3 Home Decor Items You Should Buy Today That Could be Worth Big Money Later

Christmas toys before Halloween is planning ahead predicting what furniture will be worth thousands when they're antiques that's planning even further ahead Lindsay Granger discovered the home decor you should buy today to bring in big bucks tomorrow on the to-do list household trends come and go so quickly that it's hard to know what to invest in we wanted to look for things that are going to stand the test of time if you want to sweeten your space without breaking the bank design expert and art consultant julie Muniz have a few items that get more valuable with age starting with Art Deco designs we're here in the Arizona Biltmore which is absolutely gorgeous and is known for its beautiful Art Deco architecture you can bring elements that are similar to it into your house definitely the goal is to look for things like light fixtures and dressers that have strong angular lines American Art Deco is really inspired a lot by our own skylines we can even bring art deco into our silverware yes I love these flatware designs you don't have to just leave it to the big things so don't forget the small stuff because many Art Deco pieces are now setting auction resale records next invest in limited-edition IKEA design collaborations we often think of IKEA as kind of you know the poster child for cheap disposable furniture but they actually do a lot for design democracy and making design accessible to all levels in honor of the store 75th birthday they reissued a few of their favorite retro pieces including these chairs tables and other classics and certain vintage IKEA pieces are dramatically increasing in value vintage IKEA is actually now worth a few thousand dollars Wow yeah so what you want to look for are pieces that are done with some of their designer collaborations such as these and finally collect your childhood what do you have here this is a number for vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic Julie purchased this comic back in the 90s and you can even frame it to keep it safe I purchased it there's actually a surprise sticker on the back for 680 and I checked before we met today and it's now worth about two hundred dollars that's a good return on investment here's what we'll catch the buyers eye they're looking for things that speak to your generation so search for items that bring nostalgia as you get older buying home decor that's really worth it on the to-do list

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