hello friends this is Indian giver welcome to the channel if you are a new subscriber thanks for subscribing if you are a visitor please hit that subscribe to get notification as soon as I upload a new video friends as you see by title of this video this is DIY series yes DIY series dayto for Vasant Panchami Saraswati puja 2018 friends I bring several easy quick and budget-friendly DIYs also beautiful chic and glam DIY decor for your home for Saraswati puja and any festivals with sanatana-dharma or Vedic culture it is not easy to find items in us even in the Indian stores you have to just make most of what you have or what you get in the stores in the US and just be creative to put things together for wasan function e or an Saraswati puja I want you to decorate home beautifully I like to decor home for each and every festival according to Vedic culture now this specific photo frame you see here is 8 by 10 it is a glass photo frame or a mirror photo frame I have on this photo frame for a while and just sort of putting together the decoration for Saraswati puja friends when you want to decor your home you don't have to spend too much all you need to do is shop in your own home so when you see if you have a nice frame a really beautiful looking frame just use those frames if you have a 5×7 you can use a five by seven if you have a 8 by 10 you can use 8 by 10 I prep for a 5 by 7 / 8 by 10 but in this case you will see why I like to eat by 10 because it is really worth using the frame so friends I have done several DIYs from makar sankranti which were very easy quick glam chic and beautiful if you are a working woman you can also do these DIYs so go and check the playlist I will also include the makar sankranti DIY playlist in the description box below so you can enjoy the DIY making and festivities in living away from india so friends this DIY is needs one of the frames like so you can have you know you can have a steel frame or a you don't know gold frame you don't have to have a mirror frame but you know this is what I have and I want to make most of this so this is a very picture frame but it can be used in different ways you can use all here through your decor you can also use for festivals it is a really beautiful and glam looking picture frame so I want to incorporate this for Saraswati puja decorations now the picture frame is about 10 or 11 dollars so you will find in several stores here if if you are interested to know where I bought this picture frame I'll be happy to provide you details you can just comment me in the comment box below and I will give you all the details now the second item that you will need here is a photo like so and if you have any kind of picture in the home you know you can use it if you have something that you have clicked you can use it I just wanted to have a specific photo and I went ahead and print it out let us see now the back end of this picture frame this picture frame is gorgeous looking it has a nice velvet backing and it is very sturdy and thick if you have seemed like makar sankranti video it has a gold picture frame and you should go watch that this is that is very easy very budget-friendly again beautiful decor if you need more specific information on how I print out the photos you please comment down below and I will do a separate video on the photo printing as far as the this specific it can be hung if you see there is a hook it can be hung either horizontally or vertically also it has nice these clips and they are very sturdy they hold the frame very well so let us open this photo frame now this is they the back side though I've removed this cardboard backing is very sturdy you know if you see that the inside is also really really sturdy very nice so okay so then I will remove this picture ad you know this is a picture and that we have you always keep this picture ad because you can use this as a template when you're cutting your photo if your photo size is not exact and you can cut it using this ad picture you can also use glass in order to cut the the the size of the photo that goes inside okay let us let us insert this photo inside let's see okay inside this inside here okay voila this is how it looks friends so this photo frame has a gorgeous look look at the really really pretty mountains and the flowers and the flora so yeah it's really gorgeous now when you display this I will try to see if I can bring you vignettes how I displayed this photo frame so stay tuned and subscribe to the channel because you are going to see different DIYs coming up so friends send it to as many friends and family as you can and like share this video make sure that you are subscribed to the channel and also you know if you do similar DIYs please send your link in the comment box below so everyone can enjoy Saraswati puja wasn't punching me 2018 so here is a beautiful chic Indian decoration DIY yes friends beautiful chic Indian decoration DIY in each and every DIY video for Saraswati puja Vasant Panchami 2018 thank you

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