3 Hour Avengers & Pennyworth on Epix | Weekly News Episode 209

I was drawn out fuzz oh yeah I raised you [Applause] hello everyone and welcome to superhero slate the show we run down the latest superhero entertainment news we love TV movies and superheroes so let's talk it all out my name is Chris Diller and my name is Mike Wright we're talking about a three-hour Avengers movie who akun kidding I gotta pee already just thinking about this yeah Doom Patrol it gives us a pretty good teaser I think mmm-hmm yeah an Aquaman spin-off in the works already uh if this is what I think I read earlier this week we'll have something to talk about for sure yeah that idea's out all over the place and more so you know I would say earlier that we've been doing who maybe some like spring cleaning at the beginning of the year with that Marie Kondo infection sweeping the nation but like we're not anywhere near spring so I was gonna try to segue into this home-improvement stuff that we've been doing recently but it's not really slowing related so I could make think we're just cooped up from the well if it makes you feel any better it's been like 70 here and then was immediately negative 10 the next day so I mean I think I had a little spring fever come out for a couple days so yeah there's there's nothing more depressing than getting so used to like the nice weather out here on the west coast and then I open up my weather app and I'm just like 55 and cloudy all week why did I move here I'm paying a premium to live out here I want that Sun every day well I mean if it's live there that means it's probably negative something here so I mean you've got to yeah that's always nice but usually we we kind of top off the show with like some extra nerdy stuff we've been doing this week I think about the nerdiest thing I did this week was I went and I caught the lego movie which is something you haven't got a chance to do because like we had just mentioned we have been improving the insides of our abodes yeah but at the top of the show I thought I would just say we might get around to a spoiler cast yet because I know you want to say no definitely it was just a bunch of unfortunate events that lined up so yeah but it's definitely a solid recommend you know it's a I believe this time around Phil Lord and Chris Miller I think they just produced it right I pretty sure I saw a different director on this one but it's still totally fell like the lego movie The Voice cast has returned even though I still cannot believe nick offerman voices that pirate like even in the first movie like it's been a while since I've seen the first one I feel like the pirate voices sound different but they still credit Nick Offerman so I was like I don't know what's going on here they're using some sort of like crazy voice algorithm to change how he sounds or he's just like a master voice actor and just nobody notices that it's Nick Offerman but when we can dive more in depth about it when you go see it but there's definitely some they take stuff too naturally more extreme levels kind of what you do with the sequel so I'll be interesting to see what you think about that you kind of like you're kind of blending these worlds kind of like you know how toy story deals with real life how these Legos deal with real life and gets kind of weird and kind of almost hard to follow at times but in the true Lord Miller fashion they kind of do some meta commentary for sure so definitely I recommend I think I still like the first one better just because it's kind of when you get to see all of those first tricks for the first time you got finally get to see a lego animated for the first time you get to see all of your firsts so this time around you kind of you've kind of seen the tricks already so you're kind of relying purely on story but it's always fun to see Legos animated no matter what I had totally forgot like Lego Batman like was that movie which was funny because uh Batman comments on that a little bit and she's like oh yeah I forgot Batman's in this movie too so yeah there's there's a whole lot to look forward to in like a movie so that's cool you'll you'll have I'm looking for tonight and I just double check the screenplay is Lord Miller but the director was another person so so yeah I would still have that touch like you mentioned there like it still feels the same so that's cool that's cool yeah I mean I playing hopefully maybe catch out a weeknight showing this week hopefully miss all those kids going to the theater yeah that was a that was the biggest challenge that we had we were trying to pick a Showtime okay we were like okay sometimes we like to see movies like the first showing on a Saturday you kind of get it in and out done out of the way you can like continue on with your Saturday knowing that you've accomplished seeing a film with the very beginning but then you're like but do kids wake up early like what kids are gonna be up at for the showing and then you try to put your you try to put your mind the your mind and the shell of the parent like let's the parent gonna want to go to the first screening or is he are they gonna take the kids like after lunch what's the deal here so we decided I'm like a solid like 8:30 p.m. showing and it ended up being okay all the kids were quiet and they settled down it definitely helps when the movies entertaining because it keeps their focus you know so we we were good for the most part so we were worried about that cool that's awesome this weekend I don't think so I want to say I did something but I don't remember it was oh okay I gotta say this mean I mean thing before that but I played around a fortnight on Friday with my our Saturday morning with my my usual fortnight online friends between four of us we scored 58 out of a hundred points I don't know what that I don't know what that means well there's 20 people and usually just happy at five to carry your weight you know like the goals to get to 100 points you get five you carried your weight we did 58 between four of us and I was like feeling pretty good on that so I don't come back to since things I don't want to be disappointed but and definitely did some of that did you did you have a chance to catch that anthem preview the other way I played through the story mission at least I didn't do any free play of it there was a stew I couldn't quite figure out what was going on I don't know if it was just a poorly crafted demo or maybe just most people are used to like these early access previews because they just kind of like throw you in I'm just like what am i doing where am I going in the middle of the game I think it's around like level 10 normally where you would start off in this thing and they don't hold your hand at all they just throw you Kenny yeah which is confusing because I I felt like I was going out on a mission which was difficult to achieve to begin with because I had to struggle to figure out how the UI even worked I was like where's the confirmation button how do I launch this menu was like I had to go down like three panels to like kick confirm and then like I'm out in the world they're like hey go get this crystal I'm just like are these things that I'm fighting are these people or they just robots is this AI and then like I died and then I was like I can't believe I paid ten dollars to activate play PSN so I could play this for like an hour and I was like well I think I think that you're just been down to the the online gaming for so long because that's pretty standard fare if anyone's played destiny I think the menu and the hub world's a lot like that but I think that it looked good I mean I'll give it that I mean for what it was oh yeah for sure it's a beautiful look I I think I would rather start at the beginning cuz I did not care about a single one of these people in this game I'm like yeah I don't know who you are who's talking in my ear I don't know what's going on here so I agree with you like there's a poor point to jump in but if you want to get a meat of what the games gonna be like later on they least gave you full access to that kind of stuff yeah it didn't quite feel like an Ironman simulator no I don't think like the game dev has ever have ever gone out and said it's going to be an Ironman simulator but that's what kind of everyone's been saying when they seen the trailers for the game it kind of just felt more like a mech but it's just kind of like a scaled-down mech that you kind of just fit inside of like the limbs go into the other limbs but the older I get I've noticed the more I rely on a good story in a video game to get me hooked so yeah getting kind of thrown into the middle is like I don't know what the stakes are and I don't know have you ever seen a donkeys videos on YouTube he's like a video game reviewer yeah he has like a very specific cadence the way he talks and he has a very like wry sense of humor and and he's just kind of weird I don't really know how else to describe it but he has like these kind of interesting perspective on video games and I just watched his review for Kingdom Hearts 3 this morning and a lot of people online were agreeing with them they're like the stories trash but the gameplay can be fun so I don't know if you're ever gonna make it to Kingdom Hearts 3 Chris since you've a ragequit the first one like 4 or 5 times it came back I'm making my way through on easy mode because I'm working my way through really fast so I feel pretty good about huh but it's not playing that this weekend I've seen I've seen some people compare Kingdom Hearts 3 they use a kind of Avengers infinity Wars like an allegory they're like an infinity war is really great because they don't hold your hand through the story they just assume that you've seen all the other movies and if you haven't they just keep the story clear enough that ever you haven't it was a good time and I guess through Kingdom Hearts 3 they try to catch you up on everything that you didn't play all the mobile games and the cellphone games and the games and I guess like Donald and Goofy you're just going on and on and on about stuff that you're supposed to know so they fill you in so yeah so good luck to anybody out there playing Kingdom Hearts 3 here the gameplay is fun the graphics and the worlds look cool but I don't know if I can get on board with that crazy-ass story I don't know have you played the other ones you have fond memories of the other ones 1 & 2 I have very fond memories of the because that makes and I have a goddamn sense either so I don't know what had been expected out of this like I'm watching like I don't know what's happening here this starts with some sort of music video and I'm like what is going on that's what gets you hooked man it's the music for sure because when I started up playing up that review on YouTube they added the memorable music from Kingdom Hearts I'm like oh I'm getting warm cozy feelings and then he trashes the game so go go check out donkey he's got some funny reviews ok I'll do that on my wired internet mic because that's someone's jumping because I know you've been waiting so I took I've been taking upon myself to run Ethernet cables in my house to the important areas where wired internet will benefit you more than more than not most people like well why don't you just get Wireless boosters I'm like well that's expensive first of for most and you know like we talked about like wireless internet when it doesn't work you have to go plug it in anyway so why not run a few hard wires because I'm watching movies I'm streaming video games I don't want any you know latency or like anything if I can remove as much as possible I'm gonna love it so I've been taking upon myself to figure out how to do this and the best methods and since Friday night through today I was able to wire three of my own ports all mind you they're all in one wall but it was definitely been an adventure cutting holes in drywall as I've shared oh yeah are you familiar what a fish tape is yeah it's kind of like a thing where you can like send cables through the wall and retrieve it on the other side it's a big like a matching a thin tape measure like the metal tape measures and like is very sturdy first thing I put it in my rafters I got stuck between a floor joists well you got something on the hook you were fishing yeah like though it was so thin just went in between the piece of wood in the floor it was holding up and couldn't get it back out so I was I was irritated I was frustrated like first thing in and I had to cut a hole in my stairwell to get it out thankfully I figured that out but I mean I got mad props a listener and my friend Patrick Foster for kind of guiding me through this because he does this a lot for for his job and he without his like just if I shoot my question I usually already had the answer in my head but if I shot him a question he's been responding pretty good so yeah yeah I mean it's like you need you need that that second hand confirmation before you start cutting a hole under your wall like I think this is what I'm supposed to do but I think I need somebody else's go I need the green light because this smart or not like in my mind yeah that's right so um ended up bringing a lot of wire through my like so I have a duct system like on the second floor my guard on the under the first floor that goes through like my office and down the middle of the house for hair and I'm like I'm just running the court right beside it which worked perfectly so I even made my own little Keystone jacks where you plug the ethernet ports in in my own little plugs on the end and for $40 you can make a 250 foot long Ethernet cable so if you're buying your 20 foot $20 10 footers you're you're getting ripped off by a longshot so man look at Curtis no I feel really good about this my hands are killing me everything's been up in the air holding it up so it's worth it Ethernet is like pure uncut Internet it's like it's like a drug you don't want any fillers you don't want any latency you want it quickly to your central nervous system as you're not so that's what you that's why you go through all the junk out of the hills you're putting it right into the veins yes exactly yeah so I'm running it right now on my computer it sounds like um you know inspired our friendship Quentin to do some stuff around his house do which look pretty good I gotta give him that yeah shout out to anybody improving their battle stations there's a whole subreddit I think it's just called our slash battle stations where people show pictures of it's usually like a they're like PC rigs but it's usually the whole kit and caboodle you know it's like the tables it's the monitors it's you know whatever lighting or wiring setup they've put up so good on good on you friend of the show Quentin for whipping up your battles you did and sharing it with us thank you for insurance photos of your battle station yeah share your battle stations with us hide that box of Kleenex and lotion because we don't need to see that put that in your drawer yes yeah exactly take a duster to it – it's not gonna hurt you before I get to my next thing Mike you have been making some home improvements or are going to be and I have no idea what this entails but yes I swear this will be the least nerdy thing I'll ever say on this podcast but as we as we like to do you like to sit on your couch and you like to stream as much as possible I gotta get some Titans in me and some Doom Patrol inside of me and at some point Young Justice so before you ingest all those things you need a comfortable couch people and trust me this is not an ad for like a promo code to go pick up like a new couch this is a we've had our couch for about I think close to nine years now so the cushions which are foam on the inside have really started to wear so the couch is not very comfortable anymore so usually when asked how to get some comfortable you're like oh the couch must be broken we should just throw it out and get a new one no no don't do that couches are expensive just replace the cushions I just went I just measured the cushions I went on Amazon I ordered like a new new high-density foam as it's called got shipped to me in like a day because it shipped from Los Angeles and it's just uh it's just laying out there in my living room so as soon as the podcast is done I'm going to cut it to size I'm gonna stuff it in that micro suede kind of covering and I'll have like a brand new comfy couch to stream all the stuff that we talked about on this show so that's just a shout out oh don't throw out perfectly good couches just replace the cushions fools so that's my that's my life hack so I'll let you know how that goes next week but I've already tested I've already tested it I did this ridiculous thing where I wanted to make sure it was the cushions that wanted to be replaced and not just like weak Springs inside of the couch so I did like a blind cushion test with my wife which is just ridiculous I put all the cushions on the floor of of the of the living room and I was like okay sit on these I'm not gonna tell you where the cushions are from now who are these good or bad but like oh these are bad okay good so it's the cushion it's not the springs it was ridiculous it's like the craziest thing I've done all week but that's about as much home-improvement and I've been doing over here I'm getting my butt ready I think actually after we do the podcast I'm gonna go watch infinity war to test out the the cushions on the new couch because I had like a I had a dream last night about infinity war I don't know if it was infinity war inspired or just in-game hype inspired but every once in a while I have legit superhero branded property dreams which are really fun really cool but then when I wake up I forget all the details and I'm just left with like they're really cool vibes so I've really been wanting to watch infinity war today so I think I'm gonna do that that's a good choice it's a good thing because it's two hours and 40 minutes and as soon as we get to our notes the next one's gonna be about three hours Mike so we're but the last thing I this is actually superhero related Chris Hemsworth's has a workout program slash app subscription service that launched today it's actually sort to come out tomorrow so I'm very excited about this called sinter see entr and what's really cool it's got a whole team of people here I've got the app open it's got a daily planner in here it tells you meals to cook for breakfast lunch and dinner you can add it to your shopping list in the app so you know what to go with to the grocery store they've got all sorts of workouts whether you're at the gym or at home and I'm very excited to to do this for about three to four months until Comic Con season I can see what the results I thought you're about to say three or four days and then then forget it put it by the wayside and wish I never spent money I'm glad that you're committed to get into comic-con yes because I mean not only am I going to be totally ripped for whatever we decide to dress up as Mike but I'm gonna need that stamina to walk across those floors for for several days so I'm very excited for this you know just get those experience points and you can just level up your stage yeah yeah I will I will do that I will out level all the Nerds while I'm there I guess but yeah that was Chris Hemsworth if you and check it out all weekend in the in the show notes and you can see what's going on but now we're actually here for the news Mike we've been putting off too long so let's jump into this Star Wars may have a title reveal it's rumored to be called balance of the force for episode 9 who I don't like that title I think it's just because it doesn't it make it makes sense because it seems like that's where the story is going but it doesn't roll off the tongue very well right because you got Star Wars The Force awakens Star Wars last Jedi Star Wars balance of the force I don't know it kind of seems more like a lesser property to me sounds like a comic book title or it sounds like it could be like an animated series or maybe even like an animated movie or something like that but I don't know this is just me going off of literally four words I think you don't need the word force again in this new trilogy I think you need something different because that's true like if force maybe was in the second one it would be a theme but now yeah what's going because it's like a new hope the Empire Strikes Back and then Return of the Jedi they're all different I mean even Phantom Menace despite how bad that movie is it rolls off the tongue really well doesn't it attack of the clones a Revenge of the Sith I mean I don't know where we can go but I mean I'm excited to see what it is I just don't think it's balance of the force I can I can tell you I'm starting to warm back up the Star Wars so I still have not gotten around to rewatching the last Jedi and honestly I don't think I'm going to just because I didn't have I didn't have the best time watching it and I think just for the sake of being a Star Wars fan I think I just need to push forward I just need to push past it you know I don't need to like go back into the movie and analyze it and just try to figure out which parts I really liked you know I just need to I just think I just need to go casual on it right I'll go hardcore on the other Star Wars properties I like so I'm just gonna push past it I think maybe once I see the first trailer and they do you know possibly a logo title reveal which we saw in endgame maybe that will give me the goosebumps and then maybe I'll love the title balance of the force but yeah I gotta I gotta see the visuals because that's one thing that has always been great in Star Wars movies because it's relative to the decade that come out the visuals of Star Wars are always amazing and beautiful so they always make killer gas trailers I don't think I've ever seen a bad Star Wars trailer especially for these like newer ones that have come out so yeah I'm starting to the hype starting to revive and still waiting for c-3po s promise of something on the horizon what was that tweet that the the actor of c-3po said it's signal coming in or something like pretending he was c-3po it was really vague weird but it wasn't the title which I thought it could have been III don't think this is it I think you know as we say absence makes the heart grow fonder mic and it sounds like this true in your your situation now that we come up on a full year of no Star Wars movies as we get to the anniversary solo coming out however we are less than a month away from Captain Marvel coming out in theaters really less than a month 1/8 man so we are will be here before we know it so buy your tickets if you haven't got to get them I think you have yours but I don't know III don't have them yet I kind of in that window where I have to wait the week before the film for my theater to add some more showings but I'll be fine I'll be good I know exactly how to do so Nick Nick Fury samuel l.jackson is out there ruining the movie for other people so yeah I was interviews yet again I think also there's a bunch of international trailer – new new the word in the TV zone Mike this is where all the TV spots are gonna start coming out so if you want to say away from it pull back a little bit on Captain Marvel however well he's got he's got that new shaft movie coming out he had that trailer premiere so maybe now he'll just start talking about shaft and not spoiling a Captain Marvel that was a fun trailer I've never seen a single shaft movie either the 1970 films or the revival that was was that late 90s or maybe thousands or something like that thank you yeah I've never seen any of those shaft movies but after I watched that new shaft trailer I was just like I kind of want to go back and catch up on shaft like because they're bringing back the original actor who played shaft in this newer shaft movie so there's gonna be like three generations of Shadows everyone's gonna get that's got to be the subtitle for the movie right get shafted has that ever been the subtitle because if it has it was one in the 2000s but I mean it's um one of the 2000s is connected to the original one so like they're all in the same universe not reboots or anything like that so I think he was in the first one too that are the the Samuel Jackson one so yeah but it's out there and he might become out Rooney and spider-man for us before we know it because he's a Helen but Captain Marvel will be the first Marvel movie to skip Netflix and go directly to Disney Plus it's about time that Netflix got to look past it's a Disney contract and start crossing its fingers that'll be able to keep the ship afloat I think it'll do okay what did i watch recently on Netflix oh yeah the most elderly thing I do is watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix and Netflix original it's a good show I mean Jane Fonda is a great I don't remember who the other actress always wrong yeah that's right okay a bunch of goofy old people and their antics and makes you a little bit more excited about getting old because they remind you you can still just be like a weird goofy soul so yeah guess the Netflix will be safe as long as I have Grayson frame advance of put down new movies all the time I mean then they get like a little Smith and Mary Elizabeth Winstead movie or something coming out they've got a bunch on the ho really thinks a movie so I think there's a bunch on the horizon Wow Netflix is really pushing their original content for the lack of the Disney stuff however on the Disney front they on the earnings call this week ba-bye are confirmed they will license other films and properties to include a wide array of choices on Disney Plus so we're not just about Disney content now that's something I honestly wasn't expecting like since the Fox acquisition I was expecting to see some more like family-friendly Fox properties popping up on the Disney streaming service but licensing I'd never thought they would even need to do that I just figured they were pushing their brand but if they're doing what maybe a lot of other streaming services do where they kind of have their titles and flow throughout the service you know maybe you don't always have the the Disney original like animated movies on the service maybe they come in and out since they've been doing that in the vault for a while maybe they kind of pad the library with some license stuff I'm just trying to think what they would license you know are they gonna license like animated films or cuz they already own all of those I'm just trying to think like what do they need I feel seems like people would want rather license the Disney stuff than the other way around well it all depends on what they mean by license and they could license quote-unquote ABC content because they are even Disney owns it there they still have to pay you internally it's all business stuff so they could license ABC stuff or like older shows that aren't running anymore like I mean bad example here but like Seinfeld or friends or something like that like they were like hey we now have this content you've never you you can come here and watch everything under one subscription service rather than go to a couple of them so or maybe or maybe this is their way of saying they're gonna do maybe similar things to what Netflix does where Netflix doesn't always necessarily Commission all of their original all of the film so I'll just buy the rights to them I get film festivals and stuff like that so maybe Disney is saying they're gonna be doing something similar but I wish I could listen into these earnings calls I would actually wanted to this week because I was like oh this one it hasn't happened yet and it's like I wonder if there's any way I can listen but I think I have to be a have to be a shareholder if I want to listen in so if I just buy one Disney stock I girl let me it's probably online you're probably some was probably on a podcast feed of these things yeah I want him to twitch stream it so if I if I if I subscribe I can send him emotes and ask him questions that would be so funny Bob Iger on Twitch with this hurting that would be the worst audience ever around there so I can't know but I think the variety and Disney Plus is something we were I was kind of really worried about like because I'm like what what else what else am I gonna need on top of Disney Plus so I'm excited to see what what they what are the content they made me bring to the table for us the Avengers in game is around the corner I mean I watched the trailer and Super Bowl spot like twice last night I should I was I was explaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to someone who's never seen him before and I was like here the order of films you need to watch and here's oh my god it was very exciting it was a such an exact I what I would love to do that just because everybody I know especially out here at LA is totally familiar with every thing Marvel and understands all the superhero movies and like the drama between like you you know directors and actors and you know DC and everything I would love to just sit down with somebody that wants to hear me vamp about it for like three hours but they don't know anything like teaching a class on the MCU that'd be so much yeah so I gotta explain so we gotta watch Captain Marvel's trailers and in game trailers again and it was very exciting so currently the in game for the Russo brothers is the Edit is around three hours make it the longest movie in Indian to you but after 22 films it probably needs to be one of the longer movies and they've had four test screenings Mike and no one used the bathroom during those test screenings yet man if I was lucky enough to get into one of those test greetings I would just piss my pants cuz I won't want to miss anything I mean I read somewhere that somebody said that this was gonna be the longest superhero movie of all time in the US which makes me think there's some sort of like foreign superhero film out there that's clocking in at like five hours or something and I don't know what it is but yeah I think this could be even outside of the MCU the longest superhero movie if it gets that a three-hour cut but yeah I'm so I'm so into this this movie could be like four hours long if it was that long I think I'd want like an actual intermission so I could go use the bathroom but I'm gonna have to do some like mental meditation so I can just enjoy all of this movie man I'm so excited for this film I just Chris I need it you need I needed you I can't wait but Marvel is also fine with this lengthy runtime as long as it film hits the right beats that meaning like we've talked about this why Justice League is only how long is just like an hour and a half there's arts under two hours so they could get more people more screenings in that's why movies usually rarely go very long but if this movie is doing this job and people are watching it and like there's not all the screens to watch Avengers I mean yeah people are gonna watch it I think it'll be fine so yeah and it just it makes sense in the context of what the film is it's like a it's a finale of all of this of this grand experiment of all of these Avengers and superhero movies on the MCU obviously it's continuing after the but this is kind of a culmination of I'm assuming what Feige had in his mind of like bringing everything to end with Thanos so it makes sense to like yeah we're gonna let it be three hours it's okay we've been working like what 11 years to this so yeah I think it'll be okay did a quick google the movie Krish is three hours long and it's an Indian film so okay and it's actually the sequel to another movie of a different name but anyway yeah so Avengers great and we've got our first live-action team image from some promotional stuff here Mike not not officially released but um we kind of I mean I was afraid to send this to you a little bit but I'm like this really isn't that spoilery at the end of the day well the thing is I came across this just randomly on the internet so I saw it but this definitely looks like it's a poorly Photoshop promo this is probably something you would see like slap to like a plastic popcorn bucket in your movie theater not centered but yeah yeah because like oh let's give more weight to Stormbreaker over here on the left side but then it has all of this empty space compositional wise it's all over the place but you get to see I think the two biggest standouts I mean you might find something else cuz you got that Eagle Eye is you have these new kind of patterning on Iron Man's like what like bicep does that what is that the area of the arm would be called he's kind of got like a gold it's kind of like a way more gold in him like kind of marketing back to his original armor colors from the cards yeah it's really badass and it made me think like Robert Downey jr. really got lucky with this whole movie franchise cuz like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth just have to be like absolutely ripped and in shape and also Scarlett Johansson they've just had to keep their bodies at like top-tier condition for like over a decade and Robert Downey jr. is just like they just CG me inside of a freaking robot it's great I all I have to do is make sure my beard is trimmed and I don't get a too big of a gut when I'm on the red carpet so he really lucked out but number two is definitely definitely the Hulk over here Brucie it's the most Brucie Hulk I've seen in the last 11 years definitely wearing the suit and it looks like a nice mixture of Bruce Banner in the Hulk's and maybe it's a banner who's in charge of the Hulk's power for once we could we can say I definitely I'm digging this suit I mean a lot of people like oh I don't like the Holcomb suit like we don't need a shirtless Hulk in everything we do like he can have a you can have a one-piece on here I'm cool with this now in the comics doesn't doesn't that specific type of Hulk have like a name we're like the Hulk is intelligent and can speak fluent there's a couple probably the most famous one is doc green is what he calls himself so hmm I thought it was something else me I thought like Hulk was still in his name maybe I'm thinking there's also nerd Hulk is another one they might be doing yeah maybe that maybe that's the one I was think there's several versions so I think doc Greene's probably the most famous one but he doesn't look anything like this one to me I'm gonna be honest with you here Black Widow is the most interesting one here because you see the blonde in her hair so she's letting her red grow out Mike Shin dye her hair like there's been something okay that's here for her hair color to grow out but also look on her left hand she has a little device that we saw filming Oh see this is why I ask you Chris because you noticed these yeah no I think to me she's got the most interesting points to point out here because her hair is grown out and she's got a something on her wrist so I think everyone will be eventually going through maybe time or space or the quantum realm who knows what's going on here and also this suit is very it's reminiscent of the wasp suit too especially with that patterning in the middle I'm not necessarily saying there's like Hank Pym made the suit for her but what I think it is is just they have really they have a really cool like costuming and like an art department over at the MCU everything always kind of feels like it's in the same universe like the very first time we solve a vulture and homecoming all of that Tech looked like tech that you might see from Falcon or you might see from the alien so they're really good at kind of keeping these little things and the continuity and all that making sense but yeah I'm looking I'm looking forward to all this coming together but I think the Hawks were almost saying like his arc here because we didn't we didn't really see him succeed and finiti war as being a brute he kind of failed miserably to Thanos and then he wasn't able to get the Hulk to come back out and then I so it makes sense that eventually he'd come to terms and be in total control so yeah I'm looking forward to see a Hulk smash I want to see I won't see it all man I'm so excited for this three hour movie it could be four hours I don't care like count me in guardians of the galaxy three is not on our horizon just yet it's coming around the corner but this weekend Chris Pratt I think and he's doing lego movie rounds I confirm that they will be using James Gunn's script for the movie still so it sounds like everyone's on board to using that probably to stay around they're like okay well use yours good but I don't think anyone is in line to direct it yet I think they'll probably wait until even in in games out to announce anything even even for that because this is this is just so funny because it like the whole reason they they fired James Gunn because a tweet that he wrote or tweets that he wrote crafts jokes that he wrote in the past so it's literally his writing which got him fired but they're still using his script which I just think it's hilarious so I'm sure there's some sort of like Writers Guild contractual you know obligation there and everything but the crazy people out there that got him fired I guarantee either that they're not going to be tweeting and petitioning Disney again – like cancel the movie or do something else they're just happy that they got him fired and they got a win in their column but like if they actually cared about what he said they would be protesting even more because it's his writing that's going to be continuing on it's just like this should be making you furious if you really wanted them fired that they're still using a script that's like the hypocrisy there is just so hilarious to me it's like I just I think it's I think it's hilarious and frustrating but at least we still get a little bit of gun and you know the next no yeah I mean it definitely needs to continue that arc I got a text for my mom at like 11:00 last night she's like hey when's the next guardians movie coming out because apparently they were watching them last I'm like well that's cool that's some text you expect to get from your parents on a weekend so that's how you know the superheroes have gone mainstream if you're getting per hero text from your mom's also last night we got to watch the intro to Deadpool because this person I was talking about the MT I'd never seen Deadpool movies either and I'm trying to explain the difference like why is Deadpool Marvel but not in that line of movies so watch the scene on the interstate where he jumped into the car and a good one so it's a great way to open that movie but the Deadpool movies in the Disney World are not likely most likely to keep there are raining on the films but this will probably keep it out of the MCU for the time being until probably Ryan Reynolds 10-years done with them so yeah I wouldn't expect Deadpool to ever show up in a normal MCU movie I just think it doesn't really make sense for his type of character like I feel like Deadpool that dominates the screen so much I would seem almost like MCU Marvel characters maybe on loan to a Deadpool movie you know like yeah let's go ahead and have like a Deadpool like fight the Hulk yeah sure whatever or you know maybe bring like Black Widow over for a scene you know like I know I can't imagine like Deadpool showing up in an Avengers movie I think it would just be to two clashing but I like the idea now that Deadpool is going to continue as a rated R movie because we're all worried about that holiday pg-13 version kind of neutering the Deadpool franchise so I'm glad it's going forward as rated R but I'm glad that we can put MCU characters possibly on loan now I think that's great so I'm looking forward to it and they can totally reference like so in dental they can probably totally reference into you now and instead of the x-men as much but the branding has to be very careful like I said I'm like how do we do this like how do we put all ready to our movie and say hey it's Marvel but it's not MCU kind of thing so we'll probably look at see some very creative ways whenever that third one come come I think I think Deadpool should go to space because that's always a joke that they say in films like eventually you take him to space and the movie should just be called Deadpool goes to space because then he can go out into the galaxy he can like visit like the Nova Corps he can just go make fun of like some sort of gigant take God on a planet and he just stomps Deadpool in the ground but he's still alive I think there could be a lot of fun with our Ryan Reynolds I can't wait till he physically jumps a shark but Deadpool threes probably probably kick off production later to this year's my guess Marvel television in in news that's probably not that surprising is the all women show that was written by the guy who wrote Wonder Woman has not been picked up by ABC oh did they I wonder if they ordered a pilot or if they just didn't like the pilot script they didn't film anything it was just the script but my assumption is that all the non MCU shows on unlike Marvel and like everything else are going to start slowly being cancelled as they work towards Marvel Studios based television shows on Disney Plus yeah I bet there's a whole lot in flux over there because now that you own the Fox properties you're gonna be I mean it's crazy that there's just these random x-men shows out there still you know you got Legion going into like season three I totally forgot about that other mutant show what was it even called I don't even remember gifted that's right so you got that film going on out there so yeah I could see Disney kind of wanting to reign this stuff in now that it owns all the properties not necessarily to cancel it but you know you rein it in and then you push it out the way you'd like to push it out so there could there could definitely be an all-women's superhero Marvel TV show at some point in time but maybe Disney's like let's get our own shows out there on the streaming service first see how those go and then decide oh if everything's going well over here streaming wise let's get this all-women's show on the streaming service and then oh maybe we have some room over on ABC maybe we'll slot in ABC because agents of shield can't go on forever so yeah I think you're totally right there's lots in flux yeah I also think it comes down to Marvel television does not get along with Marvel Studios and Marvel television is one making all these shows and once you take it out of their hands and goes back to Kevin Feige hands we're gonna see an increase in quality as well as well in the shows which i think is kind of what we need like I've actually taken on the approach in the past six months that I don't think the Netflix shows are in the MCU I and I don't consider them in the MCU at all because they don't affect anything as the whole they just reference what's called the incident occasionally so I'm I mean like to me if Marvel TV can get go away and not do anything and then select Marvel Studios handle all that and all the storylines and keep it all tied in together I think we're gonna see more interconnection in those things as well so I'm looking for quality mic very exciting for this the cloak-and-dagger TV show still going on on freeform in season two will land April 4th 2019 which is a lot sooner than I thought it would is anybody out there watching cloak and dagger not throwing shade I'm just really curious if you're listening to the show right now and you're watching cloak and dagger doesn't even have to be religiously like you maybe just seen more than two episodes possibly reach out to us and let us know I just I just want to know if there's like a there an appetite out there for it and I'm really curious how much it dovetails in and out of the MCU because like you just said you don't you don't consider the Netflix movies as part of the MCU because they don't really tie into it they never hook into it even periodically so I'm curious if cloak and dagger does that or not yeah I'm not I've not seen it as well and I don't think it was because I wasn't really turned off but I just never sat down to do it we we talked about a one counter point that they had wasn't like misty Knight mentioned or like one of her old partners in cloak-and-dagger or something like that or maybe night nurse there was some sort of Netflix connect well it was they mentioned very heavily including at Roxxon Oil Corporation which is also in the MCU movies and I think a little bit in yeah yeah because the Elektra is taking on the Roxxon people in daredevil season 2 so I think they tried to do that but that's such an ancillary like kind of connection or doesn't even count like I don't know but um yeah cloaking yourself I need to probably watch the first season I don't know how many episodes there work but um something yes I just didn't when did he turn on freeform you know unless you're watching a Harry Potter inning too so yeah cloak-and-dagger season to be out this April fill that void between Captain Marvel and in-game Legion however will get season 3 this summer but that will also be the last season of the show as well they're going to wrap up the thing this the summer was Legion season there I've not even started season 2 yet because I wanted to watch it all you have to watch this show Mike we've talked about this like you can't be on your phone or cooking dinner while Legion is on you have to watch it or you're gonna miss something to be very lost later so yeah it's cool that I like it anytime that a show kind of plans out its series so there could be hardcore Legion fans that would love it going on past season 3 but it's always good news like when the last season is planned because that means you can tell like a whole connected story you can be very pleased because you can go out and you can get the whole series box set that'll probably have some sort of weird like a lesion face on the front of it that you can just put in your collection and just like three solid seasons a good for Legion and I always forget the guy that makes it but I know he's really talented because he made Fargo and know I'm possibly tapped yeah and he's possibly tapped to make that Doctor Doom movie so yeah this frees up no Holly so that's even extra good news for him to possibly do something yeah exactly and you know I think the show's been great and I think you know a show that was beyond his expiration date is not beneficial anyone so I'm glad they know that this indie man they can do that however I think the biggest news out of this is they finally cast his dad Lee just dad Professor X with actor Harry Lloyd which is not a dumb and Dumberer reference by the way okay the guy using Game of Thrones as Daenerys brother in the early seasons yeah no spoilers but he's only in the early seasons I don't know I just that's all I can remember so he's in that show he's got such a smarmy look on his face like you want to punch it that's like everybody in that show so but I mean I think that's cool they got Xavier they also cast his mom but I didn't know who she was so I just want it doesn't that doesn't that feel like such a Gotham move where it's just like you start your series kind of like as a you know legions not really a prequel but it's you know dated in the past and then you slowly work your way forward to a character you're familiar with feels very gut feels very God well there's always eased him in on all the shows with like even in the season one I just I don't even know what the show sets place is it even real or is it in his head the whole time like I'm very excited to see how this wraps up and see what's going on so um I I think it's gonna be cool so I'm gonna have to catch up on season 2 before season 3 hits it's this summer and you you actually told me about this first before I got to see the Doom Patrol got a teaser this week because the show comes out one next weekend on DC sale and I think I think its debut but I mean this this teaser is pretty interesting I guess it's a weird group of people that's for sure yeah I was surprised that the humor was it was a funny teaser it was quick it was like to the point it had a lot of energy to it the characters I know I know they have like a backdoor pilot and Titans which I promise I will get around to so some of you out there have probably already been introduced to Doom Patrol but yeah it seems like a really fun group but I had no idea cyborg was gonna be such an integral part to this show I you know they had show like teaser posters for character posters before the show came out but I thought he was gonna be kind of more of a selling point like oh I know nobody knows what Doom Patrol is but hey here you go cyborg a somewhat familiar face that we wish was probably more familiar if the Justice League movie would have done better but it seems to be in the teaser trailer like he is literally part of the Doom Patrol he kind of seems like maybe the the good guy that rains them in like the leader but he seems to be very much in this in this show I don't know maybe it's just possibly the pilot but it doesn't look like cyborg is like some sort of like CG animal you know that they have to spend a lot of money on he's just in a hoodie and they put like a like a cybernetic eye patch on him so I don't think he would cost too much money to render on the screen so yeah but the the the teaser trailer looks pretty cool like I got pretty hyped when I saw it I don't know about you yeah I mean it definitely set the tone a little bit and I think one of the coolest things was seen alan tudyk is mister nobody and their interpretation of all the things he looks like he's gonna be the CGI heavy character if you go look him up in the comic book version he looks really weird so they're a little played off was was injured but all these people are very dysfunctional I did not know crazy Jane had a like looks like electric powers come out of her so um yeah I'm very excited to see this really dysfunctional group of people work and like I said I didn't know cyborg was gonna be that much I thought he was just gonna be like you know one or two like the beginning episode no the final one but looks like he's part of the team throughout the whole thing so yeah and alan tudyk was pretty rad cuz it almost he looks like a person with like kind of chunks taken out of them so it's a really effective look and he's very dark on the inside so I love Alan Tudyk I I just googled screenshots of it really quick because I didn't want to scrub through that trailer to see it but yeah it's just like a cool just a cool kind of sinister look so yeah i i'm hype for doom control man i'm gonna have to start this free trial of the the DC streaming app so i can kind of check these things out i had to cancel the CBS all access app after the Super Bowl so I put that a reminder in my phone so I wouldn't get charged yesterday and it was like breaking up with like a girlfriend because it was just like no no we yeah like a very desperate girlfriend because it's like oh no we don't want to see you go here's two months free of CBS all access if you don't leave us and then like they make the cancel button like really really tiny and the no I don't want to cancel button a color and it's like a huge block so you have to like hunt for the right links that cancel the service so it was pretty pretty sad so but no more CBS all access frees me up maybe to jump into DC yeah maybe I'd taken the free two months and then put another reminder my phone sounds like it sounds like a bad tinder date they can go out the weekend before Mike and you're like hey you need to move on but that Doom Patrol comes out February 15th so if you want to jump on that you can start this weekend if you're DC all DC not on a DC Universe subscriber breaking news Mike I just added this while we were talking the first image of yeah after Jack Bannon this pennyworth has hit the Internet my god they are filming this like this is real let me just let so this is a podcast so let me describe it to everybody out there I'm really gonna get you know the real little nuanced look of what you think Alfred Pennyworth looks like so basically what I want you to imagine is a young man with combed over hair in a tuxedo and a bowtie and that's it it's literally Alfred just young and he's got a very deep V on his hairline I'll tell you that right now Alfred hair if I've ever seen one can you at least give it that yeah I mean there's there's not really a whole lot of to take away from this I wasn't expecting him to be so young I was expecting maybe like a late 30s you know Alfred maybe somebody that's kind of already been through because this backstory is always usually connected to military service I feel like or at least in recent and recent versions of them and this one is he's a he's a secret SAS agent in England he looks he looks very dainty I was kind of hoping when he was younger he would be a little bit more grizzled so he kind of have more of a mysterious backstory but this looks like a very logical version of Alfred as a kid like yeah this looks like a man that's gonna grow up to be about yeah and well I was hoping for maybe more of like a James Bond style TV show for him like when he was young really oh yeah James Bond that was Alfred kind of thing but this is set in 1960s DC version of England whatever that means but apparently even though we get this nice clean role in this image of this nice clean dude it's an unhinged r-rated show with no Batman villains in sight so nothing about hey we're gonna get like the baby penguin showing up later well I guess you don't have to worry too much about your ratings when you're on a network nobody knows what it is which is epics did you know I guess if you know the epic looks like the Plex logo Oh friendly Oh Brian was telling me that today I was like damn that that's crazy no one's watching epics that's why I didn't know this yeah I if I'm wrong but I think don't don't you have to have like a certain tier of cable package to get epics or do you have to like go out of your way to request it like I don't think people normally have epics so I would be shocked if there's some sort of hardcore Alfred fan out there that's like oh yeah I got a call my cable provider I got to get a pic so I can get this super limited Alfred show oh man is epic all right you can get it by standalone for six dollars a month which doesn't sound too bad but I don't know any of these shows on here actually there's some like a quiet place magnificent seven Annihilation around here now and then you can get it through TV and digital but it varies based on where yeah I know when FX was doing a big marketing push out here they took over a bunch of billboards and it seemed like their business model was we're gonna get all of the blockbuster movies on our channel before you can get them anywhere else so basically as soon as like you were able to like you know physically purchased a blockbuster movie they already had it on their channel so I'm sure they're paying a big premium basically for you to be able to watch these movies right away before you know you could possibly stream them anywhere but maybe they're like ooh let's get an alford show so we don't have to spend all this money on annihilation I don't know man the whole lot the whole idea is funny to me but I appreciate the hustle for whoever's getting paid to make this I mean if you want to watch both Bill and Ted movies on here they're on their own epics right and they've got both boo medea Halloween movies on here as well so I know you're really you know getting excited for this you know there's some couple new ones on a death wish with that Bruce Willis one that's on here daddy's home – god that movie looked awful no I don't want to Delta farce you know that they don't look any good but if you want to go check them out you can definitely go to epics calm and get you get your handful um anyway penny worth coming to epics sometime Aquaman has been a huge money maker for Warner Brothers big success financially fairly above-average critically but now Warner Brothers taking the wrong messages yet again are in the early stages of developing a spinoff based on the trench that we didn't visit in the movie scary the alien looking ones and yeah I'm not gonna feature any of the Aquaman cast at all in this movie like none of them in this movie so where is it why is it what's going on the only thing I can imagine is you know that sequence in the movie was very horror esque which makes sense with the director of the film who comes from a horror background so it almost makes me think he was so successful making Aquaman basically Warner Brothers said you can make whatever you want will greenlight anything that you want to do because you made us so much money we want to keep you happy we want to keep you around for more Aquaman movies because you're doing a good job and you're you're printing off money for us all around the world so they're probably like yeah I think I kind of want to make a movie about those weird creepy fish guys that I put in that a boat scene people have been responding to that really well they tell me they really like that part of the movie so the execs are probably just like yeah sure go ahead go make a trench movie you know hi or whatever director that's under your wing that you want to so that's kind of what I think is going on here if I if I had to make this movie work and make any sense because you're it's almost like you're setting me up with like a challenge like okay here you go you have these characters you ain't getting any Aquaman people okay so just go ahead and write that off I would think it would just be like you set the movie and like a like a coastal small coastal town and then the creatures start coming out of the sea and they're like terrorizing the people of the village and they have to fight them off I don't know it's just basically you know a basic monster movie type of premise but you just used a trench but I mean isn't the whole point of using these characters so you can use like the DC world as a way to kind of market it be like oh yeah this is like an Aquaman spin-off like the trench I mean come on that's not a big hook why don't you just make an original horror movie you know and just make up a brand new character this kind of feels to me like the New Mutants thing over at Fox like it's x-men but it's not x-men we know kind of thing okay but I also could see this like they may want to go back and tell you why all these people turned into the trench creatures I have no idea I I can't justify this decision or like even if this is real or not like I mean they could just someone could be something blown smoke out of their ass about this but I am NOT I have nothing nothing no feeling towards us all like this is an officially unsanctioned filmed by Chris Dillard here so he is he's not like the it says is supposed to be underwater horror film well the only horror I have is actually if they make it so that's kind of our map but I mean they they're making some crazy just they're not making normal movies right now but I would probably work this team up movie before making a spin-off about the trench this feels like a cool this feels like it could be a really cool spin-off comic book you know it's just like oh yeah I've been reading some of the Aquaman comics oh it looks like this new writer wants to write like a five you know a five issue standalone trade of you know the trench Oh that'll be really cool you know I'll read that or a little bit more about the trench but at least I'm like a comic book you know you can put whoever the hell you want in it you can like throw Aquaman into a panel or two or you can throw Mara in there if you want to but yeah with a movie you're not going to be able to get those actors to come in because they're already off dealing like a thousand other things so yeah this feels like a weird deep cut comic book oh they're turning into a movie yeah I don't why you just made them billion dollars pump your brakes a little bit put it back into some other your other stuff so we'll see what's going on there later on in terms of animated movies there's a Justice League versus the fatal five movie coming out later this year and I don't know if you're familiar with this or not but like this is like a more of a recent incarnation of the Justice League featuring Jessica Cruz as a Green Lantern i think and i want to say i don't i think it's everybody else in there but like it's DC anime has been pretty good and i'm not familiar who the fatal five are but this was a very interesting trailer to watch for sure yeah i actually caught it earlier this week because i think its kind of gaining some steam because it's a bruce timm animated movie and i believe the last one he made was The Killing Joke which was pretty universally panned I think among most comic fans especially people that really loved that specific comic book but you know he still has a lot of credibility because he made those original like Batman the Animated Series and the Justice League he kind of liked his Bruce Timm style very much informed all of a Warner Bros animated so I think a lot of people are happy to see him go back to his original Justice League characters because if you watched this trailer it just looks like the Justice League animated series so they got the look down pack so this looks like it could just be almost like a continuation of Justice League like so stream and Benj it all on your DC app and then go watch this film which I would assume would come to the DC app because that's kind of where these things should be going anyway so I think I think I would check it out you know I like Bruce Timm I love his style I loved his earlier animated stuff so let's hope he knocks it out of the park but I agree I have no idea who the fatal five is it seems like they just have to throw in some sort of villains so they could have him put in the comic books the final five was like a 30th century like team of villains I can't account the original guardians of the galaxy were like 30th century so I don't know there's gonna be time travel or what cuz they have the character star main and that's who I thought was on the front cover star man I believe I mean it's been a couple days since I watched the trailer but I think they do mention like villains from the future in here and then there's some sort of mysterious character that looks like they're supposed to be a good guy but he has powers but they don't know he has powers until probably like deus ex machina shows up and he needs them so yeah i check it out i think oh yeah we have the trailer in the show notes and if you're looking for some good anime and stuff there you go and maybe you can get on your DC Universe free-trial Mike Kingsman the great game is a prequel movie coming out that they're working on just in case anyone didn't know this and it's a movie set during like World War one era kind of thing so no relations to the newer ones oh I'm gonna need the same actors but they did cast Aaron taylor-johnson he knows Quicksilver and actually Gemma Arterton in this as lead roles which is pretty exciting for me because I'm a Kingsman fan so I have two comments on the matter the last Kingsman movie left me a little sour so that makes me a little apathetic towards this idea but the on the other hand the Kingsmen universe is very much rooted in gadgets so i really like the idea like really pre tech gadgets so I think that would be really cool that have like you know how do you have these kind of really cool slick things but in you know what nineteen late 1930s or you know World War one so I think that would be like a fun visual kind of thing to tackle so I think that would be fun yeah I mean what I like about the Kingsmen is like you don't know what's gonna like like you said it's the gadgets it's like the spy stuff I mean they all done modern stuff like you know James Bond and Mission Impossible style so to go back to like earlier nineteen you know our 20th century would be really cool to see that kind of stuff kind of go on and and the best thing is I guarantee they haven't invented the tech that that heals a freaking headshot which is the worst mistake they've ever made in the whole this whole short franchise so now that people can actually die in the film from being shot mad I think I will be okay with a World War one version of Kingsman so this is actually good news Chris I'm surprised you brought me a good Kings boat I mean people live from getting shot in the head all the time so you can see whatever you want have you played any of the Monster Hunter video games at all you know I'm glad you brought this up because I would like to ask you the same thing because I got some left over from the holidays I got some PSN credits on my account and I think Monster Hunter was on sale just the other day I was checking through the PSN store I don't know if it's still on sale but I saw it was like 25 bucks I heard some people they were having some fun with this game I wanted something a little bit lighter than blood-borne just because it's so dour sometimes and it's so brutal but I like the Kuip of like game playing world that it's in so Monster Hunter kind of seems like you know kind of similar style of gameplay so I kind of want to play the video game that's out right now I think it's called monster hunter worlds but I haven't played it so I have never played any of the monster hunters I played monster rancher I don't know if you played that and I have played monster rancher that was the old PlayStation where you popped in different discs and I would scan the code and you would unlock new creatures in it from that so I've not played monster hunter or monster underworld which is new and I've heard great things like people are loving this game and apparently you just go like an island and you either hunt and kill or capture these creatures on this island and study em and I don't know what the end goal is I hadn't got that far but the that another filming this with was Milla Jovovich is the main character one of them and then there's the guy who's like the main one in the in the movie in the games but they actually have a release date for this movie September 4th 2020 they are pushing forward I think this might be the same guy who did all the Resident Evil movies because they're not doing any more of those so I mean that's that's not it I don't think that's a good sign because I think though the Resident Evil movies have a fanbase for sure because they made like a million of them but it's a very specific type of film like I don't want to say it's low-budget but it almost feels like low effort like I don't want to like I don't want to like throw shade at anybody that's making the Resident Evil movies but it definitely feels like a very specific type of just easy action movie and the idea of Monster Hunter does not sound easy that sounds like really big coordinated special effects really got a nail down your scale right because when I watch the trailer for Monster Hunter world's on the PlayStation there's a lot of big gigantic like t-rex sized monsters that you're hunting these aren't just like little tiny like x-files type of monsters or aliens that are running around you know so I would hope that this director could really adapt to the scale of the film if you imagine a Monster Hunter movie I think you kind of think like oh maybe James Cameron or earmould del Toro should tackle this but the guy that made all those Resident Evil movies I don't know I think he his that would work maybe better I like something like the larger creature battles in those movies like when she's going up against like a boss creature in those movies but the zombie part in the actual Resident Evil game part that he just totally blew like that just sucks so hard so I think maybe this was adapting that to a different video game series that is more about actions and like big boss battles might be better now has a video game movie ever been good Mike that's the real question a did detective Pikachu coming out this summer I was gonna say I saw the trailer in front of the lego movie for detective Pikachu I've seen it a few times now I actually really liked the tree I'm looking forward to the film but I think we're due another another detective Pikachu trailer soon I don't know about you but I need to see something else so yeah maybe hopefully on the show in a couple weeks they'll be talking about some new exactly now I heard a rumor about that movie do you want to know what that rumor might be or absolutely exactly the Pikachu is actually that kids dad and Mewtwo transferred his consciousness into the Pikachu no no don't do that that's so weird well I was like that makes no sense because only that kid can hear that Pikachu if that was true the Pikachu could be heard by everybody though no that's so weird I I rather them just like they actually don't even have to explain it you know like the Pokemon universe has like these very kind of strong like you know magical mystic undertones just say like the kid was born with some sort of like special ability to like here like this Pikachu or something like that and just like write it off very simply I mean there's literally like cute fluffy monsters walking all around performing elemental attacks will get it that this one guy can just hear this Pikachu okay so I think that he'll be okay let it slow yeah I don't know I mean to me it's whatever he's gonna be is gonna be Pokemon has that ability to do whatever it kind of wants because all the rules change and this isn't the video game and all that fun stuff so I would like to see live-action Mewtwo though I'll give him that that remember that would make it cool anyway Mike that's our show for this week anything else you want to add before we drop out of here man I I think that's it what's uh what's our next spoiler cast coming around the bend if not excluding the lego movie because it seems like we'll be talking about that see the battle angel was my understanding oh yeah I know I know it's like Valentine's weekend but I believe my wife has plans for some sort of meeting that she's going to on probably Saturday or Sunday but I think I am gonna sneak away to see Ali to battle angel a ka the best movie of the year possibly I don't know I gotta see if the rumors are well I mean it's not a rumor it's a fact that we were told this in confidence that it is the best movie of this year now mind you they just opened up the first Dave & Buster's in my town this passion so I think for Valentine's Day we're only elina battle angel didn't go to Dave & Buster's so well uh that sounds like actually a really awesome yeah I'm pretty excited have you ever seen my life-size spider-man the stuffed one in the black suit I don't I know I think I actually I have I think I have I think he sent me up yeah I bought that my Dave & Buster's on my 23rd birthday so and I hopefully hoping that maybe bring home another one sooner than later so check that out if people know what you're up to and those check out those couch cushions Yuri do and where can people find you well if you want to see me doing the most basic home grown adult stuff and I'm twin can find me at a live stream like couch cushioning you can find me at Mike Royer design on Twitter and Instagram and you can read my web comics at pickled comics dot-com Chris if people want to catch up with you maybe to get some hot tips on how to make your own Ethernet cable so you can get that delicious straight Internet right to your brain where can I'm plugged in I'm plugging them right here on instagram bald an 87 or Twitter ba l da n I think L so every comic UI we are getting any convention season Mike next month is m2e – I'm very excited for this and yeah if people wanna know more about superheroes late in our weekly show that we do every week that's what it's called weekly of course what can people find that as always you just got a visit superhero slate.com that's the best place to find all the avenues we host our little show and to get our awesome show notes so we talked about a few things in this show and we got all those hyperlinks in our show notes you can get a nice little itemized bulleted list of all the news that happened this week and get that at superhero slate comm you can find us on Apple podcast YouTube Google podcast Spotify pod being tuned in stitcher I Heart Radio will put it wherever you want it if you've got some sort of weird podcast app or we're not familiar with let us know and we'll host superhero slate there for you you can like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter and the Instagram and you can get merch at superhero slate.com slash store we love hearing from you we like to ask you luck a lot of random questions like if you're watching cloak-and-dagger or would you get epics just to watch that weird Alfred Pennyworth with show reach out to us on Twitter you can drop us a comment on YouTube or Instagram you can send us a direct email if you want to we love hearing from you and we love our superfans out there so if you're a super fan of the show or if you want to be a super fan of the show all you got to do is share the show with a friend share the show with a buddy and we will be here every week sometimes multiple times a week because we do spoiler casts that we inject into our normal podcast feed where we talk about our new movies that are coming out in depth and we talk about spoilers and all that good stuff so check us out superhero slate.com Chris yes I know I've been there several times but I guess we'll catch everybody next weekend have a happy Valentine's Day see you on the flippety-flip thing and don't forget to subscribe people talk about wireless but me I don't want drop packets yeah I know right drop packet you never just keep dropping them you

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