3 Amazing Construction Tools for Building DIY Home Improvement Woodworking Hand Tools Equipment

can you do this with your circular saw see how cleanly extracted the subfloor with one saw one blade and no damage to the sheetrock wires our plumbing one saw what about this forget about pulling out your beam saw or making four cuts with two different saws I could do it with one saw in two cuts bet your saw can't do this how fast was that and without the waste of material or ugly edges that can be created by reciprocating saw what if you could do this I just cut that rim joist without marking or chalking any lines try that with any other saw could you even think about doing this with your circular saw how many times would you have to pull out your tape measure just to cut these floor joists 10 20 times try doing it without measuring at all and try doing this with your old circular saw I used to have to do this by hand or switch to an undercut so now I just rotate my handle 90 degrees for a perfect one pass under cuts and only a few seconds now would you believe that you could do all these things and more with just one saw all while significantly reducing construction costs believe it introducing the straight flush saw the seven in one saw that's faster safer and more versatile than virtually any other comparable saw on the market and it's about to change the construction industry forever the straight flush saw also comes with a heavy duty lifetime guarantee if one of the manufactured parts breaks or you experience a design flaw just send it back to us and we'll send you a new straight flush even if you're not the original owner heard enough stop lugging around heavy cumbersome saws that only have one function and start saving time labor and material cost today get the straight flush saw right now and experience the way a real saw is supposed to work [Applause] accuracy and ease of use meet with the self-leveling laser level that can be mounted anywhere introducing the hammerhead compact cross line laser with adjustable mounting plant three leveling modes can be activated with a touch of a button horizontal plumb or cross line set the level on a 1/4 inch tripod or attach it to any surface using the mounting clamp an LED indicator changes from green to red to alert you when you have exceeded the self-leveling range hammerheads compact cross line laser the most accurate tool for any leveling project work smarter hammerhead

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