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Hello welcome on board, this is ours third cost video as you know I write down absolutely everything in the notebook. Remembering that this is our lifestyle is for you to have a base,
not for you to follow to the letter or say “Oh, I’m not going to the restaurant” Purchase Pay How much does it cost to live on board! I think it’s very important for those who have a tight budget, write everything down so you know where you are spending. Many times we think it is
spending a lot on diesel when you’re actually spending a lot on the marina, or in a restaurant. So it’s cool for you to be able to watch. We took November last year to October last year which was when we started November in Greece we passed by Turkey then we went back to Greece, we passed by Croatia and then Italy. So to give you an idea of ​​the region where we are talking about these costs. Then I divide into some items: Tourism, market, maintenance, diesel, marina, restaurant, Google, extra, internet and health. So I’m going to talk a little about each one and the average end of each of them. Tourism Fees How much does it cost to live on board? Tourism includes entrance fees to countries, because in some countries you have to pay to enter and if there is any tourism, any museum, any tour that we do. so we spend around 170
euros on it and then we have some peaks, for example March € 775 was when we had a complication in Greece and we had to hire a
forwarding agent and this dispatcher ended up charging € 400 So that’s why it was so loud. And then we have April, which was when we entered Croatia and in Croatia you have to pay Vignette, that we also talked about at
some videos which costs 250 euros for you to stay a month in Croatia. Supermarket + food Next we have the market, that we spend an average of 200 euros per month this is the top of our list, it is the item that we end up spending more it represents 17% of our spending then we have some peaks that are
November and December 270 euros that was during the winter when it started to get
cold we saw that we started to eat more we gained more weight, so all those things that talk about that winter makes you fat, is the pure reality and that we spend more on food too! And then we have August and September which was the month I was eating more because of the pregnancy, I was making lunch and dinner, thing that we used to do only a lunch so we also had an increase in our market. Maintenance Then we have maintenance with an average of 125 euros. Maintenance is: exchange of
oil, some piece that we have to buy, some cleaning product, wax, sikflex, WD so everything is included in this maintenance. And we have some peaks that are December and February where we were in Turkey, we programmed to do some maintenance in Turkey because we saw that it was cheap, the cost there was very good, so we ended up doing
quite a lot over there. And then in February that was € 285 was the last month in Turkey which was when we changed: rotor ,V- belt, oil, everything to
prepare to start a new season. Fuel Next we have the diesel that
represents 14% of our spending. It has an average of € 227 per month Diesel is the thing we always say: if you are running, you will
spend more! so for example in June which was when we left Croatia,
entered Italy that we rushed we ended up spending more, so here’s the thing: Diesel is easy for you to know how to save. Just don’t be in a hurry and enjoy every window of time. Marina Then we have the marina an average of € 253. We have some peaks that were
December, January and February which is exactly when we wintered we paid 250 per month at the marina in Turkey but water and electricity were not included and as it was cold we ended up using the internal heater a lot, right? of the boat, that of taking. And that consumes a lot so it was not only € 250 through And we also have a peak in May which was when we had a bad time in Italy and we had to stay in a marina for four days. The average marina in Italy is 70 euros per night it is often easier to close a month that costs around 300 euros than you pay daily but at the same time you don’t want to stay in the same place for a month, right? So we have this very high cost in May. And then October, which is the marina we are already paying for in Rome, in Fiumicino which is 250 euros a month at the marina. Restaurants Then we go to a restaurant where
we have an average cost of 94 euros. Restaurant is a basic thing
like this, does not vary much! It depends on where we are, depends on our week, sometimes we want to eat a pizza, which is something I can’t do on the boat. Usually we look for that type
of food, things I can’t do or that I’m not that good. So we go out once a week more or less and remembering that the most expensive is the drink for example a coca-cola in europe costs 5 euros at the restaurant. Our bill when we leave is about 30 euros 25 euros more or less when we eat a pizza and drink something and that’s basically what we go out to eat Then we have a cost with Google our little doggy which represents only 5% of our spending he has an average of 62 euros per month which is basically feed some little thing that we have to buy for him something from infection of the paws or some vaccine but it’s basically dry food that he eats a 12 kg pack a month The extras Are some things I buy for the boat decoration or some sheet or towel or clothes. We ended up buying clothes in the winter that we didn’t have a second skin boots and wool sock we had none of that and all that I put in the extras we had a bigger peak in December that was because of those winter clothes and then we have September and October that was when I put Domenico in these extras that I bought the baby stroller I bought some things to adapt him on the boat probably next year he will have a line just for him but while he is still not spending much he ended up going into the extras that was some things that I bought Then we have internet with an average cost of 48 euros per month where we spent a lot was in Greece in November we had a peak of 106 euros The internet was terrible and extremely expensive and another place that we spent a lot that was when we arrived in Italy in July that we had a bill problem N factors that we even talked about TIM here and that’s why we had a peak but it stays at an average of 50 euros and we have enough internet
to post the videos for at the end of the month maybe watch a netflix the internet is very ok there Health Health is included some things I buy at the pharmacy from personal hygiene to a medicine something we need and then we also start to notice some peaks in August that was when I discovered pregnancy and then we included the doctor’s appointment within that item spends an average of 75 euros a month and then we see the peak exactly in August that was when I found out of 304 euros that was when I did exams and medical appointments And then closing we have the total of all this our average these 12 months is 1,186 euros that would have around 5,500 to 6,000 reais In this total included everything I said in the lifestyle we live but there are a few extra things that I wanted to talk to you Insurance is not included in this account we pay 700 euros a year it depends on the boat depends on whether you pay full insurance if you take it only for third parties It depends a lot but in our case we spend 700 euros a year and then there are some improvements that we made like : change bimini we changed the genoa cover we put electric toilet we change the anchor and then it all came to a total of 1,875 euros so if we add the improvements and insurance on the account we have an average of 1,400 euros and then I talk depends on the improvements you want to make depends on the lifestyle you want to have so all these costs are based on those 12 months that we stayed there I hope you add in your plan that you use this spreadsheet see what you can get and what can you improve we always believe that we can improve we still wanted to stay below 1,000 euros every month when I give a thousand I say to Beto enough, enough it’s no secret to anyone we always like to show where we spend every penny So if you liked this video don’t forget to like it comment and share because after all how do you know our income comes from Youtube Patreon’s Support yourself t-shirts books caps sponsored videos charter so we are working full time and there are several ways for you to contribute We are very happy with any type
contribution So next week we’ll show you a tour of the South where we gave several lectures in Floripa Joinville Itajai Sao Francisco do Sul and Curitiba it was very nice to meet with several dear people it was a success and it was extremely pleasant to be with each one of you and we will show you all of this here next week keep an eye and we see each other Fair winds!

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