1950s Kitchen Remodel with Harrell Remodeling

the 1950s were known for a lot of great things kitchen design wasn't one of them most kitchens had the same look and feel in a word LAN the kitchen had brown cabinets up to the ceilings it had black flocked wallpaper and it had blackened Brown indoor-outdoor carpeting so immediately we stripped the wallpaper and painted it white room still was very dark it had a great big elephant in the middle of it called an island so after years of enduring a kitchen that just didn't work from a design and function perspective Harrell remodeling was called in to help make much needed and long-awaited changes the new kitchen they wanted it to be light and bright and sparkly so they got their sparkles with a little chandelier over the sink and all the cabinets are a beautiful white with a raised molding the key to any collaborative and creative endeavor is working with the client and understanding their wants needs and desires she wanted it to be like a dining room where you paint you happen to be able to prepare your meals rather than a kitchen that's fancy once that she told me in that way the light bulb turned on and I got what she was after this concept provided some interesting challenges for one there are no upper cabinets for storage debora designs several innovative storage spaces under the countertop and two unique pantries to accommodate the client storage needs it's a swing out pantry so you've got five different areas that you can store hands touch up bottles you know all your pantry items and then on the other side it was fully custom so she wanted a pullout s-hook kind of mechanism for her pots and pans then just add a large custom dining table an island on wheels under counter refrigerators and freezers a beautiful lock corn new range and finally a place for a TV and recliner for the man of the house and you've got the clients dream space working with Cheryl as a team was absolutely incredible everything was immaculately fit together and it was like a big puzzle that all the pieces just came together

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