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I am here today at Patumtani Speed way Where Volvo has prepared their entire product line for me to try out But took notice from our comment section mostly you guys wanted me to try out the S60 and the V60 If I have time I will try the XC60 as well If you look closely Volvo has been releasing lots of new models its because they have created a new platform called “SPA” when you think about it It’s Like Lego because of its modularity which enable them to have a strong foundation for their cars and provide significant cost efficiency 407 horses 300 from the engine the rest is electric These number are what it used to be in sports car’s or a super car’s brochure not in a Station Wagon like this V60, let’s see what’s going on But before we go check out the car let’s talk about price It’s one of Volvo’s main selling point because their pricing always under cut it’s German rival along with fully loaded options I have never seen an entry model that poses radar functionality and panoramic sun-roof The S60 starts at 2,190,00 THB Topped off at 2,590,000 V60 adds 100,000 THB to its saloon cousin anyways it’s 400,000 THB Cheaper than the C-Class and the 3 series I don’t want to even talk about it because it is still imported it is priced higher than volvo around half a million with lesser equipments in fairness to BMW the 3 series will be produced locally soon set to be luanch this March, don’t forget to subscribe for updates If you REALLY want station wagon there’s not a lot of alternatives There’s only Audi A4 Avant because Mercedes left the segment and BMW doesn’t seems to be proactive hence it’s just the Audi A4 Avant Priced at 3,249,000 THB Making it 600k more ฿฿฿ than the V60 Also shy of options as well but what’s Audi known for are their AWD system Quattro and Dual clutch S-tronic transmission which perform really well Talking about prices if you are looking for a Volvo either new or used Visit our web site www.carnest.co.th The exterior, looking on its front Volvo’s headlamps are very distinctive because it uses “THIS” design all across the board from XC40 to S90 But the thing that seperate the V60 and the S60 its the front grille In the V60 inscription trim is fitted with this bar looking grille S60 on the other hand Features a black out grille for SPORTINESS The WHEELZ I prefer 18″ inch wheels from Momentum trim better the R-design wheels looks cool thanks to it’s two-tone color scheme But the Momentum’s looks like a tubine hence its gave a ”Aerodynamic” vibes Taking on the side profiles eventhough both are from the same platform But I prefer the V60 better Because it feels heftier like a cheese burger and double cheese the latter looks more filling onto the rear It’s Pretty much confirmed that I do Really how the V60 looks because I saw volvo 900 series that people transplant 2J engine I have grown on volvo station wagon ever since if you are looking for practicality you will sure dig the V60 Because it features electric tail gate and kick sensor However, the S60 only has electric switches not the gate as you can see here Obviously the V60 has higher ceiling for your cargo and there is a screen for theft protection as well, which you can easily operate but for the boot space don’t be worried both S60 and V60 has a foldable rear seat just cram your luggage in there it will take it Now I am inside the S60 R-design The main highlight for me here is the sports seats My perceptions were sporty seats are uncomfortable because you sit quite low and it hugs you but after I tried it out its really not too bad entry/exit is good and firm lateral support is also a good bonus when you go around corners there is adaquate support it’s cool really but compared to the V60 The V60 has similar shape but the support is not as grippy as the R-design seats The build Quality is worry free both feels premuim in a different way The R-design you got shiny metals and leather all over also the stiches is very well done and in the inscription model of the V60 Goes on a premuim look theres glass and wood accent The speakers both features Harman kardon’s 14 speakers 600 watts after I tried it out I think volvo really do best good bass and clear mids Better than branded systems in the germans THE VOLUME KNOB People complained about ever since S90 launch in 2017 Volvo have fixed it it’s doesn’t freely scroll itself anymore Onto the cons I think they rely too much on the touch screen Some times having an actual buttons provide quicker access to functions This however you will need to learn to live with it for a while But what’s really unacceptable because they intentionally exclude Andriod auto and Apple Carplay in their entry models I understand there is cost for research and development but if its there there is no practical cost in deployment into the SAME infotainment in entry models Why do I know ? Because I wrote www.carnest.co.th get your offers now. on to the last flaw It’s the practicality of the interior because its very shallow for example this center compartment which struggles with a single phone and it doesn’t stop here Normally its a driveshaft it takes a lot out of rear foot wells will be uncool for ladies with skirts I confirm on the other hand though looking at Mercedes They store their’s at the boot which weighs down the rear and eats in the bootspace which I couldn’t help the situation but what you can help me is press Subscribe and turn on notifications let’s go try out the cars at Volvo’s arranged track in the Slalom The S60 and the V60 did well but the S60 is a lighter car and has better tires therefore better response from the S60 The skidpad if you control the throlle well you don’t have to worry about understeering both car handles high speed corner exit really well As for Double Apex if you have race a car in tracks before It’s quite difficult to position the car going in but Volvo’s safety features will assist you through the turn Lastly the 0-100 accelaration Many would ask that 300 HP at the front wheels only would it create torque steer but Volvo’s Drive by wire Kinda hide the condition? 0 – 100 in our rough test is 6.2 seconds but in every of the test run theres no battery apart from the reserves therefore we can’t showcase its maximum potential after trying it To be frank Cars are meant to be driven not for reading specs and make assumptions after I tried both I could not believe that it has a torsion in the rear suspension because the drive is grippy and comfy but its not your normal steel beam it’s made from composite ceramic so they can save more space for your luggage instead of going for coils but what seperate the two car Seems to be that the V60 is more stable through corners but the comfort tires series from continental made the S60 handles a bit better because is fitted with a sportier R-design suspension and a sport series tires from michelin it made me feel like the S60 is noticably more agile than the V60 in full EV mode Volvo claimed 49 km travel distance but EPA test have shown 35 km for our own testing please subscribe for full review As for what I like about the Volvos its fully loaded for THB 2,490,000 and THB 2,590,000 Should you save 400k for an entry model its not a bad deal as well because what miss is the key less entry package and Andriod Auto and Apple carplay but really you don’t get those anywhere even in the C-Class entry models and don’t let me even start about BMW 3 million model has no radar and 2 Million model doesn’t even have reversing camera Its really only volvo who fitted radar for its entry model Does it drives good? well I driven it on Volvo’s Course Though its arguably fast 300hp just from the engine from what I have experienced It exceeds my expectation V60 will be sutiable for High way cruising at speeds because its stability on the other hand if you want a great handing car S60 is the one to go For full review I have told volvo to send me the cars if you are interested please subscribe to our channel Thanks a lot see you guys around!

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