ТОРТ “КРАСНЫЙ БАРХАТ” (ЛУЧШИЙ АМЕРИКАНСКИЙ ДЕСЕРТ!) ☆ Red Velvet Cake recipe (+Eng Sub) ☆ Марьяна

ТОРТ “КРАСНЫЙ БАРХАТ” (ЛУЧШИЙ АМЕРИКАНСКИЙ ДЕСЕРТ!) ☆ Red Velvet Cake recipe (+Eng Sub) ☆ Марьяна

Greetings, friends! My name is Maryana and you.
on the Tasty Food Channel! Here’s to your attention,
magnificent view and an equally delicious traditional American dessert – red velvet cake. The cake is very soft.
and moist inside with an excellent and slightly subtle chocolate flavor, and the combination of
creamy cream, makes it easy
an irresistible dessert! Perfect cake for the day.
of lovers, for a birthday
or special occasions! The day before the cake assembly.
cake biscuit. red velvet. All biscuit products,
should be at room temperature. We turn on the oven and heat it up.
it’s up to 175 degrees. In a bowl
connecting the flour, cornstarch, alkalized
cocoa powder, dough loosener, baking soda and fine salt. Sieving dry ingredients
through a sieve, well then
whisk and put it aside. In small dishes, we connect
white wine vinegar (can be replaced by
by 9% apple), turn red
food colouring (I have gel
Americolor Super Red), carefully stir and put aside
to the side. In another bowl, we connect
room temperature butter and sugar. We beat butter and sugar.
for about two or three minutes. The mass will not be homogeneous.
and lumps take it easy
it’s okay. We’re gonna pour in a little bit of vegetation.
oil and beat it to
product associations. Not stopping the beating,
we add one egg each, also room
temperatures. Every time we whip well.
a mixture, after each egg addition. Pour into the whipped blend.
room temperature kefir, add
vanilla extract and beat it up.
to homogeneity. Add a mixture of red
food dye and vinegar and also whip well.
to a homogeneous mass. (If you’re not satisfied with
the color of the mass, if necessary, you can add some more dye, until you get the color you want.) In parts, we add the mixture
dry ingredients and we’re also good at whipping before we unite.
of products and a homogeneous mass. Three round shapes with diameters
20cm, tighten the bottom with foil. Let’s put out the biscuits.
moulded dough and evenly distribute
all over the surface. Baking biscuits in a hot place.
to an oven at 175°C, about 25, 30 minutes. Bake all the dough at once.
I don’t recommend one cake, there’s a good chance,
that this much dough It just won’t bake and will be blue.
inside. You can bake one at a time, two biscuits first,
then the third. Ready biscuits check.
with a wooden skewer inserted in the center – it should come out
absolutely dry. Take out biscuit cakes
from the oven and leave it on the table.
in uniform for ten minutes. Then we gently pass
with a thin knife and retrieval
the shortcakes from her. Leave some more warm biscuits.
cakes on the grid until it’s completely cooled down. When the biscuits are completely
wrap them in food film. and put it in the fridge.
for at least three or four hours. In the meantime, there’s not much biscuit
will tighten up, thus far
the texture we need. We’re making cream cheese cream. Cream cheese and cream
have to be well chilled. Mixer whisk and bowl
where you’ll be whipping cream put in the freezer
the camera for 20-30 minutes, prior to starting
to prepare the cream. In a bowl of a mixer or a deep
we pour out a bowl of cold cream and beat it. Let’s start whipping the cream.
at the low speed of the mixer, incrementally increasing
as needed. Gradually, we add
powdered sugar and we keep on whipping
castor cream to steady peaks. In parts, we add a cold
cream cheese mascarpone and on the low end of
mixer speed no whipping,
but just stir well. even
the masses. That’s the thickest cream
I did it! We cut each biscuit
baked top, which is formed by .
when you’re baking. With a metallic
rings with a diameter of 18 centimeters cut out a biscuit, to get rid of
from the brown edges. (You don’t have to do that,
if you’re making cake for yourself.) Biscuit
crumb and bits and pieces, we’re going to need
decorate a cake in the capacity of
Decorative finishes. Cut slices of biscuit bake
baked and we’re sending it to a hot place
up to 100-120°C oven for 40-50 minutes. Dried biscuit
the crumb is completely cooled. Then we move
in a blender and shredded to a state
of a little crumb. The cake decoration is ready. Collecting cake “Red
Velvet.” For a suitable dish for
cake or the substrate, apply a little cream, entrench
the bottom layer of the cake. Let’s put out the first sponge
cake and hold it down a little, to get him glued on.
backed with cream and I didn’t slide on it. I’m gonna be collecting cake in a detachable…
a ring, with this method of assembly, the cake will come out with smooth edges. and will not be distorted. On top of the dish we put
split confectionery ring of the same diameter,
and so is the biscuit. The edges of the detachable form are laid out
acetate film and squeeze the shape
close to a biscuit. Cream and cheese cream weighed
and divide it into three identical parts. For your convenience, we put out the cream
into a pastry bag with a round nozzle, cream layer
the cake will be the same everywhere. Circle it around on the biscuit.
a layer of cream, via confectionary
a bag with a round nozzle. Then we level well.
with a spatula cream all over the mold. Oh, by the way, soaking up this
no biscuit is required as long as it’s enough
wet by itself. We’ll put it on top of the cream.
second biscuit and a little bit
we’re pushing it. Covering biscuit two.
cream part and spread the spatula well.
or a blade all over the cake. Let’s put the top, the third.
cropped cake biscuit and hold it down a little. Removes the split ring
where we collected the cake, we don’t need it anymore. Then we gently remove
acetate film edge. Cover the cake from above.
creamy on the sides I mean, we’re making a draft
alignment, to make biscuit crumbs stick together and missed.
to the finish line. We put the cake in the fridge.
for at least 30 to 40 minutes. After a specified time, we take out
cake from the fridge. With the help of a pastry shop
round nozzle bag around the cake, all the way to
the top, apply the rest of the cream. We evenly distribute
cream on top and sides of the cake. Gently leveling
large spatula lengthways
of the side surface, we don’t push too hard, we just try not to take off a lot of cream. If there are voids.
or took off too much cream, put it there
where it’s needed. We align the cake until we get
the perfect result. Put the cake away again.
in the fridge for one hour, you need the final cream
got a little frozen and dense. Otherwise, the surface will remain
hand marks, when you are
to decorate the cake. When the cake cooled down well,
we can start decorating it. We put the cake with the substrate.
on a baking tray and sprinkle it with pre-prepared
and a shredded biscuit chip. First we decorate
top of the cake, then we go downstairs and gently apply the biscuit decor. all over the cake circle, and the excesses neatly
removed with a brush. That’s a beautiful red,
velvet cake coating we got! We’ll decorate the top of the cake with the rest.
cream via confectionary
shaped bag or in terms of
taste and desire. We put the cake in the fridge.
for four to five hours for impregnation. Finished cake sliced into
in portions and enjoy, delicious
dessert! The Red Velvet cake is ready. Bon appetite and good luck.
You want some pastries! Thank you all for watching.
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on my channel. I will be very pleased!


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    ТОРТ "КРАСНЫЙ БАРХАТ" (ЛУЧШИЙ АМЕРИКАНСКИЙ ДЕСЕРТ!) ☆ Red Velvet Cake recipe ☆ Марьяна


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    Recipe: Red Velvet Cake. How to make Red Velvet Cake?

    ✔ I bring to your attention a luxurious-looking and no less tasty traditional dessert of American cuisine – the Red Velvet cake. The cake turns out to be very soft and moist inside with an excellent and slightly perceptible chocolate taste, and the combination of cream makes it just an irresistible dessert! An ideal cake to Valentine's Day, for a birthday or special occasions!

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    ● Для теста:

    Мука – 350 г

    Кукурузный крахмал – 35 г

    Какао-порошок (алкализированный) – 1 ст.л

    Разрыхлитель – 1 ч.л

    Сода пищевая – 1 ч.л

    Соль (мелкая) – 0,5 ч. л

    Масло сливочное 82,5% (комн. темп) – 120 г

    Сахар – 425 г

    Масло растительное – 240 мл

    Яйца категории C0 (комн. темп) – 3 шт

    Ванильный экстракт – 2 ч. л

    Кефир 3,2% (комн. темп) – 240 мл

    Уксус (белый винный или яблочный 9%) – 3 ч. л

    Красный пищевой краситель (гелевый) – 2-3 ч.л

    ● Для крема: #КремЧизНаСливках

    Сливки не менее 35% (холодные) – 350 мл

    Сливочный сыр маскарпоне (холодный) – 750 г

    Сахарная пудра – 175 г


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    ● Cake Batter:

    Flour – 350 g

    Corn Starch – 35 g

    Cocoa powder (alkalized) – 1 tbsp.

    Baking powder – 1 tsp

    Baking soda – 1 tsp

    Salt (small) – 0.5 tsp

    Butter 82.5% (room temp) – 120 g

    Sugar – 425 g

    Vegetable oil – 240 ml

    Eggs of category C0 (room temp) – 3 pcs.

    Vanilla extract – 2 tsp

    Buttermilk (room temp) – 240 ml

    Vinegar (white wine or apple 9%) – 3 tsp

    Red food coloring (gel) – 2-3 tsp

    ● Cream Cheese Frosting:

    Cream at least 35% (cold) – 350 ml

    Mascarpone cream cheese (cold) – 750 g

    Powdered Sugar – 175 g


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