#225 Fully Carved Sofa Set – Indian Woodworking @Aarsun – Crafted in India​

Namaskar, Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun. Today I have 5 seaters set for you in the
teak wood teak finish again an this is a traditional style and a very typical design of our city
Saharanpur. Saharanpur is globally famous for its handicraft
for work that we are doing and the quality that Aarsun is producing has taken this work
to a new level. Now if you see this design you will get to
know what we are making here and the quality that we are producing with the very fine quality
of the carving . If you see this design here this is all wood all hand-carving all hand-drawn
and then with a small chisel, small tools it’s hand-carved out of this wood. This structure is in complete wood if you
see the front part and the bottom part till legs and also the back part of this I will
show you here, this is completely wood. Just the Fabric part is not in wood but the
rest of the unit is completely made in wood this is in teak wood teak finish. The interesting part about this unit is you
may have seen this in different fairs and exhibitions that people from Saharanpur Exhibits
across India and different parts of the world also. Now the same unit is made in multiple types
of wood this can be done in neem wood, can also be made in Sheesham and then in teak. The teak unit is right in front of you. Now as we change wood if we go to neem wood
this particular set can be made in Rs 60000-65000, complete set. When we moe to Sheesham wood the cost increases
it goes up to 80000- 85000 and when we move to teak wood the cost goes between 1 to 1.25
lakh depending upon your requirement also the shipping cost and taxes and these charges
always extra. The difference when we talk about the neem,
Sheesham and teak wood is the quality of the carving. The better the wood is the finer carving we
can do. if you see in this unit very fine carving
has been done, when we move to neem wood the carving would be much broader less deep less
fine then this because neem wood is not very high-quality wood and it doesn’t allow that
fine carving to be done. Similarly, when we move to Sheesham wood,
Sheesham is a hardwood compare to teak, so in hardwood carving by hand is title difficult
so this fine carving that you see there is not available in Sheesham and teak being the
best wood for furniture across the globe we can get this type of fine carving in this
unit. Polish color can also be changed according
to your requirement if you want some other color darker color or some paints we can do
that for you its absolutely no issue in that. Now going by the design that you see here
very nice very fine carving design and this is a five-seater if you want more seat you
can add to it if you want a table that can be added alongside side table can be added
if you want to add something else like jhula or settee or a backless deewan that can be
done also. Altogether a very nice unit here in front
of you very fine carved quality of Aarsun and the typical style and traditional design
from Saharanpur our city. Just have a look. Thank you.

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