#223 Latest Dressing Table with Vanity Chair | Bedroom Furniture @Aarsun – Crafted in India

Namashkar , Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun Woods
today I have a dressing table for you with a mirror frame a complete dresser
for the women of the house a very nice unit very fine carved and a very
beautiful design something which complements the stature of the queen of
the house something like this if you have this is a royal structure royal
unit and let me show you from here first this is the complete unit this dressing
is three feet high from the ground that is 36 inches left to right this is five
feet that is 66 inches and the total height along with the frame is
six-and-a-half feet so aprox 80 inches is the height now when we have something
like this it matches your bedroom along with this
if you have a royal bed and other items in the bedroom that are in royal color
something like this is really beautiful really a must have you should have at
your place along with this we have this sitting chair a low height sitting chair
that is mostly required when someone wants your lady at the house want sit
and dress up this has got four drawers on each side and the design speaks for
itself this is in teak wood antique gold paint now color of this unit can be
changed as per a requirement if you look for wooden finish that can be provided
if you are looking for as a copper or silver or white with gold off-white with
gold or simple white or off-white colors that can also be done for this unit when
we talk about the quality of Aarsun these things define what we are making and we
are not making these for ourselves clients are ordering such items as
beautiful things and we are making these unit for them in
the last 200 plus videos I have shown you so many designs and every other day
I am getting demand for better designs that we are making for the clients and
our testimonials is a proof that how happy the clients are with our work we
are getting clients from all over India and across the globe
people are visiting our factory also and we are delivering to their homes across
the globe this one in particular is going to US with the entire home unit
home furniture with a bed and dresser along with the wardrobes and multiple
other stuff we have along with this unit so it’s a complete home setup we have
I’ll show you in further videos all the items that we are making for this climb
by the time this is the unit a very fine nicely carved nicely painted golden deco
in an antique finish dresser feel I’m sure you’ll like this completely in
India with the local artisans thank you

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