty nice homes in here.
A few construction workers looked at me like I totally crazy, I’m talking to
myself I’m used to it. So if you want to learn about Florida
weather, our taxes and all the benefits to living in Florida you can do that by
watching you next video. You’ll love it. I’m Lisa Ammons thanks for stopping by!


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